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 Thomas Peregrine Quincey

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PostSubject: Thomas Peregrine Quincey   Thomas Peregrine Quincey EmptyFri Dec 23, 2011 3:15 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)


In Character

Name: Thomas Peregrine Quincey
Age: upon death: 30 years; to date: 260
Gender: Male
Blood Rank: Muggleborn
House: Hufflepuff
School: Hogwarts
Career: Former healer; presently a ghost at Hogwarts, but is not bound there


Parents: Thomas Quincey, Sr. and Katherine Quincey
Grandparents: Peregrine and Penelope Quincey; Bartholomew and Prudence Mason
Siblings: John, Adam, Riley, Martha, Katherine, and Christine
Aunts and Uncles: Several; too many to list
Nieces and Nephews: Several; too many to list
Cousins: Several; too many to list
Children: James, Benjamin, and Chelsea
Grandkids: Many; only lived to see: Emily and William


Skin color: Then: fair – Now: translucent
Hair Color: Then: dark brown – Now: iridescent greenish-bluish-brown
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Then: brown – Now: translucent brown (occasionally wears Pince-Nez eyeglasses)
Size: 5’ 9”
Build: Lanky
Thomas Peregrine Quincey Jon-Snow-nights-watch-24738574-1024-576
[Kit Harington]


Crushes: His wife
Mates/Spouse: Emma (nee Sutherland) Quincey
Status: Mutually Deceased

-How I act-

Personality: At his core, Thomas has a strong thirst for knowledge. It would have instantly placed him in Ravenclaw if it weren’t for his incredibly altruistic loyalty and unshakable work ethic. He can be a bit obsessive (and rather resourceful) about his eager quest for knowledge. Such a thing is what leads him to pursue further learning even beyond the grave, and causes him to be slightly nosy in the endeavors of the living. In life, and in death, Thomas has been known to be a bit too trusting. He has a genuine wish to help any and all that cross his path, even if it means that he might possibly be hurt in some manner down the line by them. Being the firstborn to a large family has taught him a great deal about patience and the need to share. For all of this niceness, however, Thomas is a bit headstrong when it comes right down to it.

One could say there was no escaping the elements of nature for Thomas. With his father a carpenter and his mother an herbalist, he was always around some form of plant life be it alive or dead. He loved Herbology at Hogwarts because it reminded him of his mother’s medical practice, even though his family practically shunned him after learning he was a wizard. As a ghost, Thomas is particularly touchy about the subjects of life, death, and age when it is clear that he is the subject being discussed. It was his fear of death that made him into a ghost. The wizard was also afraid of flight, in his living youth. It doesn’t bother him quite so much now, being able to levitate as a ghost.

Overall, Thomas is in some ways your typical ghost: halfheartedly longing for the life he lost, yearning to find peace in his death, and having long since lost the living’s perspective on time. Much like a person alive Thomas also believes that his journey is far from over and continues his search for knowledge and ways to apply the acquired wisdom to assist those in need: his calling from the very beginning. His past may have robbed him of pursuing that call in the flesh, but in death he will not be so easily deterred. Thomas has his moments of ill-temper and secretiveness like any other, and since dying has lost some of his trusting nature, but in general is not too much different than when he was alive. He can be hard to read despite being transparent (pun intended), yet is quick to read the wellbeing of others with varying success or lack thereof. The modern world, with the exception of medical advances, sometimes confuses him.


Your Story Please? Thomas was the firstborn child to Thomas and Katherine Quincey, in England, in 1785. He was the first son in what was to become a large family of seven children. Thomas Sr. worked as a carpenter. Katherine earned a modest income as an herbalist, and occasionally assisted as a midwife in the birthing of her friends’ children. Katherine was suspected of witchcraft due to her extraordinary knowledge of herbs, but was never brought in for questioning. Even when odd happenings around the home began – overlarge flowers sprouting up everywhere in the garden, and their modest stock of chickens suddenly plumed in garish colors – the family was largely left to its own devices. Little did anyone realize that it was young Thomas who was responsible for the odd things that happened around the house.

No explanation could be given for the occurrences. Thomas did eventually learn he was the cause, but was quite clueless as to what triggered the ability and why. It wasn’t until he turned seven (the age before it was changed to eleven) that he became enlightened: Thomas received his Hogwarts letter, and was met by a true wizard that explained the whole ordeal to him, his parents, and his siblings. The boy’s special abilities were regarded with wariness by his parents. They considered the wizard’s words to mean that their son was mentally unstable. Only Prudence Mason, Thomas’s maternal grandmother, gazed upon her grandson with a proud sparkle in her eyes. She never told anyone in her married family, or even the Quinceys, but the Mason line eventually went back to an era of pureblooded wizardry. The increased production of squibs and persecution of magic as a whole led to the suppression of magical knowledge, leading to the family’s “muggle-born” status of Thomas Peregrine Quincey.

Hogwarts completely turned Thomas’s life upside-down, but in a good way. He was sorted into Hufflepuff House. It was a wonder that the child was not placed in Ravenclaw due to his affinity for reading and learning. What counteracted this placement was his work ethic: the boy worked very hard. His favorite subject was Herbology, for its quality of reminding him of his mother’s medicinal practice back home. Many a night his housemates would find him wide awake and reading by wandlight. Thomas was not a very sports-y kid. It seemed the child was destined to be a scholarly sort. From the ages 11–14 Thomas apprenticed himself to the school nurse in order to gain practical experience as a Healer. Upon leaving the school in 1799, he only was required to complete two extra years of curriculum in order to become a full-fledged Healer.

The moment this extra schooling was done, Thomas was 16 years old. His parents nearly begged that he find himself a wife and soon. Instead the young man desired to travel the world in search of villages and the like that required a prominent medical presence. As he was of age in the muggle world, and almost that within the wizarding world, his parents could do little to stop him. Never having been very fond of flying, Thomas stuck to apparition, the Floo Network, and muggle forms of travel.

In two short years the wizard had done a brief tour of the world. There were many little villages indeed that required his services, and he helped them for a time while he was in the area. However, his heart went out to these people. In his mind there had to be a way to help them, somehow. Ergo, every time he found a village in need of a Healer, Thomas sent a letter to the healer’s academy to notify individuals like himself that were willing to make these ventures into places unknown to lend a hand.

His last place to travel to after just turning eighteen was Australia, in a small mixed community of magical and muggle people. It was here where he met the muggle, Emma Sutherland, who would eventually become his wife. Thomas was wed at the age of nineteen to sixteen-years-old Emma. He often referred to her as his ‘Sweet Sixteen’. Their married life was peaceful, though Emma was quick to conceive and therefore they didn’t have much time just to themselves before the firstborn child, James, came into the world. The happy couple would have two more children in the years thereafter: another son, named Benjamin, and a daughter: Chelsea.

It is often claimed that the good die young. For all of Thomas’s altruistic endeavors this saying can also be applied to him. During a drought in 1815, a band of raiders invaded the village seeking the help of a healer. They wanted to take Thomas with them, trying and failing to take him hostage. Tensions ran high. The raiders and Thomas and most of the villagers eventually came to negotiate a peaceful agreement: Thomas would accompany the raiders and remain with them for three days to see to the injured in the raider camp. At the end of the three days he would be allowed to return to the village, unharmed.

Unfortunately a trio of villagers didn’t like that idea. What if the village needed his help during the days Thomas would be away? The men confronted Thomas as he was packing a medical supply kit. Thomas was determined to leave and provide what help he could, but the trio insisted he stay. It soon became clear that no voice of “reason” from them would suffice enough to make him stay. As a last resort they tried to persuade him that leaving would be possibly treasonous, using aggressive posturing and absolutist language. Either Thomas was with the village, or with the raiders – to them he could not serve both. As Thomas was bound determined to help the raiders as per their agreement, the trio tried to put a little scare into him by way of beating on him a little. In the trio’s zeal and despite his pleas for them to stop, they murdered poor Thomas. They left him for dead in his shop, to be found by a raider and the village’s leader.

That is not the end of Thomas’s tale. In his last few moments and quite terrified of the notion of death, Thomas managed to come back as a ghost. His first manifestation is a little fuzzy in regard to time and place. However, he eventually learned that his family had reluctantly moved on without him. Emma remained a single widow for a few years. Her eventual death was ruled due to heartbreak. His family extended far beyond the grandchildren Emily and William to the point that even as a ghost it was difficult to visit them all. Thomas stayed close to his family, albeit in spirit, and occasionally haunted his old apothecary.

With the modernizing of the world, Thomas saw many of his descendents leaving Australia for parts of the world he’d only glimpsed. Some remained. It seemed that his spark of magic in life was not passed on to anyone. Hope sprung to Thomas’s ethereal heart when he discovered David Quincey was born with magical powers. The spectral wizard took great notice of this particular family member, but made no attempt to make contact. What use did David Quincey have for an ancestor long since forgotten by time?

At present Thomas Quincey’s ghost has taken up residence at Hogwarts. He continues his ghostly research in the Healer’s trade, and is by no means bound to the school. Occasionally he will go to Saint Mungo’s or other magical clinics to offer his spectral advice on medical matters that stump the living. At Hogwarts, one can find him roaming around near the Hufflepuff area, the library, abandoned classrooms he once had lessons in, and most especially at the Hospital Wing.


Magic Specialty: Herbology and Arithmancy
Favorite Spell: Aguamenti

-Other information-
Obsession with knowledge
Occasionally Nosy
Pacifist (can be prompted to action as a last resort, but isn’t much of a dueler)
Too trusting at times
Touchy about the topics of life, death, and age when he is the subject

Genuinely tries to be helpful

Favorite Color: None
Theme song: Book of Days by Enya

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Thomas Peregrine Quincey
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