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PostSubject: Artemis Aquila   Artemis Aquila EmptyMon Jul 16, 2012 2:42 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: The Amazing Lustre
Age: One and two decades
Gender: Not Male
Note: I am slightly sleepy and I want my internet to work properly

In Character

Name: Artemis Aquila
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Blood Rank: Pureblood
House: (was a) Ravenclaw
School: Hogwartain
Career: The Fury Assassination Squad
Animagus: Falcon


(For family, just enter names and if there alive or dead please)

Parents: Artamus Aquila and Paula White, Galeus Goyle (stepfather)
Grandparents: Alshain Aquila and Lyra Silvertongue,Quentin White and Vanity Cook
Siblings: Cheshire
Aunts & Uncles: None
Nieces & Nephews: None
Cousins: (Distant cousins of) Corvus and Cygnus Darrow, Columba Mars
Children: None yet
Grandkids: Nada yet


Skin color: Pale
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Blue
Size: 5’1”
Build: Petite
Picture: " border="0" alt="" />


Crushes: Anyone fit and crazy
Mates/Spouse: Nada
Status: Singles

-How I act-

I suppose you could say Artemis is a bit mad. Artemis is smart, there is no doubt about that however, she seems to use her mind after, a shot before asking questions kind of gal. She’s rather selfish and unpredictable. She cares for no one and acts accordingly. The only people she seems to ‘care’ for are her fellow Furies and her cousin and benefactor, Corvus. She will guard them with her life. Though, that isn’t saying much for anyone who knows Artemis knows she doesn’t exactly hold her life in the highest esteem. Not that she’s suicidal or anything, but she is rather reckless in the way that she fights. She’s not one to avoid pain, even one to let herself to be cut up and beaten just for kicks. Then when her opponent thinks they’ve got the upper hand, she strikes, and strikes true. Her alleged 'recklessness' is how she finds control.

She immensely enjoys bring physical pain to people. She enjoys the carnage and the screams. She looks like an innocent little girl but don’t let that fool you. She will kill you as soon as you come too close.


Your Story Please?
Artemis’ father died when she and her sister, Cheshire, were very little. Her mother, Paula, remarried a man who embodied the very nature of ‘evil’ stepparent in storybooks. Like in a storybook manner, Artemis’ mother died soon after. In finding that Paula had left everything to Artemis and Cheshire, Artemis’ stepfather created a convoluted plan to get the family fortune. He was to kill the girls and make it look like an accident. However, all did not seem to go as plan. Artemis, in an attempt to save her sister had magically lashed out on Galeus. The full grown wizard had only just managed to save himself with a powerful shielding charm but unfortunately, Cheshire was killed.

This put Artemis in a rage of guilt and inconsolable rage landing her in St. Magnus – an asylum and female correctional facility in the isles of Scotland. This facility wasn’t your average insane asylum however. The ‘Healers’ in charge took a very unconventional approach to their patients. They seemed to think torture was the best way to ‘cure’ their charges and that’s exactly what they did. Headed by a sadistic and greedy opportunistic wizard, Maddox, the asylum also offered ‘volunteers’ for human test subjects to a branch of secret ministry wizards wanting to develop horrible spells to use as weapons.

It was soon evident, that Maddox seemed to have a particular liking to Artemis. She was after all, a rather pretty little thing. Maddox had decided one night to have her – a big mistake on his part because Artemis had managed to repeat the accidental magic that killed her sister but this time, killing Maddox and this time, no remorse was felt. Before anyone could figure out what had happened, she escaped the horrid asylum.

Being expelled out of Hogwarts after only one year of learning, because of her rather – controversial situation, Artemis had nowhere to go to. Her family was dead, while going to her stepfather spending her fortune as best as he could. So she headed to the streets where she managed to pick up all she could on magic use from some rather unscrupulous wizards – but hey, a girl would take whatever she could get.

That is, until Altair Aquila had decided to take the girl under his wing. Galeus had announced to everyone that both of the girls had died that night. The fact that Artemis was indeed alive had not been revealed until Altair had Seen her and finally after a bit of searching, actually seen her. His gut feeling seemed to warn him against the child, but he paid it no heed. He saw, what everyone saw, Artemis wanted him to see in her blue eyes – a defenseless little girl with no where to go.

However, the little girl had died when her sister had died. Artemis was different now. Killing Cheshire had broken her, St. Magnus had replaced her with a monster. However, the monster that lay within only stayed in slumber for a short while. Altair had not seen the full extent of what Artemis could do but he knew he had to be very careful with his new charge. Too careful perhaps. Artemis had sensed Altair’s hesitance and decided he was holding her back. When confronted, Altair had confessed he did not want her to become his grandson. That night, Artemis had left him, and went to find her cousin, Corvus Darrow.

A year later, she became a Fury.


Magic Specialty Charms
Favorite Spell: Pugiunculus (Charm that summons several little daggers that can be thrown to an opponent)

-Other information-

Doesn’t like authority
Her sister

Efficient in the art of Katana
Rather skilled at charms
Skilled martial artist

Favorite Color: Navy Blue
Theme song: Army of Me, Bjork

Artemis Aquila Corvus10
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Artemis Aquila
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