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 Audrey Bishop

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PostSubject: Audrey Bishop   Audrey Bishop EmptyTue Feb 05, 2013 5:06 am

In Character

Name:Audrey Bishop
Age: 33
Gender: Female
Blood Rank:Pureblood
School: Hogwarts
Career:Ministry of Magic, department of research


(For family, just enter names and if there alive or dead please)

Parents: Levi and Morgan Bishop
Grandparents: Dominic and Alexandra Bishop/Tristan and Caroline Lévesque
Siblings: None
Aunts & Uncles: Austin Bishop
Nieces & Nephews: none
Cousins: Madelyn Bishop
Children: None
Grandkids: None


Skin color: Cream
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Blue
Size: 5,7
Build: Slender
Picture:Audrey Bishop Charlize-Theron-1
Other: Has numerous scars on her body from mistreatment.


Crushes: Lycurgus Blake
Mates/Spouse: TBA
Status: Divorced, Currently single and looking to seduce

-How I act-

Personality: Audrey Bishop is a manipulative, flirty, violent, selfish and determined person. Has a thirst for power and would stop at nothing to get it. Well almost nothing, if she truly finds someone she loves she can be selfless if she deems them worthy of her sacrifice.

When angry Audrey is violent. simply as that, she will hit anyone if they are in range and not paying attention. however it takes alot to make her angry enough to show it. She can be very judgmental though, people weaker then her disguest her. Though she lets children get away with it since they are still growing.. Other adults however if she feels you don't pull your own weight your arn't worth anything.

Will pretty much flirt with anyone confident and good looking so long as she is sure you are at least a half-blood. If she really likes you she will even try to seduce you. Once seduced, watch out she might even love you and be angry, sad or hurt she won't leave you unless she is told to leave.
(subject to be changed)


Your Story Please? Audrey was born to Levi and Morgan Bishop, She grew up in a wealthy but cold and dark house hold. Her father was very strict and handled her disapline to the extremes, from curses to long hours of lectures. Her mother wasn't was bad and encouraged her to strong and brave through her punisments and to try and do better next time. Audrey learned fast and tried her best in her lessons to meet her father expections and there were sometimes her parents were actually satisfied and treated her like a princess for a time. They taught her never to be weak and show the world who was boss or she would be made a victim by her own fault.

Thing continued along those lines til she was 10 and she noticed her parents getting into fights alot more often. And each time they got worse to the point her father knocked her mother out. He caught her watching and simply told her "This will not be you when your big eh kid?" she promised her self it wouldn't be, that she would be powerful and tough.. No pain would stop her from anything.

When she went to hogwarts she was a brutal student, worked hard to get the top grades, but made sure to make friends with the other purebloods in the school. By the time she was in her 3rd year she was having alot of fun her year, the right people were afriad of her and of course she got into fights with the goodie goodies.. but even she knew not go to far she would face expelsion. In her 5th year she got her first boyfriend, althrough it didn't last long after he met her father and he was scared off. She had been ashamped of her boyfirends cowardice and her father let his disaproval of her choice show. She fought with her boyfirend the next day and it ended in a fight in her being roughed up and him being sent to the hospital wing. She was more cautious of the people she brought home after that. After she graduated she went to work at the ministry, she was well aware of the war going on and she sided with the purits in everyway, though did jump to join them exactly she was hesitant to be ordered about by the lord of them Corvus.

She studied magical power in her time in the ministry and how it could strengthened even though she wasn't supposed to she used what she found out for herself and she practiced wandless magic on a daily basis til they were as effective as wand based spells, she craved the thrill it gave her and she dove into the forbidden arts on how to strengthen herself. She eventually married a man after a year or so of dating. However after years of marriage and violent fights her husband filed for divorce. just to be difficult and she made his divorce as expensive and as drawn out as she could. After that she started feeling more adventurous and explored the idea of joining the purits at long last. And so she ventured to Edan the headquarters of what was their world now and sought to join if only to see what would happen since she had nothing to loose and much to gain then.


Magic Specialty Dark Arts
Favorite Spell: Cruico

-Other information-

-Violent temper, When made angry
-Hard working
Favorite Color: Dark Green and Brown
Theme song: TBA

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Audrey Bishop
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