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PostSubject: Ethan Wright   Ethan Wright EmptyTue Nov 29, 2011 11:49 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: Sub

In Character
Name: Ethan Wright
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Blood Rank: Half-blood...-ish
House: None
School: Durmstrang
Career: Declares himself a “Gadgeteer” for the magical world. Works independently as well as at Dervish and Banges in Hogsmeade. Formerly worked in the Department of Mysteries, and as an Auror, but he doesn’t talk about that.

Other Notes: He is missing his right hand from the wrist down, wears a magical prosthetic (sometimes with a gadget attached instead of fingers) and covers where it attaches with an illusion charm or a bracer/bracelet of some sort.


Parents: Rigel and Joan (nee Steele) Wright; Divorced [Half-blood wizard father, Muggle-born witch mother]
Grandparents: Oberon and Elizabeth Wright; Benjamin and Helena Steele
Siblings: None
Aunts & Uncles: None that he knows of
Nieces & Nephews: None
Cousins: None that he knows of
Children: Zoe (4) and Orion (2)
Grandkids: None


Skin color: Fair to moderate tan
Hair Color: Brown-ish blonde (sometimes more of one than the other)
Hair length: Chin-length
Eye color: Brown
Size: 5’ 9”
Build: Wiry
Ethan Wright 600full-johnny-depp


Crushes: None
Mates/Spouse: Sonya Wright (nee Grimaldi)
Status: Available/Divorce-in-progress

-How I act-

Personality: Quiet until provoked, secretive, and perhaps a little eccentric or even slightly obsessive are a few of the best adjectives one could use to describe Ethan Wright. He is certainly personable enough and has a good sense of humor, but just like everyone else he has his quirks. One of such items one may find quirky is that despite his wizard status the man absolutely loves muggle technology. He also especially loves augmenting it: placing spells on it and improving the designs more or less. The Misuse of Muggle Artifacts issues don’t bother him any for he has no intention of any items of his making it into the non-magical world. And, if they do... the person caught with them is expressly informed that they do not know each other in event of interrogation. Ethan does not like being told what he can and cannot do in this or any regard. Most of the devices he owns are enhanced with magical power supplies instead of electricity or another source of fuel consumption.

Ethan’s passions include a good challenge and creating or fixing things. His stance on the current political climate is thoroughly neutral despite his lineage being less than pure, and will gladly put his skills to a task for the right price. All he wants to do these days is live his life healthily, happily, and in peace with his two children. Get him angry enough, however, and this almost pacifistic demeanor will vanish until he feels a measure of justice has been delivered.


Your Story Please? Ethan Wright was the only child born to the half-blood Rigel Wright and his muggle-born wife, Joan. His childhood was a rough one, as his parents had divorced when he was still quite young. Joan managed to acquire sole custody of Ethan, and as a child he remembers that they moved around a lot. The boy would have dreams of a man encased in shadow following him – sometimes these dreams were more like nightmares. Before Ethan was even old enough to attend a magical school he learned the reason for this recurring dream: Rigel eventually found him and Joan, and murdered the woman. Rigel gained custody of Ethan and modified the child’s memory.

When left to his own devices, Ethan quickly developed a passion for taking things apart and putting them back together again. The moment his father found out about this talent Rigel set his son to work fixing things about the house. He also taught the boy how to cook. As much as Ethan wanted to deny it, he had more or less become a servant to his father until the age of ten. A wizard arrived to their home to insist that Rigel send Ethan to a magical school. Ethan thought for certain that Rigel would not agree. To everyone’s surprise Rigel begrudgingly consented. His decision to send Ethan to Durmstrang was not one made out of debate of educational quality. Instead, Rigel had taken on a rather cruel mindset: Durmstrang would be far, far away from home, and the language barrier would almost certainly set his son up for failure. Ethan was sent to purchase his school things alone.

Although Durmstrang was located in a very cold place, it was perhaps the brightest point in Ethan’s young life. He was no longer forced to do everything and anything like some overworked house-elf. The summertime was the most difficult for Ethan because his father was often in a foul mood for the duration of the holiday. Rigel would purposely let housework and the like pile up around the house for Ethan to get to. Eventually, all the housework plus the classwork became too much for the young man. Without looking back even once the teenager ran away from home the summer he turned 16 years old, and fled to Hogsmeade. He acquired a part-time job at Dervish and Banges, which he loved. But he was still having recurring dreams from time to time. Ethan saw someone about that, and learned the new recurring dream was a modified memory trying to reprogram his mind to acknowledge the dreadful truth. Despite being so close to Hogwarts, Ethan spent his remaining year of school at Durmstrang. He tried to introduce a topic of interest – a field of magic he liked to call ‘technomancy’ – to the school as a potential new area of study. The proposal was laughed at by many.

Ethan graduated third amongst the top three in his class, and immediately went to train as an Auror for the English Ministry for Magic because of what happened to his mother. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it through the training his first time around. Deciding he might not be cut out for that line of work he next entered into the Department of Mysteries, and spent seven years as an employee there. It wasn’t long thereafter that he became bored, and once more tried for Auror in the hope that career path would lead to more excitement. He finally became one, and at the age of twenty-seven Ethan experienced two major changes: his promotion to the rank of Lieutenant, and his marriage to Sonya Grimaldi.

Ethan and Sonya were a delightful pair: always appearing quite happy and satisfied. It took them a few years before they decided to have children; and a few more years after that before they managed to conceive. Six years into their marriage they had a daughter, named Zoe. Ironically, after their first child was born it wasn’t that difficult to conceive a second time. Two years later saw the couple as proud parents of a baby boy: Orion Wright. However, this time was not all rosy like Zoe’s birth had been. Not long after Orion was born, Ethan lost his wand hand in a battle. There was no hope of reattaching the severed flesh; only prosthetic augmentation. There was the option of having a prosthetic hand permanently affixed to the stump. Ethan declined it in favor of making gadgetry-based prosthetics based on anything he might need: a robotic hand with screwdrivers for fingers or even scissors to replace his hand. He kept a fleshy-looking prosthetic as well that used magic to respond appropriately to tactile stimuli, for his family’s sake. All in all, things seemed fine...

On the anniversary of Ethan and Sonya’s tenth year of marriage, Sonya finally revealed her true colors. As much as she loved Ethan there were a couple of issues she couldn’t handle the change of. Most blatantly was the loss of Ethan’s hand: it bothered her greatly for a reason spurred purely by vanity. An underlying issue was the fact that Ethan had intentions to quit his well-paying job as an auror, and open up a gadget shop instead. Ergo, Sonya decided to divorce him. She and Ethan have joint custody of the kids for now, but the separation was far from amicable. They are presently in a battle for the sole custody of their children.

True to his intentions, Ethan did leave the Auror department. He decided to stick with a relatively simple job far away from the blatant gaze of danger, exploring his proposed field of technomancy while working at Dervish and Banges once again. Although he is the current proprietor, Ethan’s business is not solely about fixing things: for the right price he will design or build commissioned items, regardless of what political side his customer is on. In fact, one can often find Ethan working diligently on the next big project or experiment, a prosthetic hand with a strap attaching it to his arm that – to an outsider, anyway – appears to be little more than a bracelet or a bracer, the latter being employed to “reduce wrist strain” acquired in his line of work.


Magic Specialty Charms, Technomancy... magical prosthetic allows him a slight measure of psychometry
Favorite Spell: Reparo

-Other information-

Weakness: Can’t stand being told what to do, inherited violent temper, his children
Strengths: Resourceful, creative, persistent, can fix just about anything (a couple steps below MacGyver)
Favorite Color: Silver
Theme song: None at the moment

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