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PostSubject: Ivy Crawford   Ivy Crawford EmptyWed Feb 08, 2012 8:27 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)


In Character

Name: Ivy Crawford
Age: 34
Gender: Female
Blood Rank: Muggleborn
House: N/A
Schools: Salem Academy and Cambridge University ((classmate of Mark Yaxley))
Career: A little of this, a little of that...


Parents: Bruce and Lillian Crawford
Grandparents: Harvey and Francis Crawford; Afredo and Irene Renaldi
Siblings: None
Aunts and Uncles: Wayne Crawford; Clark Renaldi
Nieces and Nephews: None
Cousins: TBA
Children: None yet
Grandkids: None yet


Skin color: Fair
Hair Color: Dark brown
Hair length: Mid-back
Eye color: Aqua
Size: 5’ 5”
Build: Slender
Ivy Crawford 936full-lyndsy-fonseca


Crushes: Had a rivalry/crush on Mark Yaxley at college
Mates/Spouse: None
Status: Involved with Mark Yaxley

-How I act-

Personality: Ivy is a woman who loves life, challenges, plants, and computers. She carries herself with the utmost confidence when at her best, and at times may seem a bit arrogant as a result. Living a life of luxury is one of her ultimate goals. Given her thirst for knowledge, sheer determination and dominant independence, that goal is sure to arrive on her doorstep one day.

In typical circumstances, Ivy is often only out for herself. However that isn’t to say she makes it obvious. The actress part of her that never had the chance to be developed does quite well when she has to be sneaky about it. If she risks anything for another person, they should consider themselves lucky. One has to have something exceptionally special about them for Ivy to even consider being so generous as to throw self-preservation at the wayside. That’s not to say that she can’t be kind and generous: Ivy is an amiable enough woman. She just chooses her battles carefully.


Your Story Please?

Ivy is the one and only child born to Bruce and Lillian Crawford. Bruce and Lillian are an American couple living in the state of Pennsylvania. Upon coming into the world Ivy was treated not less than one would expect of a princess. If her parents could afford it, Ivy was given whatever her heart desired.

Her world was turned upside down during her fifth year of life. The little girl came into her magical powers during the school day, and several officials from the American wizarding government had to step in to modify the memories of everyone at the school who had witnessed the feat. It was these officials who had the task of explaining the news to her parents. After that, Bruce and Lillian’s attitudes changed... They tried to discourage Ivy from performing magic by ignoring her every time something of the sort would happen. Unfortunately, their ignorance did little to diminish Ivy’s magical talent. Instead it grew stronger, and eventually the child was sent a letter to attend Salem Academy of Magic.

At first, her parents were adamant about not letting their child go to a magical school. A second intervention with a liaison to the magical world provided just the opportunity Ivy needed to get her parents to begrudgingly allow her to go. There was a catch, however: instead of taking vacations during the summer like her friends, Ivy would need to take private lessons with a tutor regarding “muggle” fields of study. Ivy hated her tutor. She didn’t want to learn “muggle stuff”. Her tune only changed slightly after the tutor introduced her to computers. Learning everything she could about the muggle device, Ivy decided that there was indeed an appeal to having a wide expanse of knowledge... even if she didn’t care much for certain teachers.

Much to Ivy’s dismay her parents were never proud of her magical accomplishments – only her muggle ones. They cared little that she nearly earned straight O’s at Salem, but there was a loud and proud uproar every time she would receive an A+ in Math or History. This pattern continued on until Ivy graduated. Her parents had great plans for her, and after taking out considerable loans they managed to send their child off to Cambridge University. Ivy played along with it to see what she could learn, even though her sights were set in the magical world. While at Cambridge she met two particular gentlemen: Mark Yaxley and Sidney Yates. Ivy tended to refer to them as “Marcus” and “Sid” respectively, and had made rivals of both. In short she was quite a nuisance: infecting their computers with viruses to slight sabotage in any subject they shared. Throughout the years there, Ivy refused to admit she was slowly developing a sort of crush on Mark. It was dreadfully one-sided.

In due time she earned her degrees, and her parents couldn’t have been prouder. There was a grand graduation party held for her at their home. However, Ivy was now interested in pursuing a magical field of study a bit more thoroughly. She had been using magic during the entirety of her college years. Why not go into further magical studies next? It was during this party that one of her invited friends made a comment that some of her best accomplishments seemed to fit together “like magic”... perhaps the worst phrase one could ever use around Bruce and Lillian. After the party was over her parents confronted her. Ivy admitted to them that she had indeed used her herbology skills to earn top marks in Botany, as well as other magical skills to succeed in other courses. True to previous form, Ivy’s parents became enraged to learn of this new information. They believed Ivy had cheated her way through school. As a result of their anger and the following, terrible argument, Bruce and Lillian disowned their only child and demanded she move out of their home. Ivy didn’t have very much of her belongings to pack as she had only recently returned home. After a hasty re-packing, Ivy stormed out of the house in an emotional wreck and refused to look back.

Nearly penniless, Ivy hadn’t a clue where she would go. None of her muggle friends would really understand the situation, and she had fallen out of contact with many of her friends from Salem. In the end she decided to use her last bits of money to buy enough floo powder to return to England. She also bought a very small meal and purchased a room for the night at The Leaky Cauldron. Ivy sold many of her possessions which carried no present use, such as furniture and excess clothing, in order to purchase a modest place to live. Despite her qualifications the muggleborn has great difficulty finding a job in either world. Down on her luck and with money trickling out of her pocket quicker than she could replenish it, Ivy attempts to scrape by however she can. This includes trying to pickpocket one Ian Elessar, among others.

Attempting to pickpocket Ian Elessar turned out to be a mistake, but also a blessing in disguise. Unlike her other targets Ian knew precisely what she was doing, and put a stop to it before she could properly close her hand around the wallet in his back pocket. Instead of turning her into the proper authorities he instead spoke with her at great length. She told him that she was practically fresh out of college, had some family problems back in America, and came back to England in an attempt to make a new life for herself despite having hardly enough money to support herself. Ivy explained she’d been trying to look for a job but has had poor luck, and as for her living accommodations they weren’t that great either since being kicked out of her old place. Ivy attempted to not give him too many details since she didn’t quite trust him. However, he managed to come up with an idea for a good-paying job via a contact of his needing a good hacker, and helped her find a place to live. In due course they formed a casual sort of relationship.

While working for Ian’s contact one day, Ivy snatched up a copy of the muggle newspaper and rifled through it while some files were being downloaded. A single ad caught her eye: a place known as Anubis Laboratories was hiring. Ivy decided that she could do hacking on the side and work at this lab without any problems. A bit of extra money never hurt anyone...

Words could not adequately explain Ivy’s surprise when she realized Mark and Sidney were more or less the people in charge of the lab, and would require being interviewed by one or the other in order to get in. It was like trying to pull teeth to get Mark to consider hiring her on. In fact, her first attempt didn’t work at all. So, still determined to get a job, Ivy pretended to leave Mark and Sidney to their business. Instead, she went to a different part of the lab and infected Mark’s entire computer network with a virus of her own making. With a smirk on her face the witch left the laboratory.

After several days, Ivy received a phone call from Mark. Mock surprise dripped from her voice as Mark explained in brief his reason for calling was for her to remove the virus. Ivy happily returned and with ease demonstrated to Mark how to remove the virus for good. Ivy couldn’t keep the grin off her face when she was told she was hired. A couple of weeks into her new job, however, Ivy began to notice that her old crush on Mark was starting to crop up once again at the back of her mind. Knowing the way Mark typically is and not wanting to potentially risk her job, Ivy has learned to suppress most of her feelings for the grouchy eccentric. However this does not stop her from randomly arriving with food and coffee for him at mealtimes or breaks, and providing a blanket when Mark falls asleep at his computer.


Magic Specialty: Herbology, Arithmancy, Ancient Runes
Favorite Spell: N/A

-Other information-
- Desire for acceptance
- Loved ones
- Luxury and extravagance
- Chocolate
- Money (wants more of it – who doesn’t?)
- Arrogant/overconfident
- Selfish
- Risk Taker

- Herbology/Botany/Gardening
- Computer sciences
- Sleight-of-hand
- Can be hard-working
- Is able to “make money stretch” if she must
- Wandless magic / dueling
- Independent
- Charismatic
- Patient (in most things)

Favorite Color: Navy blue
Theme song: Dirty Deeds by Joan Jett (cover of Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by ACDC)

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