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Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: Sub

In Character

Name: Jasper Campbell
Age: 65
Gender: Male
Blood Rank: Werewolf
House: N/A
School: Salem Institute
Career: “Works” as a communal chef at Viktor’s werewolf encampment, cooking meals and snacks or whipping up drinks to share with the rest of the pack; relies on pack contribution or grocery retrieval requests. Also gets the occasional commission for making cakes (in any shape or size) via owl order.


Parents: Deceased (killed by werewolves)
Grandparents: Deceased (killed by werewolves)
Siblings: Deceased (killed by werewolves)
Aunts & Uncles: None that he knows/remembers
Nieces & Nephews: None
Cousins: None
Children: Mariana Campbell-Hunt (33)
Grandkids: Tanya Hunt (6)


Skin color: Brown
Hair Color: Black; graying with age
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Brown
Size: 5’ 9”
Build: Wiry
Jasper Campbell Morgan+Freeman+01
[Morgan Freeman]


Crushes: None at present
Mates/Spouse: Emma Driscoll (separated)
Status: Single

-How I act-

Personality: Jasper carries with him an aura of level-headed peace and good humor. It is a rare sight to see him truly angry, unless one counts any nearly-defiant silence on his part to be anger. Even with his biological family Jasper has been a sort of peace-keeper. He listens well, gives advice when and where he feels it’s his place, and does his best to encourage when someone is upset. Some have gone so far to say that Jasper has empathic abilities; Jasper just shrugs and merely says that he “knows people”.

It’s the simple things in life that bring Jasper the most pleasure: good food, good music, and good company. Money is a necessary evil, as are the skirmishes that Viktor leads against the Purists and other discriminatory actions against werewolves. Jasper is largely a pacifist until the fighting is brought directly to him. If he sees someone in danger or otherwise heckled by one of the younger and cockier wolves, one can bet that Jasper will leap into action to protect the “victim” at any cost. This has caused some to consider him something of a mother-hen in constant worry over the flock. Jasper simply laughs it off.

Jasper’s number one passion is cooking. He has learned with the preparation of food that the best meals cannot be rushed. As a result, he attempts to curb displays of impatience. The conclusions are typically mixed, for one of Jasper’s own faults is his inner impatience with things.


Your Story Please? Jasper was the oldest child born to halfblooded parents in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States. His modest family home and several others in the same village were ravaged by werewolves in November of 1990. His parents, grandparents, and siblings were all killed in the attack. A task force of hit-wizards arrived and killed the werewolves before they could make a proper snack out of the ten-year-old Jasper. He was sent to the hospital for several bite marks and lacerations. Without any next of kin to take care of him, Jasper was sent to an orphanage. Aside from said orphanage, the only part Jasper remembers about this event in his past was being carried out of the house, and seeing thick red streaks of blood.

It didn’t take long for him to learn that he was different. In even less time, he learned not to talk about what had happened to himself and his family. The children that knew what he was were terrified of him. It didn’t take long before every child in the orphanage that could speak knew what Jasper was. Most of them kept their distance, but there were some that thought it would be fun to beat up a “werewolf cub” and others who jeered and declared that no family in their right mind would adopt someone like Jasper.

The orphanage allowed him to venture to Salem Institute for academic studies, so long as a case manager escorted him back to the orphanage for each holiday break and during the summer. He was nearly adopted several times, but overlooked when other children were asked about him by potential foster parents. During his time at the orphanage, Jasper learned several practical skills through chores. His was and had always been cooking, even though it reminded him of all the times he’d helped his mother in the kitchen. He wasn’t so fond of laundry and cleaning-related housework: some of the soaps the orphanage used made his nose burn.

The orphanage eventually sent Jasper out on his own at the age of 17. It took him no time at all to venture back to the place he had once called home. The place had gone to hell in those seven long years. Jasper cautiously made his way inside. The rooms were still a mess, made moreso by the ransacking of thieves, and smelled strongly of death and decay. What Jasper wanted was something he knew no thief would ever find in a million years: a recipe and remedy book put together by his grandmother and mother, though the contents spanned much further than two generations. It was an ageless, timeless piece of his history... and with the way his family often cooked from memory, the poor book only saw the light of day when new additions or corrections were in order. The book was hidden in a false back within a cobweb-ridden spice cupboard over one of the kitchen counters. Searching the house for other remnants of his family’s belongings provided a heartbreaking disappointment. What photographs remained he took, but there was little else. Jasper then set about finding himself a place to live, and found a shabby apartment to call home.

It was Jasper’s dream to become a chef for some well to-do magical establishment. Unfortunately his current level of expertise, not to mention the lycanthropy, did much to hold him back. His condition all but banned him from magical employment, and having to explain to muggle employers that he had a medical condition that would affect his available hours was often the thing that killed an otherwise stellar interview. Jasper made a modest living making and selling food at fairgrounds and carnivals, and working at a voodoo apothecary shop. During Mardi Gras season in New Orleans he made a killing selling King Cakes. Word of mouth eventually spread, and eventually people of magical and muggle backgrounds commissioned him to make cakes and candies for their special events. Jasper welcomed a challenging cake design and worked hard to meet the sometimes insane deadlines plied to him.

While not the most challenging, Jasper’s most memorable cake commission came from one Emma Driscoll. She was putting together a surprise birthday party for her father, and wanted the cake to involve a lake, a fisherman in his boat, and fish appearing to leap over said boat and back into the water. The cake was finished a day earlier than anticipated, and an excited Emma rushed over to see the results. Jasper never saw that bear hug coming.

Days after the party, Emma would meander into Jasper’s in-home shop to watch him work and strike up polite chit-chat. It became such a regular occurrence that Jasper took notice on the days Emma wasn’t around. She, too, took notice of his schedule – always taking a total of 2 weeks out of the month off. At first the reply of a medical condition satisfied her. And then she riddled it out, telling him that she was a muggleborn witch and that she figured out his secret. It was a tense discussion that ended in shouts and raw nerves in spite of mutual declarations that they liked each other. For the longest time Jasper assumed the worst: that Emma would spread word of his condition and ruin the nice little business he had going on. He expected to never see Emma again... For the umpteenth time he cursed his lycanthropy, even though ruination never came.

Several weeks later, while on the mend after a rough transformation, Jasper received a letter. It was an apology from Emma, and a reluctant request to resume visiting him regularly. Although the letter was a balm to the aches and pains of transforming he was also torn on the matter of forgiveness. She had come out of nowhere with her blunt accusations and scarring words. Jasper had been about to ask her out when the argument erupted. After a few days he wrote back to let her know she was welcome to visit. The relationship progressed at a sluggish pace, taking almost a full year to return to where they had been in half that amount of time. In three years’ time, Jasper found himself moving in with Emma. In a total of five, they were suddenly expecting a child. Jasper was thirty-two years old when Emma gave birth to a healthy baby girl they named Mariana. The pair never married, though they certainly played the respective roles of a married couple.

When Mariana turned three, Jasper decided he’d had enough of living in the United States. He’d been living in Louisiana all his life, and while there was nothing inherently wrong with that he simply wanted to get away from it all. Jasper found a job that would support himself and his family until word got around about his cake business in England – it didn’t pay much, but it was werewolf-friendly at least. Emma’s career was harder to transfer, and Jasper never realized just how resentful that made her. The fact that he spent so much time with the other werewolves he met while Mariana was away at school further fueled her anger.

Emma left Jasper while Mariana was in her fifth year at Hogwarts, while the girl was away at school. It was rough explaining the whole ordeal to his daughter. Without Emma’s added income, Jasper and Mariana lost their home. That was when one of the werewolves, Viktor, sought them out and offered them a place to stay. This generosity extended even to the point of asking werewolf sympathizers to look after Mariana during transformations, to keep her safe from harm.

Jasper has been with the pack for 18 years, now at the age of 65. Mariana married when she was 24, and had her first child and thus far only child at 27 (Jasper was 59). He still gets the occasional owl order for a novelty cake here and a King Cake for Mardi Gras there... but his most frequent of requests comes from his granddaughter, little Tanya Hunt, for some of his fabled maple-bacon cotton candy – her favorite snack.

Magic Specialty Charms
Favorite Spell: Fire spells

-Other information-

- Worrywart
- Impatient
- Claustrophobic

- Excellent cook
- Good listener/mediator
- Bilingual (English/French)

Favorite Color: Dark red

Theme song: Down on the Corner by Creedence Clearwater Revival

An Extra Note: Jasper is a casual practitioner of Louisiana Voodoo

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Jasper Campbell
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