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 Valkyrie West

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PostSubject: Valkyrie West   Valkyrie West EmptyWed Aug 01, 2012 7:18 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: KD

In Character

Name: Valkyrie West
Age: 33
Gender: Female
Blood Rank: Half-blood
House: N/A
School: Durmstrang
Career: Former Transfiguration Mistress at Durmstrang; Current Shopkeeper at Borgin and Burke's, Specializes in "Personal" requests.


(For family, just enter names and if there alive or dead please)

Parents: John and Meri West
Grandparents: Johanna and Markus Korpela; Donald and Christina West
Siblings: TBA
Aunts & Uncles: Tuomas, Kirsten, and Nathalie Korpela; Nicholas, Henry, and Jasmine West
Nieces & Nephews: TBA
Cousins: TBA
Children: None Yet
Grandkids: None Yet


Skin color: Pale
Hair Color: Naturally dark, though upon exile has transfigured hair to blonde 
Hair length: Shoulder
Eye color: Blue
Size: 5'6
Build: Average
Picture: Valkyrie West Dormer


Crushes: TBA
Mates/Spouse: Ivan Luzhin
Status: Separated; Available 

-How I act-

Personality: Blunt would be the first word to come to mind when browsing through words to describe Valkyrie West. This is a witch who has no taste or time for beating around the bush or hesitation, and nothing irritates her more than those who speak in circles, shying away from the truth. Being a natural pessimist, Valkyrie expects the worst out of life and people and is quick to point out faults and flaws of others and surroundings, and as she does so carries onward with no hesitation whatsoever. As a result of having such an attitude, Valkyrie finds what she expected to see: the worst of a person, for she is blind to potential and possibilities and has her gaze locked on the present and what is. As a side effect of this pessimism, Valkyrie also lives out in and driven by bitterness, desiring and imagining any and all opportunities of vengeance against those she believes have wronged her. 

Despite the embittered aspect of Valkyrie, however, is potential for loyalty and friendship. Although she is not one prone to forgiveness loyalty lingers onward should it never be broken by betrayal. As a firm believer of 'Acta non verba', she will never speak of feelings or affection, but her continued presence and support will always display what her words will never reveal. It is only a matter of someone being able to see the value of her actions rather than depending on her words.


Your Story Please? Valkyrie's story begins when a young witch and wizard met from opposite sides of Europe: John West from England, and Meri Korpela hailing from Finland. John had been an Ambassador for the Ministry and had met Meri at a ball celebrating the Finnish Minister's birthday. Their meeting had a bit of a fairy tale air to it, for it had been love at first sight, with marriage occurring not too long after and Meri's discovery that she was pregnant. However, this fairy tale lacked a key component: a happily ever after.

Somewhere along the way, John had managed to cross paths and offend an underground Werewolf pack, and thus provoked a need for retaliation against them. Despite the group's fury though, their target was not John himself, but rather someone they knew would cause the greatest pain should she be harmed: Meri, John's pregnant wife. Meri had been taking a walk along the shores of their beach home when she was attacked by three of the men. Despite her condition, no mercy was bestowed and it was not long before John had sought out his missing wife, finding her near death in a pool of her own blood soaking the sand. The healers did their best, but to no avail. Meri was dead before even arriving at St. Mungo's. With luck and devotion, the healers were able to rescue the near-full-term fetus, however when John learned that the child had contracted lycanthropy from the attack, he made it very clear that he felt the child would be better off dead. It would not be until years later that Valkyrie would cross paths with the Father who abandoned her and thank him properly for his abandonment. 

Orphaned by a dead Mother and a fleeing Father, Valkyrie was raised by her maternal grandparents, Johanna and Markus who took their granddaughter to Finland, raising her there. Unlike the child's father, the grandparents treasured the child, regardless of the condition, and did their best to care for her as normally as possible. She was named 'Valkyrie' in hopes of becoming strong and rising above the discrimination that society would, no doubt, inflict upon her as she grew older. For now though, they allowed their grandchild to hide, concealed in her innocence of the cruelties of the outside world.

Despite all of their love and efforts, however, there was little the grandparents could do when it came to society and society's views. Originally, Johanna had wanted to send Valkyrie to Beauxbatons, for that was where she and Markus had met and married. Unfortunately, upon learning of the child's condition, the school had refused to admit her, forcing the two to send her to Durmstrang, where their granddaughter's innocence rotted into awareness and resentment of the outside world.

Relatively speaking, Valkyrie had been one of the luckier ones when it came to lycanthropy. Durmstrang had been not only welcoming but also accepting of secrets. In all of her years at Durmstrang it was never known aside from a few select individuals such as the school nurse that she suffered from lycanthropy, thus devoiding her of the typical discrimination faced by students. Unfortunately, however, when it came to choosing friends and companions, Valkyrie fell into the wrong crowd, forming friendships and alliances that would shape the direction her life would ultimately go.

His name was Ivan Luzhin, a wizard and Dark Arts Professor twenty years her senior. Despite the age gap between Professor and Students Ivan was close to many of the older one's and could often be found in the common rooms amidst the gambling games, partaking in the alcohol and cigarettes the students snuck in. It had started innocently enough with casual conversation, light flirtation amidst their goblets of wine, but it was not long before an affair began between student and professor. It was through this intimate relationship that the two discovered that they shared the same ailment of lycanthropy, and thus a stronger union was formed between the two. It was not long before Ivan introduced her to his pack, the Myortvyjies, and deemed her his mate.

After her graduation the two carried on their relationship, eventually marrying in a small, private ceremony. She furthered her study on transfiguration, serving as a student and apprentice to various researchers in the field, before eventually joining her husband on the Durmstrang staff. By this point Valkyrie's grandparents had died, both peacefully from old age, and thus the witch looked to the pack as her sole kin, serving and establishing what she thought would be lasting bonds. At least, until she learned of her husband's treachery...

She had entered his office one day to meet him as was their normal routine during the school days, only to see him entangled with another, right there on top of his desk. Valkyrie could not discern what was more painful, the fact that her husband was cheating on her -from another woman from the pack, no less- or that he wasn't the least bit remorseful about it. In fact, when she confronted him about it after forcing his mistress to leave, regardless of the current state she was in, he acted as though there was no reason at all for her anger, claiming that the woman was no more than a "passing whim", whom he, as the alpha, was more than entitled to enjoy. Angered and hurt, the witch bit her tongue but opened her bed for her own lovers to come hither. If that was the game her husband wanted to play than so be it, she would enjoy the pleasures of another's flesh as well.

Unfortunately, her thirst for vengeance left her blind to the repercussions. She had underestimated her husband's power and overestimated her value within the pack. While she had formed close relationships with many within the Myortvyjies their affection for her was overshadowed by their loyalty to the pack and Ivan. Perhaps they sympathized with the pain of a scorned wife, but they loved their alpha more, and thus sided with him. When Ivan found out his wife had her own plethora of lovers, his fury was unprecedented and, just as his wife had done, he sought his own vengeance. By claiming her infidelity was treason and betrayal against him, and therefore the pact, he had his wife exiled, stripped of her significance and ties to the pack, thus isolating her. His tactic of isolation went a step further when her medical condition was "leaked" to the Governors of Durmstrang, thus terminating her position as Professor in the school. Despite her attempts to plead for her life and post, she was denied and left without both husband and career.

Uprooted from the life she had known for so long, Valkyrie returned to England, feeling the conditions were far too dangerous to remain within the realm of Eastern Europe, for who knew what Ivan's thoughts were. Currently she is working at Borgin and Burke's as a Sales Associate, of sorts, pondering where to go from here...


Magic Specialty Transfiguration; Charms
Favorite Spell: Bombardo

-Other information-

-Has a mindset prone and keen on revenge and getting even, regardless of how trivial the situation is.
-Anger rises easily and quickly, and lingers.
-Does not forgive or forget
-Headstrong and unyielding to fulfilling goals/desires
-High tolerance for Pain
-Speaks mind freely with no hesitations or sugar coating
-Surprisingly open-minded. Despite pessimistic nature, has the potential and ability to be swayed, should the argument be strong enough.
-Listens more than speaks
Favorite Color: Grey
Theme song: When the Lights Are Down By Kamelot
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Valkyrie West
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