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 Eowyn "Piper" Voclain

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PostSubject: Eowyn "Piper" Voclain   Eowyn "Piper" Voclain EmptySat Jul 21, 2012 3:15 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: KD

In Character

Name: Eowyn "Piper" Voclain
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Blood Rank:
House: N/A
School: Beauxbatons
Career: Fury #3


(For family, just enter names and if there alive or dead please)

Parents: Hyacinthe and Arwyn Voclain
Grandparents: Elessar and Regina Voclain; Richlieux and Isabelle Lachapelle
Siblings: Joachim, Ghislaine
Aunts & Uncles: Jeanette, Sylvaine, Ludovic (Lachapelle); Gervais (Voclain)
Nieces & Nephews: TBA
Cousins: TBA
Children: Wyatt (2), Phineas "Fin" (Future)
Grandkids: None


Skin color: Pale
Hair Color: Blonde, though tends to change on whim
Hair length: Short- Pixie Cut, though may change on whim
Eye color: Grey
Size: 5'6, 5'9 with heels
Build: Slender, but curved due to motherhood

Eowyn "Piper" Voclain Jena-malone-rocket-sucker-punch2

Eowyn "Piper" Voclain 14-1


Crushes: Azrael Drake
Status: Involved with Azrael Drake

-How I act-

Personality: Although "Eowyn" stands as her given name, "Piper" is the named used by many to address this woman. The nickname was one stemmed from when she was a little girl with a supreme chattiness failure to "Pipe Down" when asked of her. Even now, many years later, the nickname has stuck, as well as the chattiness. Despite a rather gruesome line of work, Piper is one of the more optimistic, and bubbly of the lot, always out and about with a smile on her face, eager to talk to anyone. Even her victims encounter this witch's chattiness. It isn't uncommon for the witch to engage her prey in a vibrant conversation, killing them in close quarters in a slow and agonizing manner, very much akin to the phrase "talking them to death". She holds few, if any, secrets, typically seeing no real need for them and will give her honest opinion often, even if it is not asked of her, in a blunt, open manner.

While she is as merciless as any of the other Furies in her killings, she certainly has potential and capabilities to care. She sees her fellow Furies as sisters and therefore is keen on all of them getting along harmoniously, often taking it upon herself to be the mediator if and when conflict arises. With the family she has formed with Azrael Drake, much loyalty, adoration, and affection is invested there, possibly to the point where if she was asked to dispose of any member of her family, she would be unable to.


Your Story Please? Piper's story begins on a cold winter day in Paris, France when she was born to Hyacinthe and Arwyn Voclain, the second of what would eventually be three children. This order of birth would be a key foundation for Piper's character, for as the middle child she would often grow up being the mediator between her brother and sister and learn the value of communication and sharing thoughts and feelings in an effort to solve a problem. Incidentally, it was also this that sprouted up the nickname "Piper", thus sticking to her identity forever.

Despite being a Pureblood family, the clan was on the lower end of the socio-economic totem pole. Hyacinthe was a Ministry worker while Arwyn ran a Dressing Shop of modest means. The family lived on a very tight budget, living paycheck to paycheck while the parents struggled to put food on the table. Luxuries ranging from clothing and toys were often secondhand, if not wholly denied to the children, an aspect of life that would sharply impact Piper as she grew older. Despite the knowledge that her parents were doing all that they possibly could to provide for their children, Piper would never be able to accept not being able to have what she wanted due to money.

Just as her Mother and all the other female members of her family had before her, Piper was soon enrolled at Beauxbatons. Her time spent at the school was pleasant enough. Her talkative and charismatic disposition allowed her compatibility with just about anyone she crossed paths with and she made friends easily, but because of her family's modest means, Piper tended to keep to herself more often than not, out of shame for her second-hand books and clothing. However, this attitude towards her family's status served to be a double-edged sword, for although it kept her within a shell, of sorts, it also served to motivate her further within her studies so that she may obtain an occupation with a salary that would provide her with the comfortable lifestyle she sought. It paid off as Piper excelled in her subjects, particularly Transfiguration, the Dark Arts, and Healing Studies, and was accepted into the Auror program.

It had never been Piper's plan or goal to follow the path she choose. In fact, it may even be argued that the path chose her, following her and haunting her until she gave in. She had started her career as an Auror for the rewards it offered: both morally and financially, with leanings moreso on the latter. However, when opportunity arose giving Piper a chance at even better financial gain at the relatively small price of botching a mission or two, Piper's allegiance went to the highest bidder, and she learned that morals were not up to the mind or heart, but rather the size of a wallet. She went from becoming an Auror to a Fury, under Lord Corvus.

It was during these missions as a Fury that Piper came across Azrael Drake, a wizard who, like her, provided his combative services for a price. The two hailed from different backgrounds but shared enough similarities to come together and form a casual, though lasting, relationship. It wasn't long before Piper discovered that she was pregnant, much to the suprise and delight of both her and Azrael. While she had never contemplated the idea of having children, Piper couldn't help but be excited and eagerly await the birth of their child. Not wanting to put any stress on the child, Piper decided it was in her and the baby's best interest to retire from her career as a Fury, and thus she left the team, looking forward to the "happily ever after" she was sure awaited her and the little family she and Azrael had formed. Five months later, Wyatt was born, though the couple soon realized that "happily ever after" was anything but their's...

Piper had just finished feeding Wyatt for the evening when she noticed the baby was turning a horrific shade of blue: he had stopped breathing. She screamed at the top of her lungs and the couple rushed their baby off to the Hospital where Healers informed them that the baby had been poisoned. Although the Healers had managed to stabilize the infant, the poison that was coursing through his veins would only worsen his condition until death claimed him. And without knowing what the poison was, there was no way to safely provide an antidote.

Terrified of losing her newly-created family, Piper did the only thing she could think of: hurry over to Lord Corvus and beg for aid. Her then-raven hair fell messily around her face, black-make up fell with her rapidly cascading tears as she went to his feet, on her hands and knees, pleading for him to help her son. And help the boy, he did. With a snap of his fingers Corvus handed her a phial and told her to give it to the boy's healers. Sure enough, within the hour, Wyatt's condition had improved and the poison was dissolved by the antidote. Out of sheer gratitude for saving her son, Piper rejoined her Fury sisters in Corvus' service.

She never knew of the true cause of her son's poisoning...

At the present time, Piper serves as the third Fury, handling any and all missions Lord Corvus gives her. Although life is busy containing both her work and a now-toddler Wyatt, Piper is quite happy, content with her career and her home life with Azrael and their son, and has no complaints with the hand life has dealt her.


Magic Specialty Transfiguration, Dark Arts, Healing Spells, Disguise-Work
Favorite Spell: Bombardo Maxima to blow up; Immobiolus to freeze

-Other information-

-Tends to be rather bossy
-More trusting than is safe
-Empathy; has emotional attachments
-Fears Hardship, especially financial


Favorite Color: Magenta
Theme song: I Have a Right By Sonata Arctica; Maid of Orleans By Dark Moor
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Eowyn "Piper" Voclain
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