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 Sidney Royce Yates

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PostSubject: Sidney Royce Yates   Sidney Royce Yates EmptySun Sep 11, 2011 11:25 am


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)


In Character

Name: Sidney Royce Yates
Nicknames: Sid, Royce, Roy, Yates
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Blood Rank: Muggle (to his chagrin, for all of his siblings are Muggle-borns)
House: Did not attend Hogwarts
School: Attended Muggle colleges/universities
Career: Scientist/Researcher at Anubis Laboratories; various fields but with a particular passion for botany. Works in association with Mark Yaxley both in the laboratory and as a wizard/witch hunter.


Parents: Carlisle and Allison (nee Burroughs) Yates
Grandparents: Walter and Matilda Yates (paternal); Royce and Cordelia Burroughs (maternal)
Siblings: Raleigh (m; 42), Dakota (f; 38), Paris (f; 31), and Florence (f; 27) [spouses/married names not listed]
Aunts and Uncles: Denver and Regina Yates (paternal); Amber and Andrew Burroughs (maternal) [spouses/married names not listed]
Nieces and Nephews: TBA (That is to say that Sidney doesn't keep track)
Cousins: Adelaide and Victoria (paternal); James and Penelope (maternal) [spouses/married names not listed]
Children: None yet
Grandkids: None yet


Skin color: Fair
Hair Color: Gold-ish brown
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Light Blue
Size: 5' 9"
Build: Somewhere between lean and average
Sidney Royce Yates 600full-jesse-spencer


Crushes: None
Mates/Spouse: Phoebe Yates (nee Gardner)
Status: Happily married... for now (Phoebe is a Muggle-born witch; see below)

-How I act-

Personality: Sidney is a practical and logical guy (or at least he tries to be most of the time). You'll notice this probably just after taking in the lab coat, or within the first few minutes of speaking with him in the occasional instances he actually leaves Anubis Laboratories. So long as you don't catch him when he's busy, Sidney carries a personable atmosphere about him. Trying to "un-busy" him, however, is the trick... but it's not wholly impossible.

One interesting habit and talent Sidney has is the ability to mimic a variety of accents. His parents have been all around the globe and taught them to him. In particular, Sidney has been encouraged the most to speak with an Australian/British accent.

Even as a boy Sidney has had a passion for knowledge and logic, as well as a workaholic tendency. His parents often had to remind him to eat. Although the behavior follows neither practicality nor logic Sidney can be very finicky about things and foods.

Sidney's habit of being a workaholic has extended into his adult life. He will gladly work through lunch unpaid and all night if he must. This submerging into work is perhaps not as intense as that of his associate, Mark Yaxley, but it comes in as a very close second. While working Sidney is strictly focused on getting the job done and distractions are dealt with a monotone of indifference for as long as possible or until a moment frees up. He absolutely hates and therefore avoids leaving any task half-finished.

Due to the fact his muggle parents favored Sidney's magical siblings over the non-magical Sidney himself, the man has a deep-seated distaste and jealousy for magic-users on a large scale. It has caused many an argument between him and parents and siblings alike since his teenage years. If Mark Yaxley or other associates at Anubis Laboratories bring it up it is fine, but other than that Sidney generally does not wish to hear a word on magic. Ergo, he has done little to keep in touch with his immediate family other than his wife. Sidney has no idea he has been married to a Muggle-born witch for almost a handful of years.


Your Story Please? Sidney is the third child born to Carlisle and Allison Yates. Carlisle's family had started a tradition where when a mother-to-be was nearly due, the family would take a vacation and name the child after either the city or state/country they happened to be in at the time of the birth. And thus the tradition continued: Raleigh Yates, the oldest, was born in Raleigh, North Carolina. Dakota was born during a trip to North and South Dakota. Sidney himself was born in Sidney, Australia. Paris and Florence were born in France and Italy, respectively. Carlisle's family are British/Australian, and Allison's family are American with British, Irish, and French lineage.

His childhood was all well and good for a little while. As a toddler he watched with fascination as his elder brother and sister did magic to entertain him. When Sidney understood a bit better he couldn't wait for the day until he was able to do magic, too! His parents were all-muggle, but even still if his siblings had magic then surely Sidney too would also have magic. Right?


The years came and went with no progress on the front of magic. Two more siblings entered the fray, and before reaching the age of four could both perform magic as well. With no small amount of resentment Sidney realized he was the only child to be born just as muggle as his parents. It made him swiftly bitter. His parents did little to soften that resentment for they favored their magical children. Somehow Sidney was repeatedly overlooked until last. Events like that did things to young, impressionable minds...

Where he could not surpass his siblings in terms of magic, Sidney did manage to excel academically like no other sibling before or after him. His teachers thought it odd of Sidney that he would get all 'A's in his classes. Once Sidney reached high school and college he would occasionally even offer to write other peoples' papers for a fee, with guarantees that it would earn no less than an A-. It gained him quite a bit of attention by those desperately needing to bring their grades up and quickly.

During his college career Sidney was accepted to Cambridge University. Going into the sciences, Sidney chose several courses in Biochemistry, Botany, and the like. Within these classes the man found an interesting and just as academically-minded compatriot: Mark Yaxley. They worked together on many a project, one of which was of Mark's making - a cross-bred plant between a Venus Flytrap and a Venomous Tentacula. It was then he found out that Mark was a Squib: more or less a muggle born to wizard parents. Although their family situations differed, Sidney couldn't help but only notice the similarities. They couldn't do magic, but their siblings could, and they both seemed to feel like outcasts when around the rest of their kin. As Mark trusted very few people (with good reason, by Sidney's reckoning), it surprised Sidney that Mark entrusted him with a few specimens of his new plant. This bit of foresight proved useful, for the plant hybrid was quickly confiscated by officials.

After college, Sidney went his separate way for a time. He still pursued the sciences, but in that time also met and fell in love with Phoebe Gardner. Little did the anti-magic Sidney realize that Phoebe was in fact a Muggle-born witch... After a couple years of courtship Sidney asked Phoebe to marry him, and they were married in the spring.

A year into wedded bliss, Sidney's researching company laid him off. Lost for another career option to pursue, the botanist remembered something Mark had said about starting a laboratory. So, without delay, Sidney set out to find Mark and inquire as to any hiring opportunities. Luck was finally on Sidney's side once again: Mark hired him, and Sidney began his new job almost immediately.

It has been two years since then, and everything seems to be going well...


Magic Specialty: None
Favorite Spell: None

-Other information-
- Judgmental
- Intolerant to unexpected change, magic, and religion
- Sometimes insensitive
- Can't leave a project alone until it's finished
- Hates being interrupted for "no reason"

- Various disciplines in botany
- Innovative
- Patient
- Hard-working

Favorite Color: White
Theme song: TBA

Sidney Royce Yates JulianNicole
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Sidney Royce Yates
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