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PostSubject: Aerilyn Solaris   Aerilyn Solaris EmptyMon May 23, 2011 5:02 am


Out of Character (tell us just a bit about you outside RP)

Note:(Plus anything extra)

In Character

Name: Aerilyn Solaris
Gender: Female
Blood Rank:Muggle-Born
School: Hogwarts
Career:Care taker at Hogwarts


(For family, just enter names and if there alive or dead please)

Parents: Jonathan and Mary Solaris
Grandparents: Sara and Benjamin Solaris / Lillian and Vickor Moseley
Siblings: Jayden Solaris
Aunts & Uncles: Uncle Josh
Nieces & Nephews: None
Cousins: None
Children: A Baby Girl (not named, was a still born)
Grandkids: None


Skin color: Pale
Hair Color:Red
Hair length: Long - past her shoulders
Eye color: Grey
Size: 5,4
Build: Slim and small
Picture:Aerilyn Solaris 004


Crushes: Lucas Evian
Mates/Spouse: none
Status:In an Affair with Lucas Evian

-How I act-

Personality: Aerilyn is a very nice though insecure person, and highly naive, because of her lack of aptitude for performing magic like normal witches, she is very unsure of herself. Doesn't talk all that much unless spoken to, she can be quite meek depending on who she speaks to. She regards anyone's opinion above her own most of the time, if in a arguement between other people she will side with the one she is closer with.. Even though she may not personally agree with them. She lacks backbone, but wouldn't knowingly harm anyone or anything.


Your Story Please? WIP

Was born to Jonathan and Mary Solaris in Surry General Hospital, her Father was a minister as there city Church and her mother was a school teacher. Aerilyn was the youngest of two children, her brother Jayden was 6 years older than her. She was considered a odd child to begin with. She always had her own way of doing things, even if it was a wrong way. When she started school that became a problem, teachers said she couldn't sit still, would keep playing even when the other children returned to there seats. When asked to pay attention many times, she'd become angry often frustrated. One time while in the third grade while having a fit over getting back to work Aerilyn's work desk blew up. It was never found out what happened, though most though she snuck a firecracker inside and it went haywire.

One her 11th birthday she got her letter from Hogwarts and was accepted into the school, Her parents more so father were not happy with the thought of their daughter being a witch, a sort of Alien in their eyes. However after talking to another witch who explained everything to them and that it was the best thing for their daughter, did they reluctantly let her attend.

Aerilyn was sorted in Gryffindor after a lengthy sorting, the sorting hat seemed to like taking its time with her. her first year of classes were trying as best for Aerilyn. She tried her best to pay attention but found her mind wondered unless the topic truely interested her, and to make matters worse she wasn't at all good at casting spells. They never did what she wanted them to do.. She managed to pass her courses, barely through out the year. Though failed miserably in her practical exams. She found it very fustrating she wasn't allowed to practice her magic at home, she was told be a professor that it was important for her to practice as it was the only way she would get better at it. But after one small explosion in her room from a back fired spell, her father forbid it for fear she would blow up to whole house.

Aerilyn didn't want to go against her fathers wishes, yet still tried to practice whenever she could out side the house. It wasn't often, but she reasoned it was better then nothing.

Years at hogwarts went by similarly she would manage alright on the book study part, having making her self study for hours.. to only get an A or if she was luck an E on a Essay, but she still floundered with the practical part.. always years behind her classmates on that level. That made her feel bad on many levels. She was a bit of a outsider, hanging around a few "firends" but really said much and was usually the tag along.

By the end of her 5th year at hogwarts, Aerilyn had some news for her parents, though she feared to tell them sense there treatment of her had been cold since she was accepted into hogwarts. She had to tell them she was pregnant.. she was ashamed to admit it but a "student teacher" promised her more help in class and on homework if she and him were together for a night, she did it, but the boy failed on his end of the bargain and didn't help her at all.

It took her weeks to finally pick up the courage and tell them, and what happened next shocked and crushed her. Her father through her out of the house, telling her if she was becoming a mother and having another wizards baby she was ready to move out.. With her suit case of school stuff, her wand and a little bit of money she was on her own. It took her a few days for her to get back to London, and by that time she used up most of her money and had nowhere else to go. Deciding she had no other choice but to make due until the school year started she begged the owner at Three Broomsticks to let her work there for Room and food. She was able to make it by as the summer ended, by then she was almost four months along. Once at Hogwarts again she was scared stiff of being kicked out like her father had.. so she tried to keep her pregnancy a secret and hoped she could figure something out by the time the child was born. However hiding the fact she was Pregnant was easier said than done she found out. Big robes worked for a little while, but she could have sworn she saw a few people look at her funny. So she decided to try and illusion herself To appear normal. It seemed to work at first, for a week she could wear normal cloths and robes and no one suspected a thing. But things then started to go wrong around her 6th month. She was getting severe pain in her middle and knew something was wrong. She ended up going to the hospital wing and delivering a baby girl with a surprised Nurse. However they couldn`t get the small baby breath and it died in the Hospital wing. Heartbroken after losing the baby Aerilyn spent much of her time resting in the hospital wing and forcing her self to do home work when she was able.. she barely managed to pass her classes that year..

Her last year of school was a short one since she only signed up for the minimum amount of 7th year courses, and yet still had to work fairly hard to graduate. Finally she finished hogwarts and for a night she felt relived that school was finished.. But she soon realizes she needed a job or better yet a Career to do, she couldn't work at three broomsticks all her life. Yet she wasn't sure what she could do. most jobs requiered she have a higher level skill set which she didn't have. She tried furthering her education and getting a job at the ministry, but alas the same problem arose, focusing and understanding the new information was still a terrible struggle.. She ended up passing the course, barely and only managed to get a cleaning job in the main floors of the ministry, and even there she wasn't the best at. Her co workers belittled her for messing up or not knowing how something worked even after being shown mulipul times. She was miserable at the job and decided to try her luck again and look for something else.

Luck it seemed gave her a break one day on her 23 birthday, The care taker at Hogwarts school left to pursue other things and it had been a former firend of hers from Hogwarts. She had been recomended for the job and she was hired within the week and was to start the next school year. She happily accepted the Job, finding it to be her "dream job" working at hogwarts school and cleaning up stuff she pretty much already knew how.

She was happy at hogwarts, though sometimes felt like a student when she looked at some of the teachers, she longed to be smart, to be important, but she came to tell her self it was a fools dream as she scrubbed the floors of her old school.

One day she, had the pleasure of meeting Lucas Evian, the Astronomy Professor. She would never admit it, but she had the biggest crush on him the moment she talked to him. He was so kind, and also handsom looking.. How could she not? she knew she only had a crush on him and it would likely never get anywhere, afterall why would he like her? However she found a flower in her little office one day and found it had been from Lucas. It confused her at first not understanding the action, did that mean he liked her? Wasn't he married to another woman she hadn't met? She picked up the courage to ask him one night and it was revealed he no longer loved his wife, but for some reason she was not aware of he liked her.

Things started to fall into place rather fast after that, her initail crush on Lucas was fanned into something much bigger. To the point she could almost say she loved him, knowing he was married to another didn't faulter that any.. As long as he honestly cared about her, she didn't care who he was married to.. for the moment his wife was a faceless woman she hadn't met.


Magic Specialtynone
Favorite Spell:Lumos

-Other information-

- Has the Wizarding equivalent to ADHD, has a very hard time focusing on spells and completing them properly.
- Severely lacks confidence in herself
- Very Naive

- Hardworking
- Kind to Others
- Respectful

Favorite Color: Pink
Theme song:

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Aerilyn Solaris
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