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 Lorelei Maitland

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PostSubject: Lorelei Maitland   Lorelei  Maitland EmptyTue Aug 09, 2011 4:21 am


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)


In Character

Name: Lorelei Alexandra Maitland
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Blood Rank: Muggle-born/Half-blood... quite frankly she isn’t sure which.
House: Hufflepuff
School: Hogwarts (attended Salem for 2 years)
Career: Does odd jobs and practically has a part-time job at the Magical Menagerie. Her steadiest “odd job” is as a sitter for Nicole Archer’s stepdaughter, Shelly.


Parents: George and Elenore Maitland (nee Greene) [both Muggle-borns]
Grandparents: Charles and Delores Maitland, Dorian and Rachel Greene
Siblings: Ryan Sherman [male, older; 27], Amber Murray (female, older; 25), and Dorian Maitland (17)
Sibling-in-laws: Ashley Sherman [male], Charles Murray, and Miranda Maitland (nee Grayson)
Aunts and Uncles: Adam Maitland (wife: Elizabeth Higgins), Ingrid Greene-Morgan (husband: Curtis Morgan) and Brendan Greene (wife: Patricia)
Nieces and Nephews: Lisa Sherman (adopted), Joan Murray, and Art Murray (male)
Cousins: Clara Maitland, Jeanne Morgan, and Brianna Greene
Children: None yet, unless her animals count
Grandkids: None yet

Current Pets: Quite the long list, of which include but are not limited to ferrets, parrots and other birds, cats, dogs, rats, hedgehogs, fish, chinchillas, a 3-horse family of a mare, stallion, and colt, and one monkey.


Skin color: Fair
Hair Color: Black
Hair length: Hard to tell since it’s so curly, but it comes down to mid-neck
Eye color: Blue
Size: 5’ 3”
Build: Petite
Lorelei  Maitland 600full-katie-mcgrath
[playby: Katie McGrath]


Crushes: N/A
Mates/Spouse: N/A
Status: Single and Available

-How I act-

Personality: Lorelei, or Lori as she prefers to be called, is a chipper and compassionate woman. Some may consider her slightly eccentric. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to a good friend or a complete stranger even if it means practically giving them the shirt from her back. Always willing to try something new one will never find her skirting away from change but rather diving in headfirst to check it out. Social is definitely a word that can be used to describe her, for when Lori is not amidst a throng of fellow humans she seeks the companionship of her many pets. Lori tends to call people she’s on good terms with ‘hun’ regardless of their gender or the strength of said relationship with this person.


Your Story Please?
Lorelei was born to parents George and Elenore Maitland, in the United States of America. She has two older siblings and one younger, all of which she did her best to care for when they needed her. Her childhood was largely uneventful despite the fact she was the product of two muggleborns. At the age of eleven she received her letter to attend Salem University. Lori had an excellent two years there, and was deeply saddened when her father’s job led them to move to England when she was 13. After relocating, Lorelei was transferred to attend Hogwarts and was sorted into Hufflepuff House. She wasn’t exactly a top-notch student, though did extremely well in Care of Magical Creatures and Divination.

Unsure what to do with her life, Lorelei has taken up several odd jobs, though primarily in the area of taking care of animals and children. Seven years ago the witch ran into fellow West Sussex resident Nicole Archer and her stepdaughter, Michelle Archer. It took a little while to gain the military woman’s trust but not long afterwards Lori found herself with the steady career of watching over the child while Nicole went to work in the evenings. And considering Nicole declared herself as not much of a cook... Lori has even taken to preparing the odd meal as a surprise so they needn’t order takeout.

Her favorite hobby is rescuing and/or breeding animals, and once healthy or old enough donates or sells them to the Magical Menagerie. That is, of course, assuming that Lorelei can part with them in the first place. Her home is practically one part human abode and one part petting zoo, and at one point had in fact once been a small farm.


Magic Specialty: Care of Magical Creatures
Favorite Spell: Anapneo

-Other information-
- Animals, obviously
- Seeing man/woman, wizard/witch, or beast in pain, sadness, or other suffering
- Desire to help people (also a strength, though has been taken advantage of repeatedly in the past)

- Hardworking
- Compassionate
- Fashion (or so she believes... has unique taste)
- Calming presence
- Gets along with nearly everybody
- General and veterinary medi-magic specialties
- Working with animals and small children
- Cooking
- Cleaning

Favorite Color: Loves them all, though is particularly fond of lavender or some other pale/pastel purple

Theme song: Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper

Lorelei  Maitland JulianNicole
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Lorelei Maitland
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