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Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: Sub
Note: Also playing Gage Hall, Alan Reed, and Vinzent and Charisma Zolnerowich

In Character
Name: Pamela Avery-Moreau
Aliases: Pam, Pamela Avery (birth name); Pamela Moreau (married name)
Age: 93 (was born February 25, 1950)
Gender: Female
Blood Rank: Pureblood
House: Ravenclaw
School: Hogwarts
Career: Recently retired Gringotts Curse-breaker (will be rp-ed); Soon to be the Headmistress of Beauxbatons and Professor of Ancient Studies
Additionally: Co-Founder of the Sangreal


Your Class: Ancient Studies
School: Beauxbatons


Parents: Charles and Aderyn (nee Yates) Avery
Grandparents: William and Solange Avery; Glenda and Emrys Yates
Siblings: Regina and Glenys
Aunts & Uncles: Thomas, Priscilla, and Victor Avery; Caradoc Yates (spouses not listed)
Nieces & Nephews: None that she knows of
Cousins: None of note at this time
Children: One son by Adrastos (wanted character; see KD’s wanted list); Arianne and Raoul Moreau
Grandkids: At least 5: Daniel and Christabel [Arianne]; Rhett, Jocelyn, and Willow [Raoul]


Skin color: Fair
Hair Color: White (though charms it back to its original color sometimes)
Hair length: Never further than the base of her neck, and generally pulled back
Eye color: Hazel
Size: Tall for a woman (though shorter than Adrastos)
Build: Slender
Pamela Avery-Moreau Judith6


Crushes: Was in an affair with Adrastos Aodhan
Mates/Spouse: Eugene Moreau
Status: Widowed and Available... though technically she desires a return to a fellow Founder’s arms.

-How I act-

Personality: When Pamela was a little girl, one would assume much about the child’s personality. Being the middle child, she was good at negotiation and incredibly outgoing. She did not appreciate being left alone. In instances when she was alone, Pamela would talk to herself both for something to do and to improve her charisma. For all appearances, on any random date you could find her sitting patiently and politely if not keeping herself quietly occupied. The little girl displayed a staggering amount of maturity in her young age. Her warm, easygoing, and goodhearted disposition coupled with her obvious striving to work hard and remain disciplined in her academics would make any parent proud. Or at least this was the front she presented when she absolutely had to be serious.

What many did not expect upon first getting to know Pamela is that, in stark contrast to the prim and proper young lady just outlined above, the little girl-turned-woman loved living on the edge and possesses a very high level of energy. If need be, she had no qualms taking charge of a room and leading them toward a common goal. She also displayed highly competitive behavior towards her sisters, particularly her elder sister: Regina. There is not much that intimidates Pamela, and overall she tries to have an optimistic world-view despite being born to pureblood-manic parents.

Now grown into a woman, Pamela has been able to expertly blend both aspects of her sense of self that have not changed over the decades. With age and responsibility she has been able to add new dimensions. Resourceful, reliable, and insightful, Pamela is very observant and employs creativity when her mind is set to a task. For all outward appearances she seems completely unruffled and calm, willing to cooperate unless she is angered. Depending on the person and the circumstance, her fuse may be short or long. Because she fears being alone and adores belonging to a group her anger does not generally last long. Her loyalty to the person she is upset with is rarely shaken, but her potential amount of cooperation might shift until she has had time to calm down.

True to her Ravenclaw sorting, Pamela has a thirst for knowledge and does her best to apply logic to her daily life. Sometimes the latter does not always happen. Her personal feelings have the potential to cloud her judgment (she is human, after all) and she does have irrational fears and passions. The witch is also quite stubborn once she has made up her mind. Getting her to change her view is a lot easier said than done unless there is a logic present that makes sense and her mind is unclouded by beliefs or desires. Somewhat opposite of the logic-loving side of her personality, Pamela will often march to the beat of a different drummer, so to speak: still climbing the occasional tree, or doing things that in her generation were not normal if not almost forbidden for a woman to do. Quidditch and going on from Hogwarts to be a curse-breaker were two of those things most typically accorded to men.

What separates Pamela from most other purebloods is her take on bloodstatus. In her view, because her parents were magical, it was obvious and ordinary that she too would be magical. And there is nothing special about that. However... a magical child born into an otherwise Muggle or predominantly Muggle family? Now that is special! She is a strong sympathizer to those caught between the two very different worlds, and their rights in each. The discrimination Pamela’s family attempts to force on her is, in her words, utterly disgusting. It is for this set of beliefs and her unwavering stance between her kin and much-loved individuals such as Adrastos Aodhand and her later husband Eugene Moreau that earned her excision from the family tree and irreversible disownment. She is also excluded from the Avery family inheritance. Pamela is deeply ashamed that her family still does not recognize equality and therefore ashamed of her heritage. She does not at all relish the fact that she was born into bigotry. Desiring equality for those she believes are more fortunate than her, Pamela eagerly co-Founded a secret organization whose mission matched her desires: the Sangreal. Her views are simply that people should attempt to be reasoned with first instead of eliminating the opposition, for that would be stooping to their level. However if the person will not see reason... well... perhaps then a more forceful means is necessary. But only when all other measures have been exhausted.

Overall Pamela is a pleasant and sweet personality so long as you don’t tell her she can’t do something because she’s a woman or for some other reason that isn’t logical by her frame of reference. Her temper is intense but short in duration as she has a big heart and cannot often find it in herself to stay angry for very long. Her greatest desire is to be an active participant in changing the world for the better. A peaceful hand guides that desire, although when it is absolutely necessary said hand can become as tough as dragon scales. As a curse-breaker for Gringotts, Pamela hopes to be able to break the curse of bigotry that has enveloped the world in darkness. The witch will lead or follow whenever she is needed to do either and has every intention to stand her ground in any endeavor to which she has dedicated her passion.


Your Story Please? Pamela Avery was the second of three children born to Charles and Aderyn Avery, on February 25, 1950. Her older sister, Regina, was born in 1945. Glenys, the baby of the family, would not arrive until the year 1954. Being born to pureblood parents meant that Pamela was expected to be prim and proper at all times. She was also expected to discriminate against any whose bloodstatus was less than magical on both sides. While Regina soaked up this learning like a sponge, Pamela shunned it. When she needed to be serious, prim, and proper, the girl would be so. Yet, at the same time, she enjoyed rebelling against these rules in favor of a good tree to climb, a round of one-on-one Quidditch, and other activities most commonly attributed to little boys. However, when it came to the discrimination part of her grooming, she refused to follow. In her heart, the sweet child with a wild streak knew it was wrong. Her parents hoped she would grow out of it.

As the child reached school-age, her notions still had not changed. It resulted in Regina quickly being the golden child, for Glenys followed a blend of both sisters’ ideals but would not conform to one way or the other. Charles and Aderyn were glad when Pamela received her Hogwarts letter. Finally, they thought: she would be around even more children her age, and see just how crucial it was that muggle exposure to magic, particularly through magically-born children, was something to be feared and stopped rather than admired. It was almost certain in their minds that their daughter, like Regina, would be sorted into Slytherin with the rest of the family. They were deeply disappointed when a letter arrived informing them their daughter had been included into Ravenclaw House. Pamela’s only saving grace in their eyes was that she had not been considered for Hufflepuff or Gryffindor.

Much like her House’s namesake, Pamela soaked up any and all knowledge like a sponge. Oftentimes she engaged in challenges of the friendly rivalry sort – with not just students her own age, but sometimes those two or three years above her! One such rival was Adrastos Aodhan, a muggleborn wizard two years her senior. Unlike most purebloods Pamela did not cheapen his sense of worth while interacting with him. Or, at least, she tried not to. Especially when she began to notice the harassment her Housemate underwent for something so entirely out of his control as his bloodstatus. Despite being younger than her ‘charge’ of sorts, Pamela would go out of her way to either fix up any injuries he sustained or help see him to the nurse. Severe looks would be bestowed to any that harassed Adrastos while she was on watch. Some joked that Adrastos had a ‘little girlfriend’ but Pamela paid the words no heed. After all, he seemed rather smitten with one Margaret Aspen. Pamela herself was taking quite a shine to a young gentleman in her year that hailed from Gryffindor.

While always fond of Quidditch, it wasn’t until her third year that she had a solid desire to join the team. Because it was as yet still a boy’s sport she had to pester both the Head of Ravenclaw and the Headmaster of the era to let her on the team. She even wrote a few essays to persuade to them her interest. After much persistence they agreed, and Pamela found herself facing tryouts. Despite being a good build for the position of seeker, Pamela instead chose to be a chaser. When Adrastos had been made the Ravenclaw team’s Captain, Pamela found herself defending any strategies scoffed by fellow teammates right alongside the wizard. His ideas were logical but not too predictable. If her fellow pures were so blind as to not see their comrade’s brilliance, then she would do her best to make them see! Much to Pamela’s annoyance, when she restated Adrastos’s plan the bigots got it.

Pamela’s remaining years at Hogwarts passed without incident. Although not sure what she wanted to do when she finished school, the witch did have some ideas: a curse-breaker, a muggle-liaison or Mentor to muggleborn witches/wizards, a historian, and a few others were her current thoughts. After she had learned all she could at Hogwarts Pamela’s parents had wanted her to promptly get married to an upstanding pureblood wizard and start producing children, being little more than a housewife despite all she had spent seven full years to learn. Just like before, the woman rebelled. Not only were the chosen suitors too snooty, but they too held this almost obscene prejudice against those of less than pure heritage. After a huge ordeal between her, her parents, and a rather indignantly snubbed suitor Charles and Aderyn had had it: they disowned Pamela, crossing her off the family tree. They gave her some money and told her to get out, more or less paying her to leave the premises. It broke the young lady’s heart to see such bias tear her family apart but she refused to conform to such narrow-minded notions. With many tears she took the money, packed her things, and left.

Uncertain where to go or what to do with this heavily paid-for freedom, Pamela decided she would test out an entirely muggle existence for a few years. Occasionally she would cheat and use magic but for the most part it was an experience completely void of magic. Pamela couldn’t help but find it strangely liberating and quite a bit more work, but not unbearably arduous. Her love of history gave way to such careers as junior assistants for libraries and museums, and an outright passion for historical societies. In conjunction to these, Pamela began to pursue a degree that would allow her the chance to become an archaeologist.

While on an expedition into Egypt, Pamela ran into an old friend: Professor Augustus Pascal. He had taught at Hogwarts, and had been but one of a many of her favorite teachers. After a few exchanged words she learned he was with a company of curse-breakers in hopes to gain some academic insights into the location they were working at. The kindly professor seemed intrigued by her own life direction, though saddened by the reason, and mentioned that she would do well as a research companion or independent scholar within the magical world. By the time both companies were expected to depart, Pamela asked Augustus if he might be willing to take her on as an apprentice. Although curse-breaking greatly appealed to her, she was also interested in law and other fields. When he agreed, Pamela moved out of her flat in Muggle England and returned to the magical world, taking up residence within one of the all-magical sectors that was as far as possible from her childhood home.

Pamela and a few others had been brought under the wings of Augustus Pascal, each for their own field. The professor seemed to Pam something of a savant: having had experience in just about a little bit of everything. To more than just a little bit of her surprise and pleasure, the witch learned one of her fellows was none other than Adrastos Aodhan. Although their desired paths led them in very different directions, Pamela did have an interest in law. Thus, whenever feasible, Pascal would arrange for the two to learn together under his guidance. Unbeknownst to Pamela her childhood rivalry with Adrastos, not to mention how she felt about him entirely, was changing into something markedly different...

Sadly, their tutelage under Augustus was to be short-lived. Approximately one year to the day, June of 1971, the professor’s students happened upon a most horrific sight. They found their master suffering from severe injuries and soaked within a pool of blood. Not having long to live, in his last moments Pascal revealed to his students that he had been attacked by the up-and-coming Dark Lord’s minions. He had been attacked due to a trivial matter: a mere opinion on equality regardless of blood. Pamela, Adrastos, and the rest in tow were made to promise that they would not let the discrimination continue. They were to promise that, sometime in their lives, a change would be made for the betterment of a diversified world. With her mentor upon his deathbed, Pamela gave her vow with conviction.

True to their word, during this dark time the four students founded their own organization dedicated specifically to the cause of equality. Much like the rumored Order of the Phoenix, their own coalition was gathered and forged in secret for their affiliation alone was enough to have the Death Eaters sign their metaphorical death warrants. They called themselves the Order of the Sangreal, and to their delight found believers in the cause and members to join them in their endeavors. It wasn’t exactly easy, and approaching just anyone at random was highly dangerous, but still they persisted to find those of unbiased opinion or pro-muggle slant.

Not long after the creation of the Order, Pamela found herself swiftly falling in love with her fellow founder and former friend/rival, Adrastos. Although she knew good and well the wizard was married, that technicality soon didn’t matter. Pamela loved the wizard, and Adrastos loved her. The witch would do anything for him, including laying down her own life as illogical as that was. And, from what Adrastos had told her, he and Margaret were drifting apart as it were before then.

During a walk home in the year 1972, Pamela was unexpectedly confronted by an upset and angry Margaret Aspen – Adrastos’s wife – about the affair. It was not a pleasant altercation and inevitably led to Margaret initiating a duel of sorts on the spot. Pamela had tried to disarm and incapacitate Margaret peacefully for she had no intention to harm anyone. However, the duel did get rough and although Pamela won out she did so at a terrible price: Margaret died. After straightening herself up Pamela summoned the authorities and claimed she had simply found Margaret lying there, compiling a believable narrative for the reports but adamantly insisted to remain anonymous. The cause of death was ruled to be mysterious. Pamela would not have been able to bear Adrastos’s reactions if he ever were to know the truth...

Reluctantly, Pamela attended Margaret’s funeral. She stayed at Adrastos’s side as a friend, even though their relationship behind closed doors was something far more intimate. The witch was not surprised that her companion was not grieving as though he had lost a wife and lover, for she knew of the details surrounding his and Margaret’s relationship: they no longer lived together, and had been informally separated. Pamela assumed Margaret’s ‘attack’ on her was simply a broken heart’s attempt for vengeance and a return to normalcy. Thus, her guilt continued on in silence.

After an appropriate amount of time to mourn, Adrastos approached Pamela openly. While the witch had not considered any permanence with other men she had courted, it was different when she was with Adrastos. He knew how to make her smile, laugh, and become content with the world despite the cruelties it bestowed. At his side she felt even more capable to do the things many would tell her she couldn’t do, and felt a remarkable sense of safety she did not always have when alone. Admittedly, there were rocky patches where the pair did argue and make some misinterpretations. Pamela discovered Adrastos was concerned in general of her desire to be a curse-breaker, which was but one issue of contention. Overall, however, they had been happy.

As the 1970s came to a close and the 80s emerged, Pamela learned she was pregnant. Not sure how to tell Adrastos, and amidst an assignment for Gringotts that was much too enticing to go on maternity leave, Pamela cast glamour charms on herself to hide the ‘symptoms’ of pregnancy. She finally told Adrastos when she was six months along, and showed him the real her she had been hiding. Although, if Pamela went anywhere in public, she put the charms back on. There were a few words of worry exchanged back and forth concerning the unborn child’s safety by using the charms and working under such conditions as curse-breakers do. Each time Pamela brushed off her lover’s concern with sweet reassurances that she would be careful, and dash off to work.

Neither the togetherness of Adrastos and Pamela, nor entire safety in the line of Pamela’s work lasted long. Eight months into her pregnancy, Pamela was severely cursed on the job. All of her colleagues learned she was pregnant then, and her supervisor demanded she go on maternity leave immediately. Confined to a hospital bed, Pamela could do little but rest and recover. There was also the chance the curse could have affected the baby. This thought alone pulled Pamela back to the reality that she now had to answer to Adrastos, whom she had promised the baby would not be in any harm be it actual or probable... When given the option whether to go home until she went into labor or stay in the hospital, Pamela chose to stay. She feared being home alone when the contractions would start, and feared Adrastos’s possible temper.

After their child – a son – was born, Pamela hoped the three of them would be able to put the past behind them and move forward. For a short while it seemed to be that way. Pamela encouraged Adrastos to be the father he wanted to be, for they had talked about children during their approximate decade together. However, further problems ensued that caused the pair to end the relationship in 1981 around the time the Dark Lord fell. It broke Pamela’s heart further that Adrastos was determined to be a father only once equality had been achieved, and at Order meetings sought to distance herself from him instead of taking up the usual seat at his side. What was supposed to be a happy time, and possibly the era of change, had been anything but.

Not certain she could raise the child alone, and determined not to abandon the boy, Pamela mused for some time how she might solve this riddle of sorts. There was the option of attempting to replace the lost love in her life. Although several would have come to call, Pamela found none truly compatible with her. Thus she contented herself on the friendly companionship of a House-Elf she rather awkwardly acquired from her parents. The elf was far better in demeanor than its masters, and provided not only the social conversation Pamela needed when alone but also cared for the child as she went to work and Order meetings. She took the child to his first Order meeting when he turned nine years old, though Adrastos had many opportunities to see the child grow: as Pamela managed to cope with the breakup, she once again took seating at Adrastos’s side. At first Pamela had declared Adrastos as a friend of the family, as per his wishes, but soon revealed to her child in secret the truth. She made the boy promise to never repeat this knowledge to anyone until the time was right out of respect to his father.

The witch worried each day as her son grew about the curse they had both endured while the boy was yet unborn, and hoped whatever it had been only attacked her. Much like his father, the child was exceptionally bright and like both parents soaked up knowledge almost faster than Pamela could give it. She worried about her son not having a definitive father figure to look up to even though she made sure to mix discipline and love, often posing some restrictions that some might see as strict. At night, once all business for the Order was complete, Pamela often wondered why Adrastos forsook her and the child and insisted on the things he did when the wizard was so much more than what he claimed. Pamela had decided that once equality had been established, she would approach Adrastos and ask him to at least be a father to their son. And, maybe, she would ask if he would take her back despite their past clashes and all that had caused them to break away.

Alas, equality still remained elusive. And, in 1994, Pamela found love again in the form of Eugene Moreau. Like Adrastos, Eugene was also a muggleborn. He was also a member of the Sangreal, hailing from France, but was in England extensively in 1994 on a business venture. A kind man with an open heart and mind, the pair courted each other for a year before marrying in the summer of 1995. It was a dark time to be sure, due to Voldemort’s second ascent. Pamela couldn’t help but be strongly reminded of Voldemort’s first rise, and how at that time she had had Adrastos to soothe her worries. The witch thanked every power in the world she could name that Eugene had come along when he had.

As the skies darkened and hopes diminished during this era, the Order once again sought to attempt to be a guiding light to those that sought a better way. Awareness for blood purity had come to the surface in 1997 with the Ministry’s new regulations, and many that had something to fear found their way to the Sangreal. With a measure of bittersweet excitement, Pamela thought for certain a time of equality would surface at long last. But then what would she do regarding Adrastos? Eugene treated the boy just as if he were the biological father of the child. Pamela had told her husband the tale regarding the boy, including the actual father’s identity, once more asking that the secret be sworn to remain that way. Unlike her former lover, Pamela did not wish to wait to bring children into the world. For one thing, she certainly wasn’t getting any younger! It was a terrifying time to bring a child into the world, she knew, but held out great hopes that this time like the one before would pass.

It was precisely during the wee hours of May 2, 1998, the day Voldemort met his demise, that Pamela conceived a child. Eugene and Pamela had both been called to battle, but had delayed acting upon their summons in order to be together what might have been one last time. Many members of the Sangreal thought for sure that this time there would be a change, especially with all of the Ministry personnel changes. However, they were all of them disappointed: while the world was marginally better there were still issues tossed about regarding the equality of Magic-Kind. Pamela herself was not in a position to do anything active in her occupation to speak out against such malevolence toward anyone less than pure, but she did carry out Order-specific missions pertaining to the cause. As she had always done, the witch made it a point to be extra pleasant towards those that were discriminated against. She represented her muggleborn friends that knew she had some dealings with law when they could find no official lawyer sympathetic to the situation of being discriminated against.

When the witch began showing signs of pregnancy, she immediately and of her own volition requested maternity leave. Pamela had learned from her past mistake and was not going allow such a thing to repeat itself again. She gave birth to a daughter, Arianne, on February 24, 1999. It was joked that the child wanted to be present for her mother’s birthday.

The years came and went, with the goal of equality still evasive. In 2005 Pamela gave Eugene a second child: a son whom they named Raoul. Ironically, this child was born on Eugene’s birthday. Little to no incidents followed in those years, other than discoveries that both Arianne and Raoul were gifted with magic. Pamela still continued her curse-breaking career while Eugene found ways to work from home. To ensure the desire for equality stayed with their children, the parents created a tradition where every couple of months the household would have zero magic usage for the duration of two weeks. The only exception, of course, was work and emergencies. Summer holiday schoolwork was added to the exceptions when the children began their schooling at Beauxbatons. During these magical down times, the family House-elf either kept to itself or became like an added (albeit very tidy) sibling to the children.

As fate’s unbiased hand would have it, tragedy struck the family in the year 2022. Raoul, having developed a rebellious streak upon coming of age by wizarding standards, had gone to a muggle bar his parents had warned him to stay away from. It wasn’t that they didn’t want him associating with non-magic folk, but rather they knew it was not the safest bar the young wizard had to pick from. Not only was there a lot of muggle dueling and robbery, but even some purebloods wanting to eradicate the world of those deemed impure hung out there waiting for the right mark. A Muggle friend of Eugene’s spotted Raoul there and hastily phoned the family. Eugene picked up his son, and the pair got into an argument during the entire ride home. It was during one of their magic-restricted periods, and the fact that Raoul had been fairly safe did not warrant the need for apparition. Ergo, Eugene had taken the car.

No one is certain what had happened, but the accident was plain to see. Both drivers – Eugene and the other vehicle’s operator – had died in the crash. Raoul had survived the crash but mostly because he had spotted the imminent crash mere seconds before it happened, and began to cast the necessary spells. He hadn’t generated the magical shield in time to save his father. With the help of a few connections, it was learned the other driver was a Muggleborn and had been put under the Imperius Curse. Pamela made Raoul swear he would keep all future drinking to home, and in anger and sorrow punished the young wizard living under her roof severely. This, of course, caused the young man to leave home similar to the way in which Pamela herself had left her childhood home long ago.

At present, Pamela is 93 and still going strong. All of her children have moved out of the family home, so it is just her and her House-Elf residing at the estate. Eugene’s grave is in the back yard beneath a willow tree, to which she still visits every now and then. His death has caused her to have a strong want to fight even harder for the equality they both, as well as the rest of the Order, have striven for. For her children’s sake moreso than hers, Pamela has resolved herself to either bring equality to the world or perhaps die trying. They deserve it. Adrastos deserves it. Everyone with some sense of right and good in the world deserved equality.

Between her work for the Order and her career as a curse-breaker, Pamela has also found time to run an exceedingly small animal shelter from her home. She keeps a variety of magical animals, though not at all times, and takes them to the Magical Menagerie when they are well enough to travel and be considered marketable, or old enough to be weaned and separated from their fellows. There is no monetary reward for this: she donates the animals to the pet shop, accepting money only if it is given freely, and does so purely to give the unfortunate creatures she tends a fighting chance.

(to be RP-ed on some level)
Most recently, Pamela was once again cursed on the job while attempting to break a rather nasty piece of work with her team. Strangely, she was the only one affected. Her dominant left hand is irreversibly affected by a curse, though still functional. Binding spells both on the afflicted limb and imbued onto bandages she must wear have halted the curse’s progress for now, but it must be monitored by Healers. No one is exactly sure yet what the curse is, what it does, or how it might be reversed.

Pamela is going to resign from her long career as a curse-breaker. She does this both to protect herself from further curses, and to make sure the curse upon her does not affect the coworkers she has gotten close to. Pamela has had to learn to use her right hand for magical works, for the use of magic via her left causes excruciating pain. Sometimes even simply being near a source of magic (her own included) will cause the limb to ache. Yet, Pamela refuses to be deterred and continues on.

Seeing that the current Headmistress of Beauxbatons is retiring, Pamela has requested that despite her lack of background in the field of giving instruction that she be considered for the position. Needing something else to do lest she get bored, Pamela has also put in an application to teach the well-versed subject of Ancient Studies to her potential students.


Magic Specialty Arithmancy, Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures, and History of Magic
Favorite Spell: Lumos

-Other information-

- Forgives easily
- Internalizes
- Fears being alone
- Her loved ones
- Does not tolerate discrimination of any kind
- Can be strict
- Stubborn
- Hates seeing another (person or animal) in pain

+ Forgives easily
+ Energetic
+ Quick to get over temper
+ Enjoys logic and puzzles (loves Sudoku)
+ Assertive
+ Personable
+ Is able to let go of the past (most of the time)
+ Excellent negotiator

Favorite Color: Ivory
Theme song: World of Stone by Blackmore’s Night, though was also inspired by See Who I Am, The Truth Beneath the Rose, and Stand My Ground (all of which are by Within Temptation)

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Pamela Avery-Moreau
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