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PostSubject: Rosalina Castio   Rosalina Castio EmptyTue Jun 05, 2012 6:14 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Gender: Girl

In Character

Name:Rosalina Castio
Age: 35
Gender: Woman
Blood Rank: Werewolf
School: Hogwarts
Career: Teacher


Your Class: Used to Teach Defense against the Dark arts as her specialty. Knows the other subjects well enough to teach the basics.
School: Used to teach at Hogwarts before she was turned, now teaches the children of the werewolf pack.


(For family, just enter names and if there alive or dead please)

Parents: Esteban and Amanda Castio
Legal Guardians: Carol and Harrison Walker
Grandparents: Amalia and Lucus Castio, Elisabeth and Shawn McAuley
Siblings: None
Aunts & Uncles: Carol Walker (Nee McAuley)
Nieces & Nephews: None
Cousins: Melena Walker, Lucas Walker
Children: Christopher (12) and Clara (9)
Grandkids: TBA


Skin color: Light, tanned
Hair Color: black
Hair length: Vairies, Shoulder length to long
Eye color: brown
Size: 5, 8
Build: Fit and slim
Picture: Rosalina Castio Catherine_Zeta-Jones-1


Crushes: Lyle Westbrook
Mates/Spouse: Nazario Achillies (Divorced) Lyle Westbrook
Status: Handfasting to Lyle Westbrook

-How I act-

Personality: Rosalina is a cheerful woman, though has a firey temper that gets even more firey once full moon rolls around. She has alot of passion of all that she does, which includes teaching the various subjects of magical education to the werewolf community. She is a person of instinct and impulse.. she does what she believes is right and doesn't apologise for it. Granted if she makes a mistake she will admit she was wrong and try to make it right.. it is a miracle to get her to admit it. She loves to learn and teach others the more they know the more the more power they have.


Your Story Please? Rosalina was the only child born to Esteban and Amanda Castio, She was their last chance for a child for Amanda had trouble conceiving and time was not on there side.. They spoiled the little girl as much at they could. Her father worked with magical creatures at the local creature habitats for study, he was away quite a bit, but he worked very hard. Her mother Amanda was a muggle and worked as a nurse at local hospital once Rosalina was older and in school. Her parents always tried their best to be home for dinner, and special holidays. When She was 8 family received word her mother parents had been killed in England, Her mother wanted to go there and sort out there affairs, and find out how they died. They were told by the magical authorities they had been killed but Wizards in a Anti Muggle group... Her parents were shocked by the news, it was her father who purposed they stay and make sure who ever did this came to justice.. So they moved to England and worked with the ministry to try and uncover the identies of the people who killed there relatives.

Soon Rosalina turned 11 and was accepted into Hogwarts School which she was sorted into Gryffindor after much debate from the sorting hat who wanted to put her in Ravenclaw. She had wanted Gryffindor since they seemed more fun. Rosalina did well at hogwarts for the most part, she loved getting into trouble though and was often in and out of detention with her friends for getting to fights with other children.

She returned home that summer and her father was certain he was closer to figuring out who killed his wife parents, yet he seemed nervous to, and he even had her and Aunt and Uncle come and stay with them for safety reasons.. This made her confused and nervous but she was only 12 and believed everything would work out in the end. She has just went back to started her 2nd year at hogwarts when news reached her that her parents were gone.. taken and never to return. In the blurr of everything she barely comprehended it, she was Adopted by her Aunt Carol and Uncle Harris.. After the shock wore off Rosalina was angry... and hateful at the world for taking her parents away like any child would be.. once she returned to Hogwarts her trouble making escalated and she didn't know what to do with her self other then feel angry at anyone for anything. Picked fights with the older years and pushed her friends away.. More often she was in the hospital wing when she picked a fight with more then she could handle and had no friends to back her up. Eventually she was suspended and sent home, until she sorted out her grief in a more healthy way.

Her Aunt had no choice but to send her to counselling, she sat in on it of course.. She didn't trust to leave her emotionally hostile niece with a stranger..

Eventually Rosalina got herself under control mostly, her temper was still close to the surface though and any insult about to her family got it fired up.. But she managed to not to push friends away and focused a bit on her school work like her parents would have wanted her to...

Rosalina stayed true to this method and made rather good grades in school, as she started figure out what she wanted to do with her life. Teaching surprisingly turned out to be something she was good with.. she was great with children she was told and her grades were outstanding so she started school to be a teacher and continued more specialised study to be a professor. She taught basic's to young children part time, and studies Defence against the dark arts.. Giving the situation with and issues going on in the Ministry of Magic... with purists and other changes she simply didn't like she thought might be a good idea...

One day she met Nazario Achillies while on vacation in her home town in Spain, she had a good time with him, he was the son of a Wizard who got lucky in the upcoming civil war in England... But he was very sweet, and seemed to know what a young woman liked.. A year or two went by and Rosalina finally got a professorship for Defence against the dark arts and started teaching at Hogwarts part time, taking the 1-3 years while the other professor to the older years. Not long after that Nazario asked her to marry him, and she accepted without hesitation. Months later they were married. Despite tensions between her mother in law and her, the wedding was beautiful and they had the honeymoon in Venice... It was the new year and quite cold, but warming spells and a charm to keep the snow off them it was beautiful as well. Married life was well for her and Nazario, she worked a Hogwarts most of the day and had much work to do after.. but they made married life that much more exciting in her opinion.. And it was perfect..

As the years went by Rosalina was happy even happier the day she found out She was pregnant, Months later they has a healthy baby boy who they named Christopher. Their little boy seemed to what was needed to help the strain on the relationship with her and her Mother in law... Christopher looked just like his father and his Grandmother was the first person to snatch him away and spoil him when they came for a visit.. which she really didn't mind.. that was what Grandmothers were supposed to do.. She did wish her own mother and father could have been there and gotten to know them.. But her Aunt Carol and Uncle Harris were just as loving in there own right.. and their daughter Melena was always eager to babysit.

So all in all things was wonderful, she and her mother in law weren't at eachothers throats... or maybe it was just a trouse for the child's sake, but it still worked to a better world. The years continued to pass and Rosalina kept a wary eye on the world outside as war continued to rage with the resistance and the purists... she would have liked to join the fight... but some part of her wanted to live a normal life if she could... for her children and family... Being in the resistance was to unstable for them remain together.  As it turned out it was the right choice for she readily announced she was Pregnant again, and several months later they had a baby girl who they named Clara, who actually looked a combination of her grandmothers... to her secret delight has her maternal grandmothers eyes and nose. Clara as predicted was a fiesty girl, having gotten her temper from her paternal Grandmother and mother.. Her father knew just how to calm her though.

Things were well again for the family for a few years until something rather unexplainable happened.. Something Rosalina herself would be confused about for years to come.. She remembers nothing on how it happened but one night she went to sleep and the next she woke she was in St. Mungo's and in pain in her shoulder and covered in a number of bruises and cuts.. her husband had only minor injuries and her children were not hurt at all... but none of them remembered what happened. The most shocking thing of all  was that in that time of no memory she had been bitten by a werewolf... and was one now herself.

This news devastated her family and her in laws went in to a up roar, It was after her first time transforming, that Nazario files for divorce and custody of the Children claiming she was no longer safe to be with the children. She was enraged by this claim and betrayed beyond words... after all those years of actual pleasant marriage and it was over... because she was not longer fully human..  She fought the claim saying there was no way she would ever put her children in danger... that she was not a danger to them.. anymore then when she was before she was bitten.. If her fight in the courts wasn't enough, her "dear" mother in law told everyone on the school board and the parents she knew what she was and she shouldn't teach at the school anymore either... If the school had been run properly like it used to she might have had her rights protected... but the favour of the Board was not in her side and she was fired..The courts weren't on her side either... and she was denied custody.

However one day she was able to talk with Nazario alone and he agreed to let see the kids on arranged days... so long as they were safe...

So Rosalina could see her kids but no longer had a job.. or a husband and she was alienated by all the people she knew once again... She stayed with her Aunt and Uncle until she was able to get back on her feet and figure things out...

One Day she heard about a group of there Werewolves fighting to make a life for them selves... Since life standards for known werewolves got lower with everyday Rosalina sought them out.. and talk with one of the packs Alpha's Viktor Solberg, asked all the questions she could think of of how they lived, and what the pack was like. Finally once all her concerns were answered she asked if they needed a teacher or a fighter and asked if it was alright if she joined them..

She did in fact join the werewolf pack and for the first time she didn't feel alone or alienated in anyway... She loved life in the pack.. Granted she missed her old life, her kids and family... but considering how things looked there for a bit... she felt much better now back teaching and around people who understood... heck even more then she did..  


Magic Specialty Defense against the Dark Arts
Favorite Spell: Lumos Sollim

-Other information-

Weakness: Impulsive, Temper, Cigarets
Strengths: Cheerful, Passionate, Good with Kids
Favorite Color: Indigo
Theme song: La Isla Bonita

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