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Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: Sub

In Character

Name: Lilith MacDougal
Age: 33
Gender: Female
Blood Rank: Pureblood
House: Slytherin
School: Hogwarts
Career: Independent Potions Mistress (with a keen specialty for poisons); member of The Purist Society’s Inner Circle


(For family, just enter names and if there alive or dead please)

Parents: Alasdair and Candace MacDougal
Grandparents: Torcuil and Malvina MacDougal; Lucius and Edna Rookwood
Siblings: Lachina Nott (older sister, 37) and Leslie Macnair (younger sister, 30)
Aunts & Uncles: Sorley [married Elspeth] MacDougal; Megan (nee Rookwood) Wilkes [married Alexander], and Regulus [married April] Rookwood
Nieces & Nephews: Eve and Alexis Nott; James Macnair
Cousins: Carson MacDougal, Aaron Wilkes, and Lisa-May Rookwood
Children: Jericho (age 16)
Grandkids: None yet


Skin color: Fair
Hair Color: It varies anywhere from a light ginger to black
Hair length: Also varies, but generally long
Eye color: Dark brown
Size: 5’ 9”
Build: Somewhere frustratingly between petite and average
Lilith MacDougal Helena-bonham-carter-08

Lilith MacDougal Helena_Bonham_1


Crushes: Has an occasional fling with Corvus Darrow
Mates/Spouse: Samuel Avery (deceased)
Status: Mostly available

-How I act-

Personality: Lilith is a proud, seemingly unyielding woman who lives by her own rules. She is highly fanatical about the purity of blood and refuses to tolerate any muggle influences infiltrating her family’s lives any more than such things absolutely must. Despite the image of a sophisticated (and deeply-spoiled) pureblood princess, Lilith has no problems with bloodying her hands for the right cause – sometimes even doing so with wild abandon. Her levels of patience and temper are short, and in a state of the latter the woman is best left alone.

She has an unpredictable approach to life. Some things that ought to evoke a drastic response merely get a shrug while other (often small) infractions incur the need for swift retribution. Lilith prefers to go through life with a ‘take what you can, give nothing back’ attitude, unless there is a desire to be otherwise. She does not look back and second-guess her decisions nor hold any regrets about the paths she has taken in life.


Your Story Please?
Lilith is the middle child born to Alasdair and Candace MacDougal. Her older sister, Lachina, and younger sister Leslie were always in the spotlight, leaving little Lilith overlooked and ignored. It had been Alasdair and Candace’s hopes to have 6 children and give each of them a name beginning with ‘L’ and following with one of each of the vowels, plus ‘y’. They only got to ‘L-a,’ ‘L-e,’ and ‘L-i’ before Candace could not safely bear any more children. Lilith personally believes if they couldn’t pay proper attention to all three of the children they already have then they did not deserve to have even one more after Leslie. Lilith’s early life was spent vigorously trying to gain the attention of her parents, and their ignorance has caused her to become hostile towards her sisters. There is particular hostility toward Lachina, whom was fond of stealing Lilith’s childhood crushes for her own.

At the age of eleven Lilith received her letter to Hogwarts. Her parents were mildly impressed, but Lachina had done it first so there was no proud gushing or humongous party like there had been for the older girl. Instead she received little more than the pat on the head and a tiny gathering of relatives to congratulate her. How irate she had been when Leslie received the biggest party of them all... Upon her Sorting, Lilith was selected to join Slytherin House. She carried herself as a princess both at home and at school. At Hogwarts she did all she could to get attention of any kind, earning detentions, House points, and quite a few boyfriends along the way. During her Hogwarts years Lilith repeatedly attempted to join the Slytherin Quidditch team. However, she was inevitably denied for attending astride a thestral and refusing to mount a broom. Tryouts week often found the girl in a state of tantrum for a while after being refused.

When she was fourteen Lilith developed a hard and heavy crush on one Samuel Avery. He was a year older than her. By her next birthday she was certain she was in love. They decided to move in together once she was sixteen in a grand scheme over the summer holiday. Lilith snuck out one midnight, leaving her family a note, and never looked back since.

After completing her education at Hogwarts, Lilith went on the immediate fast track to earn credentials as a Potions Mistress. Ever since her early days she had been fascinated by poisons, and as she grew more knowledgeable Lilith sampled trace amounts of her work to build up an immunity to them. After all: with all the poisons around her it might be tempting for someone to try and off her with “a dose of her own medicine”. Meanwhile she continued to live with Avery without marrying him. Four years later, when Lilith discovered she was pregnant, the couple decided to marry before she started showing too much. The wedding was a grand event with many people in attendance. It was perhaps the best time of Lilith’s attention-starved life. Her in-laws didn’t approve of her much despite her pure blood, but that was largely to do with Lilith’s adamant refusal to submit by taking her new husband’s name.

A week after Lilith’s birthday the witch gave birth to Jericho, her son. He was so overdue the Healers decided to induce labor. Lilith has since fondly referred to Jericho as “my little sleepyhead” because of his off-schedule birth, and for such a little thing he was remarkably heavy. Samuel and Lilith doted on and spoiled the baby rotten, though talk never got around to giving the boy siblings.

Two years after Jericho’s birth, Samuel cheated on Lilith. Between her continuing education and tending to little Jericho the woman hadn’t properly suspected until their son was nearly five years old. It was a week before Jericho’s fifth birthday that Lilith returned home early, picking Jericho up from the nursery, to find her husband rather busy in bed with his lover. The other girl was long gone before Lilith could register thoughts of killing her, and the couple fought with the ferocity of a maelstrom.

On Jericho’s birthday Lilith arranged a special but small party featuring just the three of them. Before her son’s eyes Lilith slipped Samuel poison and waited for it to kick in before revealing it to her cheating husband, then cast the Cruciatus curse on him. As Jericho’s father writhed in pain from the curse and the poison wreaking havoc with his insides, Lilith explained to the child a rather long speech about love, loyalty, and betrayal. She also covered a primer on the Dark Arts and how the curse she used required of one to have a desire to cause pain. When Lilith tired of hearing her husband’s agonized suffering she killed him with a swift Killing Curse and sent the boy to go open his presents with an affectionate kiss to his forehead.

Lilith disposed of the body of her husband by posing his corpse and turning it to stone, then placed it off in a corner of the gardens to be ignored much like Lilith herself felt he had ignored her after Jericho’s birth. It is during this time that Lilith generated the pen-name ‘Medusa’ for her academic and other writings.

It was in 2038 that Lilith met a traveling wizard named Corvus. As it turned out, the wizard had heard of her young Potion Mistress status and was in fact seeking her wisdom. It didn't take much or very long for Corvus to charm his way into Lilith's favor, and a relationship was forged. Although the power she wielded over potions attracted Corvus to her, the wizard grew bored of her and the relationship diminished slightly. Now she is only occasionally that she receives a night with Corvus, and Lilith is actually quite fine with that arrangement even knowing he has other women over. In the event a more stable relationship is tossed her way Lilith may oblige, but there are quirks attached as well as a warning of possible jealousy directed at them via Corvus.
At present, Lilith is a member of Corvus's innermost circle within the budding Purist Society. She has recently encouraged her son, now 16 years old, to join the cause. The witch had tried to instill in Jericho the utmost respect Corvus deserved from them via fear, but during a private chat insisted that Lilith not push the boy so hard with the claim that admiration went further than fear. So far, she grudgingly realizes, Corvus was right.


Magic Specialty Potions and the Dark Arts
Favorite Spell/Potion: The Cruciatus Curse / Veritaserum

-Other information-

- Arrogant
- Quick-tempered
- Cynical
- Impatient (though is patient when it suits her)
- Violent when angered
- Claustrophobic

- Creative
- Tenacious
- Good memory
- Quick-witted and a quick thinker
- Deadly calm in dire circumstances

Favorite Color: It’s a toss up between black, scarlet, and green

Theme song: Strawberry Gashes by Jack Off Jill - click
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Lilith MacDougal
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