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 Adrastos Aodhan

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In Character

Name: Adrastos Aodhan 
Age: 97
Gender: Male
Blood Rank: Muggleborn
House: Ravenclaw
School: Hogwarts
Career: Apart of the Wizengamot; privately one of the founding Fathers of the Sangreal.


Parents: Sinead and Henry Aodhan
Grandparents: Ivy and Stewart Masterson; Lisa and Donovan Aodhan
Siblings: Simon Aodhan
Aunts & Uncles: Lindsay Masterson; Rachael, Abraham, and Sherman Aodhan
Nieces & Nephews: None
Cousins: TBA 
Children: TBA
Grandkids: TBA


Skin color: Medium tan
Hair Color: Grey, was once auburn
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Dark brown
Size: Medium
Build: Tall, but more or less lanky
Adrastos Aodhan Magneto


Crushes: TBA
Mates/Spouse: Margaret Aspen (died 1972)
Status: Available technically, but yearns for another fellow Founder...

-How I act-

Personality: Passionate, charismatic, and stubborn are the three adjectives that can best describe Adrastos. Like a true Ravenclaw, he craves knowledge and can often be found amidst a mountain of books, devouring each book normally one per hour, though his personal best was an 859 page text on the history of Hogwarts within 45 minutes. Should he ever feel passion for an interest (or perhaps even a person) he will pursue it to the very beyond, past unto the next level, as can be seen such as with his love for sports. What had started off as a hobby for Quidditch quickly evolved into his passion, at soon became his career in his youth, as he played professionally until the age of 25.

Second to his love of Quidditch comes the love for Law and politics. Even as a student he would practically absorb all the text of a daily profit, his mind forming its own opinions and ideas for political ongoings. It is because of this love for politics that, upon the end to his professional Quidditch playing career, lead him to train to become a Judge for he Wizengamot, which his charisma, as well as stubbornness in proving himself, as well as others, right intensified.

The ultimate aspect to Adastos' personality, however, lies in his opinions of blood status. He is literally a loud and proud Muggleborn, not at all ashamed of his heritage, instead using it to endorse further equality. At least, on the outside. Deep down and beneath the glamour of the public eye, he is actually one of the Four Founding Fathers (as well as the most radical) of the  Order of the Sangreal: an underground group that is pro-Muggleborns. They believe that it is those witches and wizards born to Muggles that can truly call themselves special, rather than the pure blood witches and wizards expected to come out of their wizarding ancestors. Unlike the pure bloods, according to the Sangreal, the Muggleborns are special, different, and holy, meant to be the rulers of the Magical world, rather than at the bottom of the social ladder. As one of the more radical Fathers, Adrastos believes in taking this philosophy even further, going so far as to to believing that perhaps the best course of action would be to eliminate any remaining pure bloods to ease the social gaps...

All in all, Adrastos can be named a pleasant man and one who's heart is always in the right place, though his mind seems elsewhere. Everything he does and believes, both in the court rooms and in the private eye of his fellow Sangreal members is not any attempt of his to gain personal power, but rather what, in his heart of hearts, believes is the best for the world. Maybe he is a misguided sheep, but a sheep, not a wolf, nonetheless.


Your Story Please? Born to Henry and Sinead Aodhan, two cattle farmers in Scotland, Adrastos Aodhan never quite expected much from life. From an early age he was assigned his own set of chores to do upon the farm such as feeding the chickens and helping milk the cows. To the young boy, life was full of simplicity, where one worked in a cycle of working, eating, and resting. His mornings were greeted bright and early before the sun rose, a quick, hearty breakfast, a morning of chores, and then, maybe, an evening of playing on the fields. However, all that changed a few days after his eleventh birthday.

While from the outside, the family looked completely normal, from closed doors there were various bouts of funny business. Or, more specifically, acts of magic that, as of that time, were not yet identified as Adrastos's magic. Cows would start milking chocolate milk, chickens would lay a myriad of candy, and pigs... Well, Sinead and Henry literally saw the day when pigs flew...

After Adrastos's birthday, a man who introduced himself as Augustus Pascal visited the family farm and explained the reasons for all the strange ongoings upon the farm: Adrastos was a wizard. Henry and Sinead were shocked at first but after Augustus explained further and even demonstrated a few acts of magic, such as transfiguring a lt shaker into a cow, the family believed him, and were immediately delighted in their son's talent and gifts. Augustus then went on to explain that he was a Professor at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry and offered to become Adrastos's guide and Mentor into this new world. That following summer, Adrastos was on the train, Hogwarts-bound.

Always having been a curious lad, and even moreso given the new world he had found himself in, his thirst for knowledge landed him into Ravenclaw, where he was warmly welcomed. Unfortunately, that warm welcome didn't extend from the other students, most particularly the Slytherins. Everywhere he went he was scowled at, glared at, and sometimes, even harmed whether it be a hex or a shove. There was also one word constantly repeated, whose definition was unknown to him as of yet: Mudblood. At first he thought that perhaps it referred to him being from a farm and possibly thought to be dirty by the ore students. It wouldn't be the first time, for even in his hometown in Scotland, others often made remarks about Farmers being dirty. With this in mind, Adrastos took extra measures to wash up and present himself as clean, but to no avail, for the mistreatment continued. I wasn't until a friend later informed him what a mudblood was.

"It means dirty blood. Someone with non magic parents. A Muggleborn, y'know."

To say Adrastos was shocked was an understatement. It wouldn't be the first time he had been discriminated against, considering his parent's occupation as simple farmers, but to be shunned solely because his parents weren't capable of casting spells or making potions? This was all new to him.

The next few years passed by successfully, more or less, for Adrastos.  His thirst for knowledge bestowed upon him success in classes and endeared him to many teachers. He had also met Margaret Aspen, the girl he would soon marry after their graduation. He had also developed a knack for Quidditch and by his fifth year became Quidditch Captain, playing Keeper. He was still picked on due to his blood status, but by this point he no longer minded. Upon graduation he was offered a position on the Chudley Cannons which he eagerly accepted, convinced that the outside world couldn't possibly be as narrow minded as his schoolmates were and his blood status was no longer an issue.

How very wrong he was. The outside world was much worse.

Despite being an asset to the team and leading them to numerous championships, never once did Adrastos gain much respect. It was a very common occurrence for bludgers to be aimed especially at him, players to purposely collide with him, and even for fans to throw various objects at him during games. Still though, Adrastos ignored it all, for his love of the game prevented him from ever walking away from it. The only way to get him to stop playing was to drag him away, kicking and screaming. Which was exactly what happened.

At the championship game in his fifth year of playing professionally, tragedy struck. The game would have been the seventh straight victory for the Cannons so emotions and adnaline were at an all-time high. A quaffle had made it's way towards Adrastos's hoop, carried by another player. The opposing player was quick, but Adrastos was faster. The two collided but it was the opposing player who felt the majority of the burn. He crashed headfirst against the metal and fell straight to the ground, thou Adrastos caught him before he touched the grass. 

Normally, within these circumstances a simple suspension would be in order. Unfortunately, luck was not on Adrastos's side. The opposing player had been a pureblood. And a member of the Dolohovs, one of the most powerful families in the United Kingdom. Adrastos didn't stand a chance. Within the hour, Adrastos was barred from playing professional Quidditch ever again. Life became difficult from that point on.                

Over the course of the year, he pondered day and night, wondering what to do next with his life. Margaret had tried to help him to the best of her ability, but to no avail. Though they still remained married, it was only in name alone for the two had grown up and apart since their school days. It wasn't until he ran into his old mentor, Professor Pascal, that he reached an idea on what he wanted to do with his life: politics. Even as a student, Adrastos held a passion for the law and politics. With encouragement from Pascal, Adrastos began educating himself further to become a lawyer. Pascal even went so far as to tutor Adrastos himself and take him as an apprentice, for Pascal had been in politics during his younger days as well. He, along with a few others, including one who caught a bit more than Adrastos' eye, were under Pascal's mentorship for about a year when tragedy struck, once again.

In the early hours of a June morning in 1971 Pascal was found by his apprentices, severely injured and drenched in blood. Mere moments before his last, he told his students how he had been attacked by the new rising Dark Lord's followers for his opinions on equality. On his deathbed, he made his students promise at they would not let the discrimination in the world and continue, and make their lifetime be the time of change.

The students kept their promise, and the four of them founded their own Organization dedicated to their cause: The Order of the Sangreal. It was an Order created in utmost secrecy, for with Lord Voldemort on the rise they were already in danger due to their affiliation. Still though, they managed to gather members and followers that believed in the cause, much to the Founders delight. It was within the Order's creation, that another part of Adrastos' life was created: he had found love once again, with a fellow Sangreal founder; Pamela.

His wife had died due to mysterious circumstances and while he had mourned her passing, he mourned as a man who had lost a dear friend, rather than a man who had lost his wife and lover. After all, they had stopped living together for quite sometime and were informally separated. After her funeral and after an appropriate amount of time had passed, Adrastos approached her.

How he adored her.

If he had ever felt true love before, it was nothing more than puppy love when compared to what he felt with Pamela. Her smile could cast away any fear, any doubt he might have for the future. At her side he felt he could conquer anything. But alas, such bliss was not to last, it seemed. Their relationship had more or less been an affair conducted behind closed doors, forbidden from the start, and though they had lived on in bliss for years and even had a child together, their affair was ended due to a myriad of problems after Harry Potter had defeated the Dark Lord.

Over the course of next few years, Adrastos could only watch from afar as his child grew up, raised by the woman who held his heart. He longed to tell his child so many times his true heritage, but dared not, knowing it could cause disaster. Not to mention he also felt guilt over the child's creation, for although the wizard had adored children and longed for them, he wanted it to be in a time when his children could be equals and not sneered upon. So instead, Adrastos contented himself by working in the Wizengamot as a Judge, forcing himself not to think of the family he had to forsake and attempt to forget. Yes, he still saw them fairly often, considering his and Pamela's roles in the Order, but proceeding from a member of his family to no more than a family friend was a very different affair.

Time passed on by with his child growing up, though without Adrastos' in the picture, much to the wizard's pain and regret, and equality still had not yet been achieved, for the issue had long since faded into the forgotten abyss. When the Dark Lord was announced to have returned once again, Adrastos had actually become excited with the thought that perhaps once again the idea of equality would cross others minds. Like last time, it seemed to have had, for Sangreal was able to recruit more members, but at the Dark Lord's downfall equality was once again forgotten. 

The years that followed Lord Voldemort's second downfall were once again filled with disappointment, however. Once again the wizarding world had defaulted on their previous promises of equality. Muggleborns and any less than "pure" were still discriminated, much to the Sangreal's disappointment. They've retaliated in passive ways, such as Adrastos more often than not letting off Muggleborns in the courts off easy, but bringing down the hammer on pures, but the changing times of late, especially with the upcoming election have brought the winds of change. The Sangreal grow hungry. Hungry for vengeance and hungry for justice. And this time, their hunger will not go ignored...


Magic Specialty Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, Herbology
Favorite Spell: Bombardo

-Other information-

-Can, at times, allow his personal beliefs to cloud his judgement
-Can never let go of the past
-Athletic (Moreso in his youth, but still quite fit for a man of his age)
-Excellent at compromising
-Has an excellent use of logic (loves puzzles such as Sudoku)
-Strong leader
Favorite Color: White
Theme song: Hand of Sorrow by Within Temptation 
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Adrastos Aodhan
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