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 Corvus Darrow

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Corvus Darrow

Corvus Darrow

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Name: Corvus Darrow
Blood Rank: Pureblood
Career: Dark Lord

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PostSubject: Corvus Darrow   Corvus Darrow EmptySun Jul 31, 2011 5:25 am


Out of Character

Name:Lacklustre, or Lustre for short. I would also answer to The Awesome
Age:Two decades and a half
Gender: Female
Note: I like Harry Potter and I like you.

In Character

Name: Corvus Darrow
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Blood Rank: Pureblood
House: Slytherin
School: Hogwarts
Career: Curse-Breaker, Future Dark Lord


Parents: Mother Calliope Aquila, Father Ajax Darrow
Grandparents: Altair and Andromeda Aquila, Hector and Agnes Darrow
Siblings: Brother Cygnus, Half-sister Columba
Aunts & Uncles: None
Nieces & Nephews: Future Jon Mars
Cousins: None
Children: Future Eve Darrow
Grandkids: TBA


Skin color: Pale
Hair Color: Pale
Hair length: Short and neat
Eye color: Grey
Size: 6’1
Build: Lean
Corvus Darrow 600full-boyd-holbrook
Playby: Boyd Holbrook


Crushes: None
Mates/Spouse: None, Closest thing would probably be Ariadne Grey
Status: Single

-How I act-

Corvus is polite, a perfect gentlemen if you will. But don’t let that fool you, he has a darker side to him, a very dark side indeed. He highly intelligent and has the ability to manipulate people around him. He is power hungry and would do anything for it. His dislike for Muggles and Muggle-Borns stem from that fact that he believes they are ‘stealing’ power from the ‘real’ Witches and Wizards. He is sadistic, cruel and powerful.


Your Story Please? (At least a paragraph or two about your characters past till now )

Ajax was in love with fellow Calliope Aquila. The Aquila’s were notorious for being Pureblood Purist, and Calliope was just the same. But Calliope rejected him as though he was a Pureblood, he had fallen from his family’s grace by being associated with Dark Magic (though his case was never really proven). Not one to take rejection well, Ajax kidnapped Calliope, and to ensure no one would come looking for her, staged her death. He, with the help of the Imperius Curse, made her his wife. She bore him twins, Corvus and Cygnus. Ajax enjoyed a somewhat happy, though artificial, family life, for a year before he decided to take the Imperius Curse off of Calliope, believing that she had actually love him. He was heavily delusional of course, and once he had lifted the curse, she quickly apparated back to her family. Enraged at what had happened, the Aquila family had given Ajax a life-time sentence in Azkaban. This left the question of who were to take care of the boys who were no more than one. Calliope was disgusted and felt no love for her boys. Fortunately, Ajax’s parents stepped in and took care of the boys.

It seemed that life for the two boys were looking up. The Darrows were good to the boys. The boy were identical in every aspect of their appearance except for their eyes. Corvus had grey ones whereas Cygnus had blue ones. However, unless you were looking directly into their eyes, you wouldn’t know the difference. But their eye colour isn’t the only determining factor, for though the two Darrow brothers are doppelgangers for each other, they are very different in personality and views. Cygnus was gentle and sweet, while Corvus as violent and hostile. The Darrows could not help but favor Cygnus to Corvus’ dismay. This made Corvus spiteful towards his brother and his family.

As he grew older though, he learnt to hide his spite and to manipulate those around him. Perhaps the only person who he could see right threw his schemes was his brother. His relationship with his brother is an interesting one. Their views on very topic vary. He hates his brother but to simply say so is incorrect. His brother is also the only person in the world he has some semblance of love towards to. Difficult to explain and even more difficult to understand.

At Hogwarts, the difference in the brothers grew as Cygnus was sorted into Gryffindor and Corvus, Slytherin. Corvus was clever and excelled in his classes, becoming Head Boy in his seventh year. He was power hungry and ambitious, his quest for power ultimately helped him in his studies, as well as his ability to manipulate others. He collected followers rather than friends. He was persuasive and his good-looks made him trustable. He grew to idolize Wizards who were powerful, such as Grindelwald and Voldemort and also mirrored their disregard for Muggles and Muggle-Borns.

This disregard grew to hate when after Hogwarts, Corvus and Cygnus managed to track down their mother Calliope. The Darrows failed to mention who their real mother was opting to state that she was dead. They found out later that she was indeed alive and later tracked her down. She was living in the Muggle World, with a Muggle husband and daughter (whether the daughter is magical or not remains to be seen). She rejected them a second time and sent them away. Cygnus was heartbroken, but not as much as Corvus who would have killed all of them if Cygnus hadn't stopped him.

Corvus decided to become a curse-breaker because this allowed him to travel the world and work closely with powerfully dark ancient spells. He used this years abroad to learn all he could about the different hexes and curses of different nations and creating ones of his own. He honed his powers and embraced the Dark Arts.

And now he is back in his country.


Magic Specialty The Dark Arts, has a gift for creating particularly nasty fires
Favorite Spell: Fiendfyre Curse

-Other information-

Weakness: His brother, inability to feel certain emotions
Strengths: He is very intelligent, powerful and can't feel guilt
Favorite Color: White
Theme song: Swan Theme

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Corvus Darrow
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