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 Madeline Pascal

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Madeline Pascal

Madeline Pascal

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In Character

Name:Madeline Pascal
Gender: Female
Blood Rank:Half Blood
School: Beauxbatons
Career:Self emolyed Curse Breaker, Subitute Student Teacher at Beaubatons, Member of Sangreal


(For family, just enter names and if there alive or dead please)

Parents: Jacques and Claire Pascal
Grandparents: TBA
Great-Grandparents: Lazare Pascal, Charlotte Pascal
Aunts & Uncles: TBA
Nieces & Nephews: None
Cousins: TBA
Children: TBA
Grandkids: TBA


Skin color: Creamy pale
Hair Color: Redish Brown
Hair length: Short, toked passed her ears, most of the time
Eye color: Brown
Size: 5,5
Build: Athletic
Picture:Madeline Pascal Carey-mulligan-header


Crushes: TBA
Mates/Spouse: TBA
Status: Single

-How I act-

Personality:Madeline is a "go getter" or so she is told. she doesn't hesitated when it comes to what she wants and how to do it. She can be fiesty and often has the do and ask questions later aditude. She will try anything once for she wants to live life to the fullest and it involves risk and conequese, she is willing to put up with that. She's smart, though not passionately bookishly so, she reserches what she has to and learn the reast the trial and error.

Madeline is loyal to those she conciders her ally and those she feels indebted to, such as Adrastos Aodhan leader of Sangreal when he took her in after her parents were killed. She is loyal to all in Sangreal, no matter who they are, they all have the same goal after all.

She is kind to many, though has a quirky temper to those that push her to far, depending on the severity and who made her angry, she can be vangeful to even physically violent. Not much can make her angry, though chaos is bound to break out if someone or something does. She loves Kids and hope to have some of her own one Day, but for the moment is content with learning the art of Teadhing school age children and working the Sangreals cause. Hopefully one day repay Adrastos for taking her in.. no matter the cost.


Your Story Please?
Madeline was born to Jacques and Claire Pascal the couple were researchers and allies to the Sangreal, Jacques grandfather was Lazare Pascal who was a professor at Hogwarts school and taught the founders of the Sangreal organization, ever since Madeline could remember she'd been told even as a young child everyone was Equal.

When Madeline was 4 her mother and father were constantly moving from place to place, she hadn't understood why at the time. But it was later revealed they were being pursued by Pureblood Mania's. Her father had made a number of claim and discoveries in Egypt, however Rino Rockell as rich and powerful man in the field whose family held many important claims, protested that the half blood couple were stealing his research and they should be stripped of there claims.... A investigation was held and despite there being little evidence to the claim of cheating it was ruled, the Pascals were guilty and all their claims was be taken.

More trouble started while at one of there residence Claire was cursed by a unknown wizard. With his wife suffering from a unknown curse and a dangerous wizard near by Jacques gave his 4 year old daughter a relic that would protect her from harm for a certain length of time. He had fought the wizard how ever he was not a duellist by profession and was mortally wounded. The assailant left the couple for dead and gave up on the child as he couldn't touch her through the protections.

Jacques in his final moments managed to write out letter to someone he knew could help his daughter, Adrastos Aodhan.

Madeline was taken in by Adrastos Aodhan and raised in the Sangreal headquarters of which he was the leader and fellow founder of. Madeline did realize the significance of this Until she started reading and learning of the world out side the headquarters when she got older. She was a daring girl and seeking to learn all she could about the world around her. She explored every look and cranny of the Headquarters.

She expressed interest in learning to fight the muggle way when she was young and eventually her practised every day.

She eventually went to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. She was a decent student, and hard working just like she had been at the Sangreal headquarters. She didn't say much to many people about where she was from and where she lived. Though she took it upon her self to help defend those who needed it, student, or teacher if she felt they were in need. Mostly if they were muggle-borns or if they were simply students having a hard time. She would "bully the bullies." one of her friends had told her.

After she graduated she pursued training to be a teacher and also became an official member of Sangreal.. feeling she owed it them for taking her in.


Magic Specialty Defense Against the Dark Arts
Favorite Spell: TBA

-Other information-

Violent when Angry
Says things as she sees them.(Can be a stength, if she is right, becomes a regret if she misunderstood)
Strengths: Martail Arts, Flying, Loyal, Independant, Honorable
Favorite Color: Indigo
Other: Grew up in Sangreal head Quarters Considers many of the leaders as her family.
Theme song: TBA
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Madeline Pascal
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