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PostSubject: Viktor Solberg   Viktor Solberg EmptySun Dec 11, 2011 9:57 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)


In Character

Name: Viktor Solberg
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Blood Rank: Half-blood (Werewolf)
School: Durmstrang
Career: Due to the fact that most will not hire werewolves, Viktor is self-employed in several little jobs...
- Primary Income: Tattoo Artist
- Secondary Income: Musician (occasionally seen playing music in the streets and hawking his albums)
- Hobby-Incomes: Artist (painting, sculpting, ceramics, etc.)


Parents: Oskar and Rebekka Solberg
Grandparents: Viktor and Adelina Solberg; Ragnar and Mathilde Steinmann
Siblings: Raphael Solberg [m. Isabel Prewett], Cara Milano (nee Solberg)
Aunts and Uncles: Ingrid (Solberg) [m. Viggo Falk], Egon Solberg [m. Zlata]; Isidore Steinmann [m. Nicolina], Otto Steinmann [m. Evaleen]
Nieces and Nephews: Wilhelmina “Mina” and Caleb Solberg; Lukas, Keith, and Amelie Milano
Cousins: Viveke Bjorklund, Gunther Falk (Ingrid), Angela Solberg (Egon), Marcello Steinmann (Isidore), Nadine Steinmann (Otto)
Children: Adopted daughter: Chloe (age 5)
Grandkids: None yet


Skin color: Pale
Hair Color: Auburn, but dyes it black
Hair length: Nearly mid-back, just a few inches off the shoulder
Eye color: Grayish-blue
Size: 5’ 11 3/4 “
Build: Thin, with some musculature
Viktor Solberg Tuomas+Holopainen+Tuomas2


Crushes: Aurora Holland
Mates/Spouse: Considers Aurora Holland his lifemate, hand-fasted for as long as their love shall last
Status: In a relationship with Aurora Holland

-How I act-

Personality: Viktor is a typically quiet and courteous gentleman. Some see this as shyness, others secretiveness, and more often than not it is indeed the latter. What this initially-detected pair of qualities really is, in fact, is an attempt at great calm and self-control. Beneath this desire for self-control is a strong-willed man with an intense desire to win against any and all odds that life might throw at him. Viktor is adept at evaluating the good and bad points in other people, possessing innate insight both naturally and through living his entire adolescence and young adulthood as a werewolf. Although highly passionate and often setting people with the most piercing of gazes, those who are friendly to Viktor would say he has a presence so soothing that simply standing near him settles the most harried of minds.

Speaking of those who are friendly to him, Viktor appears to make friends fairly easily with the assistance of his charismatic nature. He never forgets a gift or a kindness bestowed. The werewolf is also apt to remember for some time injuries and injustices done unto him and his loved ones. Loyalty and a sense of honor run very strongly through Viktor’s veins. He is protective and more than willing to lay down his very life if the cause and potential gains are worthwhile enough. It would seem that the only thing he does not tolerate is intolerance.

Viktor realizes that an intolerance for intolerance is rather contradictory, but that is simply a part of who he is. He hates discrimination and prejudice of any kind and will claim with no small amount of dramatics that it is what has chiefly poisoned the world he knows. Subjective self-contradiction is a common theme to Viktor’s person. From appearance compilation to considering himself patient yet occasionally jumping to the nearest conclusion if it’s logical enough, these little nuances can be spotted both blatantly or after some thought. Even more blatant are Viktor’s passions: art, music, and theatrics. He is also unafraid to try new things – including such things that most people would be terrified to attempt.

For all of Viktor’s patience and control, he does have a temper. The appearance of the former masks the latter. If just the right buttons are pushed he will lose it and require some time alone to cool off. It is this anger and a great resolve that allows him to fight tooth and nail for what he believes in. He becomes particularly agitated by werewolf prejudice and discrimination, or severe insubordination within his pack. Anyone foolish enough to seek his wrath had best find a very deep hole to crawl into: an angry Viktor will tenaciously cling to his goal, never stopping until he’s had his vengeance.


Your Story Please?

Viktor Solberg is the middle of three children born in Germany to pureblood Oskar Solberg and his muggle-born wife, Rebekka. Viktor has an older sister, named Cara, and a younger brother, named Raphael. Although the family is not a pureblooded dynasty, and by no means are they as wealthy, most of Viktor’s relatives live on the same estate. One could say that Viktor’s family situation is... rather unique. Those willing to marry into the family would do well to keep a very open mind.

Every man, teenaged boy, and a few of the women in the family are werewolves.

While the number thirteen may be considered unlucky for most, to the Solbergs and related kin it is typically an age of great importance. A Solberg-born male is thrown a very special party on his thirteenth birthday for it is the year in which they first become a werewolf – something viewed as a high honor amongst the “properly” raised youths of this line. They are allowed to choose which member of their kin shall bestow their lycanthropy from amongst only the most-controlled of members, to prevent the potential new wolf from being killed.

Due to the fact that a female werewolf cannot bear children, any female members that wish to rear children remain human until such a time when the desire to bear children ends or they become unable to produce further offspring. Instead the women of the family are taught how to make the ever-complicated wolfsbane potion as well as how to subdue and/or kill a werewolf, as a last resort. They secure the men during their time of transformation either by locking them in a large and well-fortified room or by a magically-created barrier outdoors so that they may hunt. Able-bodied boys younger than thirteen are also given this charge.

Needless to say, Viktor’s childhood was by no means a boring one. Lycanthropy, plus magic? As far as Viktor was concerned his family had hit the jackpot of awesomeness. The transformations, he’d heard, were painful. But, by the same token, everyone in his family was a werewolf. Why continue the painful tradition for generations if there wasn’t some sort of benefit to reap?

For the longest time, Viktor and his family lived in Germany. There was a strong sense of family and pack, though sometimes the feelings were interchangeable. Viktor’s parents decided to send him to Durmstrang when he finally turned nearly twelve years old, for his birthday fell after September the First. The first few weeks found Viktor largely isolated in this unfamiliar place, where bonds were nowhere near as strong yet as what he was accustomed to. Before the month was out however the lad had acquired a “pack” of friends.

When he returned to his friends after the Christmas break of his second year, a newly-made werewolf, Viktor hoped his they would understand the monthly absences as merely him being sick rather than riddling out the true nature of the “malady”. One of his friends, Julian Kaiser, was not so easily fooled. Thankfully, Julian was a tolerant lad and they became great friends... but Viktor never revealed to him the true nature of his family’s age-old tradition other than noting a few of his other relatives that were also werewolves. Other than this little omission there were virtually no lies between them.

There was one little snag to being a werewolf, Viktor found out. It was extremely difficult to get a decent-paying job. Although he qualified for many entry-level positions the employers willing to take the risk with a werewolf employee were few to none. Even his father, Oskar Solberg, who was a rising star so to speak in the realm of medicine (not to mention also a werewolf) could not help Viktor get his foot in the door of several establishments. How Oskar had managed to get where he was awed and frustrated Viktor.

At his wits end, the teenage werewolf decided that he would employ himself and be his own boss. The notion was a far more enticing prospect, anyway. Viktor loved art, and music, and began his own small tattoo parlor after some necessary training. During his evening hours he would write songs, paint, sculpt, or craft pottery. It was a decent little business. Viktor made enough money to live on, though saving up for luxuries was a little difficult. At least it was something...

[How he meets, falls for, and handfasts with Aurora Holland TBA]

As the magical world slowly grows more and more poisoned by blood supremacy, so too does Viktor's disposition sour against the political waves being made. Werewolves have always gotten a bad reputation, but if Vinzent Zolnerowich takes the Ministry... the English world will become unbearable. Unwilling to stand aside and watch, waiting to see how things play out, Viktor has begun to assemble a multi-clan pack of sorts. He chooses to lead them via his very young mate, Aurora Holland, on their rebellious path. It is Viktor's hope to make a better life possible for their brethren and other werewolves the world over.


Magic Specialty: Transfiguration
Favorite Spell: None

-Other information-
- Temper
- Hasty
- Occasionally contradictory (e.g. hasty, yet patient)
- Intolerant of intolerance
- Cannot stand the sight of someone suffering, particularly children
- Potentially too trusting towards other werewolves

+ Charismatic
+ Creative
+ Eclectic
+ Loyal
+ Patient
+ Musically inclined

Favorite Color: None
Theme song: Savin’ Me by Nickelback

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