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PostSubject: Tyr Vidar Mason   Tyr Vidar Mason EmptyWed Jun 12, 2013 6:55 pm

Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)
Name: Sub
In Character
Current Name: Tyr Mason
Birth Name: Alexander Lowell
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Blood Rank: Werewolf
House: N/A
School: Durmstrang
Career: Sculptor; also trains young werewolves in Viktor’s pack for the coming battles in their rebellion against the Purists.
Parents: Adrian and Ghaliya Lowell (Tyr’s father disowned him)
Grandparents: Deceased
Siblings: Horace Lowell (older), William Lowell (younger)
Aunts & Uncles: N/A
Nieces & Nephews: Brian Lowell (16; William’s son)
Cousins: N/A
Children: None yet
Grandkids: None yet
Skin color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Hair length: Shoulder length, pulled back into a tail (not shown in picture)
Eye color: Dark brown
Size: 6’ 3”
Build: Muscular
Tyr Vidar Mason MICHAELDORN03
[Michael Dorn]
Crushes: None yet
Mates/Spouse: None yet
Status: Single
-How I act-
Personality: Tyr epitomizes the idea of the strong, quiet type. It is usually his goal to use as few words as possible, feeling that actions have ten times as much merit. The clipped language and booming voice often leads people to believe that he is perpetually grouchy. It is possible to chip away his hardened, serious exterior to find the congenial wolf within, but it takes a tenacious soul and a steady hand. Tyr is hard on himself and on others, particularly when involved with combat training, but he means well.
He has not even seen fit to tell Viktor his birth name, even though trust for the alpha male of the pack runs deep in Tyr’s veins. It is simply this wolf’s way to be secretive about his past. What little Tyr does share is often of a tactical nature and relevant to the conversation at hand. He would be one of the first to sign up for a potentially lethal mission, for his strong sense of honor keeps him from offering anything less than everything he has... even if ‘everything’ means giving his own life for the pack’s safety or glory.
Your Story Please?
Alexander Lowell is the second son born to the Englishman, Adrian Lowell, and his Egyptian wife, Ghaliya. They had been planning to move to back England with their first son, Horace, when Ghaliya became pregnant with Alexander. After little Alex was old enough to travel, they continued the process of moving. A third son, William, followed Alexander in four years’ time. All three boys attended Durmstrang once they were old enough. Their grandfather had attended the school, while Adrian had attended Hogwarts. Alexander hated his time at Durmstrang: it was far too cold. Looking back, he feels that enduring such frigid temperatures has ultimately made him stronger than if he had not had that experience.
During the summer Alexander turned 17, he and a group of friends decided to celebrate by going to a bar in the magical side of London. Each of the legal adults had their first real taste of strong liquor there. They left the establishment drunk and completely unaware of the threat waiting to strike. Alexander does not remember the details of that night. His only memory of the incident involves waking up with a hangover in a hospital bed, with an attractive nurse standing over him who was examining his arm. It was a shock to see the heavily-scarred limb. The young man almost lost his hand and forearm to the werewolf that bit him.
Adjusting to the werewolf way of life was difficult for Alexander. His moods shifted dramatically towards and after each full moon, and he was much easier to anger. Finding a job was next to impossible for a known werewolf. Whatever life Alexander thought he’d had planned seemed ruined now, causing the youth to slip into a depression fueled by anger and despair. One night in a fit of transformed rage, Alexander turned on his elder brother, Horace, who was an animagus and had agreed to help make his brother’s transformations a little less lonely. Although wards were in place to keep Alexander contained, Ghaliya could still hear the snarling and sickening thuds. Concerned, she went to the basement to check on her sons, and screamed bloody murder at the sight: Alexander, in wolf form, stood in a pool of blood before a jackal carcass that had been torn to shreds – Horace’s animagus form. This, in turn, alerted Adrian. The look in wolf’s eyes told Adrian that if the wards hadn’t been in place, Alexander’s wolf self would have killed them all. It devastated Alexander when he awoke as his human self to find the remains of his brother’s animagus form. However, there was little time to mourn: Adrian decided that the best solution to protect his remaining son was to disown Alexander, and send him away.
Out on the streets without a place to call home and very little money, Alexander felt lost. He was too proud to beg, yet his werewolf status made it incredibly difficult to earn a living. Several weeks into his homelessness, Alex found a street dueling group hidden in the magical backstreets of London. If he won the competitions, he could earn enough money to live on easily. What the youth didn’t count on was the fact that school dueling and street dueling were two very different things. Alexander often returned to the pitiful construction he called shelter just in time to collapse, unconscious, from a full day’s worth of brutal fights.
The stubbornness of the wolf clung to this chance, aiding him in becoming tougher, stronger, and more perceptive in fights. Slowly but surely, he rose to underground fame in the arenas. Before long, he needed a stage name. In time Alexander learned of and adopted the name Tyr. Tyr was the Norse god of war and justice, whose right hand had been bitten off by a wolf. While not bitten off, he did have scars on his right hand from a werewolf bite. The physical image fit the mythological one, and it stuck. The money that followed his successes bought him a small, run-down flat and put food on his table. Eventually he had enough to finally pursue another passion: sculpting. It could in no way, shape, or form replace his fighting career for the time being, but it was a start.
Tyr spent his New Year’s Evening of the year 2034, going into 2035, at his favorite bar. He wasn’t the only one who had this idea: one of Tyr’s opponents for a fight on New Year’s Day was also in attendance. The fool of an opponent said something to make Tyr angry, and Tyr swung. However, the strike never hit its mark. Instead, it ran into the open hand of Viktor Solberg, a man sitting between the two who had almost been hit by Tyr’s punch. Viktor twisted Tyr’s wrist only enough to get his attention, then pushed him away. This startled Tyr; he quickly forgot his opponent was there, and went after Viktor instead. Despite being a bit on the lanky side, Viktor managed a winning throw, and placed his boot on Tyr’s chest. “Never attack me again,” Viktor had snarled at him, followed by a whispered invitation to join a community where Tyr would “be able to pursue almost any dream without fear of persecution, have little true need for money, and be guaranteed to feel most at home”. Tyr was given until the next full moon to decide.
Tyr showed up on what amounted to Viktor’s door three days later, and he has been with the pack ever since.
Magic Specialty Dueling
Favorite Spell: Stupefy
-Other information-
- Doesn’t readily open up to people
- Awkward around small children
- Workaholic
- Temper
- Brash
- Fighting/Dueling
- Sees well in the dark
- Brave
- Loyal
- Artistic – strives for a balance of “artful” and “purpose” in everything he does
Favorite Color: Gray
Theme song: I’m Alive by Disturbed

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