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 Hadrian Yaxley

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PostSubject: Hadrian Yaxley   Hadrian Yaxley EmptyThu Jun 30, 2011 4:05 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Note:(Plus anything extra)

In Character

Name: Hadrian Yaxley
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Blood Rank: Pureblood
School: Hogwarts
Career:Quidditch Player


Parents: Harley Yaxley (nee Nott), Jarrid Yaxley
Grandparents: NA
Siblings: Anora Yaxley (7 years older), Alexis Yaxley (5 years older)
Aunts & Uncles: Jeniffer and Fenris Yaxley Karren Pride (Nee Yaxley)
Nieces & Nephews: TBA
Cousins: Mark Yaxley, Madelyn Morrison {Nee Yaxley}
Children: Brandon Yaxley (5) Lena Yaxley (2) Terra Martin (7 months) (Perhaps others from other relationships he doesn't know about.)
Grandkids: None


Skin color: Light, and Tanned
Hair Color: Brown, sometime makes it different colours
Hair length: Short to passed ears
Eye color: Brown
Size: 6,2
Build: Athetic, Tall
Picture:Hadrian Yaxley Ashton_kutcher_1834007


Crushes: Many- Current and most visited Colleen Martin (17)Hadrian Yaxley Hayden_panettiere_hairstyle-1253583182
Mates/Spouse: Samantha Yaxley (nee` Malfoy) (27)Hadrian Yaxley Cameron_Diaz+Aug_05_2008
Status: Married - Though not faithfully by any standerd

-How I act-

Personality: Born to a Rich pureblood family being the only son and the youngest of them brought Hadrain to be spoiled and brought up in a very sheltered life. He has a moderate Temper, he rearly gets violent though has a tenacey to shout and insult things that arn`t even true. As he got older be became very much a flirt, being firendly with any attractive girl. Though he is by no means loyal, and doesn`t stay with one girlfirend for long exculsively before going off to the next.. Often making a challange out of it for himself for how long and much he can get before getting caught. Even goes so far to marrying one while still dating another.
Around guy firends he is much more Loyal, and would always have there back in anything.
As said above it is clear Hadrian doesn`t respect the other gender at all, he plays with feelings and only really thinks of himself. He has a thing for wooing girls much younger then he, sometimes even half his age and this has gotton him into trouble with many fathers and mothers alike.
Around his own children he is hardly one for dissapline or any sort of real care for them at all, he plays with them takes them out to have fun and brings them home to their mother to feed them clean them and put them to bed. Hadrian is more of a baby sitter then an actual father.


Your Story Please? Was born the youngest in his family, and the only boy, so he was spoiled terribly ever since he could remember. His father and mother dolted upon him while his older sisters were asked to either help care for there baby brother or leave him be all together. Hadrian had little to know responsiblity growing up. Cleaning his room was done by house elves and as for learning, his father hiered a privite tutor and family firend to teach his son the basics of reading and writing.
When Hadrian started school he was sorted into gryffindor, for his absolute nerve to do things other would be to afriad to do, the lad had no fear.. and that earned him many firends as Kid, Exploring the forbidden forest dispite the amount of detentions he recived. He would protest at the detentions, but he found the school was not like home. Hadrians school years were uneventful, though he made the quidditch team in his 3 year, he became a chaser, and stand in beater if the need arose.

By his fifth year his world opened up to girls, he became popular, he was sweet and charming at first liking being a boy firend. However his additude soon changed after his first break up in his relationships were eratic. Then he meet Calixta Harper in his 7 year, she in her 5th.. Now she was a sweet little thing even he had to admit. He liked haing her around even though she was a half-blood.. but so few other purebloods half plood was alright, Plus she was rather beautifull..

However behind her back he had an number of other relationships, some even from Beauxbatons... He continued on with this life style even after he graduated and his family was pushing him to marry a girl. Since Calixta was Sweet and seem to love the floor he walked on,, he asked her to marry him the day of her gradutaion from Hogwarts. Things were dandy up until a certain other girl started making faces at him and this was Calixta's younger cousin Neris.. He found it intriging Neris being Calixta's cousin was interested in him, and he was never one to say no to a pretty girl..

However he had bad timing it seemed as Calixta walked in on them, and was no to happy about the situation.. and that was down playing it. He tried to convince her to change her mind, saying many men of his status has mistresses, She would be his wife, so she would be lucky. But she didn't take it that way and the wedding was called off. His familly was none to happy with him over the failed engagment. From pressure from his Father he sought another to be his chosen wife, as Neris was too young he started from scratch, and put most of his focus to finding a new bride. Forgetting about his affire with Neris in the process.

I took him a year or so to find his offical wife, Samantha Malfoy, pureblood but much for them mania of it, and his family approved. When he felt it was a good time he asked her to marry him. Sam agreed to the union happily and they married afew months later and even when on a honey moon to Austraila. However like before the thrill of new married life bored him and soon affter he sighned a contract to join a qudditch team he started an affire with the female seeker on the team. Weather Sam knew or not was unknown but she had annonced the she was pregnant.

Life resumed and Hadrian lived like he always had, having fun and being as care free as possible, he still played professional quidditch anc came home to play with his kids. Went out for the night, had his "night life" as he liked to call it, where he met Colleen Martin a recent collage graduate..

At present he has a 7 month old daughter with her, whom he visits regularly, however due to legal issues arising with her family. It remains to be seen if he will get any visitation with that little baby at all.


Magic SpecialtyFlying
Favorite Spell: None atm
-Other information-

Weakness: Girls, Immature, selfish
Strengths: Daring, and Fearless, Is often in a Happy mood.
Favorite Color: Red
Theme song: TBA

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Hadrian Yaxley
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