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 Lyle Westbrook

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Gabriel Hall
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Gabriel Hall

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PostSubject: Lyle Westbrook   Lyle Westbrook EmptyFri Jun 14, 2013 12:50 am

Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)
Name: Sub
In Character
Name: Lyle Westbrook
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Blood Rank: Muggle-born
House: Gryffindor
School: Hogwarts
Career: Various odd jobs
Parents: Simon and Amelia Westbrook
Grandparents: Deceased
Siblings: None
Aunts & Uncles: TBA
Nieces & Nephews: None
Cousins: TBA
Children: Connor (see Future Characters)
Grandkids: None yet
Skin color: Fair
Hair Color: Ginger
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Blue
Size: 6’ 1”
Build: Lanky
Lyle Westbrook Bill_weasleyDH
Robert Fish
Crushes: Rosalina Castio
Mates/Spouse: Phoebe
Status: In a relationship with Rosalina Castio
-How I act-
Personality: One thing that is immediately noticeable about Lyle is that he is a laid back individual. He doesn’t sweat the small stuff, though there is always an underlying concern for Connor’s safety beneath the surface. It is easy to talk to Lyle about almost anything, however he tends to forget meeting times and other important time-related reminders. This causes him to be late for many a function. Were it not for Lyle missing the pack’s council meetings by mere hours, Viktor would welcome the man into the circle without question.
Friends and loves will find Lyle to be a caring and honorable man, giving even so much as the shirt off his back to help another. If he makes a promise he will keep it, and if he is angry he would rather bury himself in work than let himself fly off the handle. That doesn’t stop him from having the stereotypically rash behavior common in werewolves. Anything that threatens the safety of his son or his pack makes Lyle’s laid back nature evaporate in an instant.
When someone is in danger he will jump into the fray regardless of his own safety. This tends to get him in trouble when striking an opponent as a group: if going in on the count of three he will always leap in on “two”. What Lyle lacks in combative patience he makes up for in agility, able to keep opponents distracted long enough for packmates to head in for the kill.
During times of peace, Lyle brings a sense of versatility to the table. He has knowledge on a wide range of topics, though the knowledge has the potential to be limited. Similar to wolves a good five to ten years his junior, Lyle has yet to find his niche within the pack. As a result he lends his experience, whatever it may be, to help out in a variety of tasks about the camp. Lyle can often be found wandering around the campsite, asking anyone they meet if they need any help. A guy’s gotta earn his keep somehow...
Your Story Please? Lyle is a muggle-born wizard from England, who was bitten by a werewolf in his early twenties. He married Hogwarts sweetheart, Phoebe, who consistently helps him keep his schedule on track. Lyle’s lack of punctuality almost resulted in his wedding being called off, having arrived an hour late and half ready to proceed with the ceremony. They had a son, named Connor, four years into their marriage.
A fateful twist of events occurred when Connor was three. Phoebe had to leave for her parents’ house due to a family emergency, and would be gone for a couple of weeks. Knowing that Lyle was terrible with a calendar, Phoebe tried to remind him that he would need to hire a sitter for Connor because of the coming full moon. Lyle quickly lost track of time. As Lyle began to transform he remembered what he’d forgotten, but it was too late. He fled the house hoping he would get far enough away in time and that Phoebe would be back soon since she was already on her way home.
Devastation awaited Lyle when he returned home. His best non-werewolf friend, Warren Doyle, tried his best to gently break the news: Phoebe had died from a werewolf attack, and Connor had been taken to the hospital for a bite wound. Lyle didn’t take the news well, apparating immediately into the hospital and refusing to leave until he knew his son was stable. It was hours before the boy was even tentatively cleared to make some semblance of recovery.
As Connor recovered, Lyle sought out a local werewolf pack that they could join. He’d never saw the appeal before, being the alpha male in a family/pack of his own. But now, as a single father of a werewolf son, Lyle realized he was going to need help raising Connor. Lyle met a fellow wolf named Viktor Solberg, who was gathering wolves to a pack and a cause. Lyle showed up with Connor the afternoon the boy was released from the hospital.

Magic Specialty Charms
Favorite Spell: Reparo, and Unbreakable Charm
-Other information-
Forgetful – almost never on time
His son
Metal allergy: silver
Versatile – “jack of all trades, master of none”
Loves kids
Favorite Color: Tan / Brown
Theme song: TBA

Lyle Westbrook JulianNicole
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Lyle Westbrook
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