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 Liara Lightle

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Wizarding ID Card
Name: Liara Lightle
Blood Rank: Half-Blood
Career: Minister of Magic

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PostSubject: Liara Lightle   Liara Lightle EmptyWed Apr 27, 2011 1:10 am


Out of Character (tell us just a bit about you outside RP)

Gender: female
Note:Is up for making Siggie requests

In Character

Name: Liara Lightle
Gender: Female
Blood Rank:Half Blood
School: Hogwarts
Career: Minister of Magic ~ England


(For family, just enter names and if there alive or dead please)

Parents: Cassandra Lightle(nee'Rosier)Michael Lightle
Grandparents:Laura Rosier and Richerd Rosier
Siblings: None
Aunts & Uncles: Daniel Rosier
Nieces & Nephews: none
Cousins: Sara Rosier
Children: TBA
Grandkids: N/A


Skin color: Healthy pale
Hair Color:Brown
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Brown
Size: 5,6
Build: petite
Picture:Liara Lightle 50412_21935584205_8211585_n


Crushes: None
Mates/Spouse: Ex-fiancé Gage Hall
Status: Together with Gage Hall

-How I act-

Personality: Liara is openminded, and mild-tempered it takes alot to make her angry. She is friendly around other people and makes firends easily. She is ambitious, and lives for the idea she can change something in the world. Although she does almost anything to get her goal finished, including lying and bribing others to acheive her ends. Though she insists her goals are for a greater good in the wizarding world. In the end she means well.. she just doesn't care what she has to do to do it.

She is loyal to those she trusts, and a kind person when not in her Role as minister or in the puplic eye.


Your Story Please?

Liara was born the only child of Cassandra and Michael lightle. Her father was half and half in terms of blood and raising, his mother was a witch and his father was muggle. His mother taught at Beauxbatons and his father was a muggle school math teacher. Liara's mother Cassandra is a Pure-blood from the Rosier Family, once known for supporting a Dark lord Named Voldemort. Now no more of course.. But she was still raised in a pure-blooded house. Learning magical theory at a young age and for years longing to attend Hogwarts. Liara's parents couldn't have been more different but it had been love at first sight and less than a year after they met they were married in a small muggle church and only their closest most trusted friends attending. A year after their marriage, Liara was born.

Liara was a sickly baby after she was born, having spent much of her first year of life in a medical ward. After she was allowed to return home she soon got her parents wrapped around her little finger, especially her father who spoiled her rotten. Liara's Paternal grandparents loved her dearly as any grandparent would, Her mothers parents, sometimes it was hard to say, when she went to visit them she had to be in her best behaviour or have to help clean dishes with the house elves. As Liara got older she managed to act the part of a perfect granddaughter to both sides of her family, adorably sweet to her fathers side and prim and proper to her mothers side, and it seemed to keep the piece. When Liara entered school she first attended Beauxbaton's Academy of magic, a par her Rosier grandparents suggestion. She was a greet student and was loved by the teachers however with the love of the teachers came the hatred of the her jealous classmates. She was called the Rosier Princess as a nickname and she knew it wasn't particularly affectionate. Nearing the end of her 4th year at the French school it seemed the tension between her and the other girls in her grade snapped. She was cornered by the group and cursed into unconsciousness when she awoke she had a black eye, a large biurse on her forehead and her brown hair had been shaved off. Humiliated she returned home, and her father had her treated by a private healer. The healer said she had been lucky, and only physical harm had been done to her, and no harm was done by magical means only muggle.. however her father was furious and had her pulled out Beauxbatons Academy, and transferred to Hogwarts school.

Once in Hogwarts she was sorted into Slytherin and there she flourished, most of her classmates were like her do your work well and please those in power and in return you will get power. She made many friends in Slytherin, even got her first boyfriend named Adam Kendle. She did however unlike some of her classmates like to keep the piece with the other houses, weather that meant telling many white lies or not and she was master of telling white lies.

By her graduation she was one of the top in her class and about to enter the working world. It was suggested by her head of house she try for a political job at the ministry as she had all the qualities needed to survive the Politic's of the wizrdarding world.

And that was planned to do, the following few months after her graduation she went to the muggle world and took a course in political science. That same year her long time serious boyfriend broke up with her when tensions over muggle relations started to run high. While liara pretended it didn't bother her it had... that someone she thought she loved would up and leave her over something so pointless... in her mind anyway. It bothered her so much about the issue of the muggle world she wanted to do something about it. With that goal in mind she start her ambition to become Minister of Magic before she was 30.

She graduated from her political science program when she was 21 and hence began her career at the ministry and on the Fast track to the ministers office. She found wizards compared to muggles were horrible politicians one could always tell when they were lying... or if they weren't lying they had no idea what they were doing.. Liara built up campaigns and made many firends in the wizengamot. Until one day she got her chance, she was 27 and the was a opening in the running for Minister. She lost however to a older man Terren Onyx, and old sinister man if she ever met one who believed the only way to stop the oncoming war was to take all the magic out of the of magical talent born to muggles. After one year in office however a vote of no confidence was called the ministers favor, that he only had his one personal wants in mind and none for the people of the wizarding world so he was demoted from the Minister position. And the position was offered to Liara, who accepted of course.
She had done it, become the minister of magic, but then she realized it was only the beginning. The wizarding world was on the edge to civil war breaking out and there were only afew talented people holding the peace.

liara was a busy woman for her first year as minister, notably there was case in court that took alot of her time and it was big. It was discovered someone was planning to assassinate her along with the other ministers from France and the USA. Luckily they caught the assassin sent to kill her she had used herself as bait as wards and guard stood near by. After the man was arrested she went to talk with him personally at Azkaban. On the way she saw an Auror beating up his prisoner from the look of it and using an unforgivable. She was going to turn him in for doing something so entirely against the law. But the Slytherin politician in her gave her a different Idea, use this as blackmail and have her own personal Auror do the work that she needed done for the case.

First she asked him if he wanted to keep his job, when he sneeringly told her yes, that was all she needed to hear, pleased she got his agreement she left and talked with her would be assassin..

As the weeks passed Liara knew her Auror, Gabriel Hall hated the fact she held power over him and his attitude towards her was cold.. she couldn't blame him she supposed. After three missions she sent him though they were all done extremely well in fact she even held a bit of respect for his skill. After getting to know him despite his cold attitude she discovered he had a love of potions. She wondered often to herself why he became an Auror when he loved potions so much. Hoping it would turn the resentful Auror around she had the potion division in the Auror department made and suggested he be the head. It Surprised her the change it had on him, even though it had been her intent to turn him around, he started acting kindly to her and even brought her a gift, a pendant she had wanted, a hand carved one.. it had been one of a kind. Somehow things between them changed again, they grew closer and to the point they could be considered a couple. It was a shocking realization she was starting to love Gabriel, or Gage as she had started calling him.

One day she received a memo for her to go to Azkaban Prison for some important matter to take care of. When she arrived she saw Gage at a piano and he started playing, forgetting their location she was entranced with his playing and his blue eye looking at her. After he finished playing he asked her to Marry him. For once she didn't think about it, and she said yes. Oh she wanted to marry him with all her heart.. However perhaps she should have thought about it first...

Months later Gage went missing on a mission, at first she thought it was nothing, Gage was just taking his time working it out like he usually did. But as the days passed his captain declared him missing in action and his sister Theresa even expressed her worry and even turned to the wireless to offer award for his safe return. She had no choice but to admit she was worried and that something was very wrong. Despite the objections for her safety she took a squad of Aurors and had a spell preformed on her engagement ring a spell that would lead them to Gage, wherever he was. Finally they found him, tortured and quite out of it. His leg seemed to be in real bad shape, worried for him she summoned a group of healers come to the scene and do what they could for him on route to St. Mungo's. The Healers did their work and did it well considering the damage done.. He would have to use a cane for the rest of his life but at least he could still walk. And that made her ever more relieved.

She had never seen him so heavy hearted the day he had to resign from the Auror department, she hoped after the wedding he could find something that brought him the same fascination.

Then the day arrived there wedding day, and she was a unusual bundle of nerves and it didn't help when her mother came into her dressing room along with her Grandparents asking her if marring Gage was the best thing for her and the world she led. Her Grandfather showed her a news clipping, of people thinking she was siding with the muggle mergings faction. It seemed she couldn't do anything without someone thinking it was Political turn. Heartbroken she told her mother and Grandparents to leave. She placed a bottle with a small clock in it on her dressing room table as an apology to Gage. Tearfully she apperated out of the Dressing Room just as the music started and her would be cue to start walking down the isle.

She cried and burned much of the Daily Prophet papers she could find for making her wedding day the worst day of her life. Later that evening she gathered up her nerve and flooed over to Gage's house hoping he was home even though he would answer any calls. She found him working on something and he sent her a cold remark much like he had when they first met about the chapel being the other way. She felt horrible for leaving him, how betrayed he must have felt.. how hurt.. and it was all her fault. Somehow she kept her tears at bay and explained her actions and how she wished it didn't have to be this way. She still loved him so, but the wizarding world was bigger than both of them. He seemed to accept her reasoning and seemed more angry at the people then at her.. But it was hollow comfort, she still knew it was her fault and she would try and make it up to him somehow some day.

She felt her world become duller when Gage became more distant from her, she even worried when he floundered in his new various jobs. She wondered why he didn't go to the medical area of potions in St.Mungo's but wasn't sure whether to say anything, was it even her place any more she wondered?

If her personal life wasn't complicated enough her own job was becoming a living hell tensions grew higher and higher between muggle born and the rest of the world. she herself kept in contact with the muggle prime-Minister. Who still insisted that revealing the magical world to the general public would cause a panic and nothing would go over well. There were even a few more assassination attempts on her life. One spell even it and left a scar going down the length of her right arm. Yes the magical world was a dangerous place for her.. or any politician.

At least she had some happiness in hearing Gage finally got the brilliant idea to work St. Mungo's and even started working on getting his potion masters degree. Seeing he was happier she hoped she could be back in his life again. To protect herself spells had been placed up around her house to prevent anyone from spying or trying to kill her. Sometimes in the dark of night she would floo over to Gages wanting his company. He was more then welcome to come to her place as well.

Years passed and the wizarding world still teetered on the edge of war, there were days she felt fustrated.. as to why people couldn't see reason? She felt pulling her hair out sometimes.

She still felt happy for Gage when he went to work at Hogwarts however, Potions professor, a job she was certain brighten her loves life. That brought some comfort at least..


Magic SpecialtyCharms
Favorite Spell:Alohomora

-Other information-

Weakness:Workaholic, Dishonest,Unpredicable
Strengths: Determined, Charismatic, Openminded
Favorite Color: Blue
Theme song:Respect

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