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PostSubject: Axel Cross   Axel Cross EmptySat Dec 29, 2012 6:41 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: Sub

In Character

Name: Axel Cross (was born “Alexander Cross”)
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Blood Rank: Half-blood
House: N/A
School: Salem Institute
Career: Fence/Con artist


Adopted Parents: Marvin and Phyllis Cross
Birth Parents: Father unknown; Rita Buckley (whereabouts and status unknown)
Grandparents: Unknown
Siblings: Birth – none; Adoptive – Aaron Cross (22)
Aunts & Uncles: Unknown
Nieces & Nephews: Unknown
Cousins: Unknown
Children: Benjamin “Benji” Cross
Grandkids: None yet


Skin color: Fair
Hair Color: Medium golden brown
Hair length: Medium (though often wears his hair medium-long)
Eye color: Dark blue
Size: 5’ 9”
Build: Lean, with musculature
Axel Cross 600full-nikolaj-coster--waldau
[Nikolaj Coster Waldau]


Crushes: None at the moment
Mates/Spouse: Tanya Cross (nee Crewe)
Status: Widower / Single and Available

-How I act-

Personality: Axel appears to be a fairly laid back, patient wizard. He doesn’t believe much in hard work. In fact, the hardest work he does is to scheme his way out of doing anything laborious. Although he comes across as trustworthy, his motives should be questioned. He has no remorse when it comes to the theft involved in his profession, particularly if the victim was wealthy. On the flipside, Axel avoids the poor because he knew what it was like to be in their shoes when he was a runaway from home. He is a very proud man, refusing to beg for help even in the most dire of circumstances.

To have his respect is to have a friend for life unless he is betrayed. Axel is not one to brawl out in the open, instead preferring stealth and the element of surprise. His short, explosive temper causes him to violently lash out at the smallest flicker of anger. In a fight situation it is not so much bravery but anger that spurs Axel on. The wizard is a bit selfish and will save his own skin 95 percent of the time. That remaining five percent is reserved for those closest to his heart: people he would protect with his very life.


Your Story Please? Axel, born as Alexander, was given up for adoption as a newborn by his biological mother, Rita Buckley. No one really knew much about her other than she was little more than a vagrant and had vague symptoms of addiction. He remained at the orphanage until he was four years old, when he was adopted by his first foster family. They only kept him for a year before taking him back to the orphanage for stealing, lying, and terrible temper tantrums neither foster parent could handle.

Alexander was in and out of the foster care system until he was nine, when Marvin and Phyllis Cross took him in. Phyllis had had difficulties conceiving a child, and so they had decided adoption was the best route. Regardless of the boy’s flaws, they said, they would raise him as if he was their own. Living in America meant that Alex would take his schooling at Salem Institute. His first year went off without much of a hitch, but from Second Year onward there were troubles. Theft, bullying, manipulation, and even forging his foster parents’ signatures on important paperwork began to slowly crop up. One small part of these rebellious moves was due to Phyllis giving birth to a boy whom she and Miles named Aaron. This, of course, shifted the attention from Alex and onto Aaron.

Alex’s teen years were turbulent, featuring many arguments with his foster parents and attempts to run away. His bullying and crime sprees got worse, and he began swindling classmates out of their money by selling amulets and such “guaranteed” to aid in the acquisition of a good grade. At the age of fifteen he managed to break away from his foster family. He got in with a crowd of questionable witches and wizards from the criminal underground to keep him hidden, but he was little more than an urchin. The following year he managed to convince one of his new “friends” to help him in the quest to change his name from Alexander to Axel.

With a good starter set of a thief and scoundrel’s skills, Axel made his way to England and proved his usefulness to a wizard named Bryn Crewe. The man was better known as Bryn the Jeweler, or just “The Jeweler”. Axel was taken in under his wing, allowed to stay in Bryn’s home, and basically became one of the family. The young wizard helped Bryn rise to prominent wealth, and assisted other associates in the Underground. At the same time Axel acquired his own considerable wealth. Axel was finally in a family he felt he belonged to: they didn’t scold or yell at him for anything he did wrong, and in fact often performed the exact same acts of forgery, theft, dealership, and so on.

Getting caught sleeping with Bryn’s only daughter was a completely different matter, however. Neither Bryn nor his wife Natalie liked the idea, but they put up with it. Axel and Tanya never officially married, but they did have a son together: Benjamin. Axel always called him Benji. Despite the entire family living a life of crime, Benji grew up in a loving and supportive home. Only occasionally was Axel jailed for his crimes, and they were never very long sentences with the help of people on the inside. He hoped the kid never noticed his brief but frequent absences.

While doing an important job for an influential family, Axel was caught and the client’s family implicated in the crime. The hiring individual’s relatives that remained on the outside disposed of Tanya and little Benji, and those family members in the prison tried to attack Axel. Upon being released after a two-week jail sentence, Axel was devastated to learn what had happened to his budding family. He began to drink heavily to drown out the pains of his failures and sorrows. This habit hasn’t changed in the ten years since it happened, with exception to the continued aforementioned stints in jail.

As of the present, Axel is in Azkaban working off a five-year sentence for a conglomeration of minor crimes.


Magic Specialty Charms
Favorite Spell: Alohomora

-Other information-

- Impulsive
- Alcohol (he can’t say no)
- Proud/stubborn
- Deceptive
- Selfish
- Bad temper

+ Charismatic
+ Intuitive
+ Resourceful
+ Loyal to respected individuals
+ Well-connected (in the underground criminal system, anyway...)

Favorite Color: Black
Theme song: Bottle of Wine by The Fireballs

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Axel Cross
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