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PostSubject: Mordred Selwyn   Mordred Selwyn EmptyFri Jun 14, 2013 1:24 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: Sub

In Character

Name: Mordred Selwyn
Age: 674 (Born January 19, 1371)
Gender: Male
Blood Rank: Pureblood / Vampire
House: Slytherin
School: Hogwarts
Career: Author and Poet
(often attempts to pass himself off as the wizard he was prior to life as a vampire)


Parents: Deceased
Grandparents: Deceased
Siblings: TBA
Aunts & Uncles: Deceased
Nieces & Nephews: Deceased
Cousins: Deceased
Children: Sophia (half-vampire); more TBA
Grandkids: TBA


Skin color: Pale
Hair Color: Black
Hair length: Mid-neck
Eye color: Blue
Size: 6’
Build: Lean
Mordred Selwyn Shane+Brolly+%28Kraven%29
[Shane Brolly]


Crushes: Persephone
Mates/Spouse: Evelyn (1447-1546); Princess Evangeline Aries (1560-1734; separated); Indira (1739-1805); Princess Helena (1817-1823); Lady Sarah (1826-1841); Lady Constance (1826-1831); Asenath Rowle (1941-2000); Persephone (circa 2015 - present)
Status: Married in Eternal Bliss

-How I act-

Personality: Mordred’s personality has had centuries to brew, developing into the vampire of today. He is first and foremost marked by his preference for sophistication and elegance – a life of nocturnal luxury. The first thing he searches for in anything is beauty. Without beauty and merit, Mordred’s beliefs and values would not hold up otherwise in a world where vampires are still shunned by a majority of both magical and muggle society. As such he is a patron of the arts, giving most generously to any artistic talent he finds or hears of. Some of the vampires within his clan are artists he had hired at one time or another.

Although he admires the artistic flair of the present day’s gourmet chefs, Mordred cannot keep food down. He can, however, drink to his heart’s content. In life he had enjoyed the ritual of mealtimes. After a month or so of consistently vomiting what his body could no longer digest Mordred gave up “proper” food entirely, and finds the act of eating to be wholly revolting. He will eat to maintain appearances in front of non-vampires, but he does not like it.

Things Mordred cannot stand include senseless savagery, betrayal, and disobedience. Although he has the capacity to be diplomatic, there is also a potential to become violent. There is a time and a place for both in their due turn. If the adversary is not about to become prey, Mordred is generous enough to give them one chance to leave... unless they are werewolves or other “mortal enemies”. Wariness is often what a non-vampiric person will be met with when Mordred is outed as a vampire, until they have earned his trust and/or alliance. Other times he tries to pass himself off as the wizard he once was. He does this for the protection of himself and his clan, and because a very small part of him wishes that a full return to life and humanity was possible. This notion of returning to what he once was has grown ever smaller with each passing decade, not wishing to be parted from what fame he has finally managed to accumulate.


Your Story Please? Mordred Selwyn was born on January 19, 1371, as a mortal wizard in Wales. His ventures to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry were his only forays into Great Britain despite the swiftly-prospering family income and prestige. His parents were incredibly stingy with their newfound wealth. When Mordred decided he wanted to be an artist in both visual and written formats, and struck out on his own, his family did very little in the realm of finances to help him out. Although the young wizard did do some enchanting on the side, he was largely penniless or just managing to make enough money to keep himself fed and clothed. He also bartered his painting skill to a lesser noble in exchange for room and board.

That life all ended on a mild but rainy spring night in 1397. As Mordred sat safe and dry beneath a pavilion writing notes for his next book, he was savagely bitten by a vampire. He was taken to a dark basement cell for three days for the Turning to complete itself, and was given blood to drink via raw hearts and livers. Mordred was far too hungry to care whether the organs came from man or beast. As the bloodlust receded during those three days, his captors kept him supplied with writing materials. Much like the sustenance, Mordred devoured the opportunity to write – first on the parchment, and then on the walls.

At the end of the three days, Mordred’s cell was approached by a tall, thin man. Mordred’s newfound vampiric senses told him this man was very old. The man introduced himself as Arthur, Master of Clan Avitus, and Mordred’s sire. A civil conversation followed, and upon Mordred’s release he was promptly made Arthur’s second-in-command, and put into training. It quickly became apparent that Arthur was crazy, and his methods bloodthirsty. Mordred didn’t approve of the barbarity and distasteful gore.

In fifty years’ time, in 1447, Mordred formed enough of a following to lead a revolt against Arthur’s tyrannical savagery. According to the clan’s bylaws, since Mordred struck the killing blow to Arthur, all that Arthur had owned now belonged to Mordred. This included the clan, all of the trinkets in Arthur’s quarters, and Arthur’s wife, Evelyn. Once Mordred was certain that Evelyn wouldn’t attempt to avenge her husband, he married her.

1546 – Evelyn is killed in battle, after 99 years with Mordred.
Mordred planned to mourn for 7 periods of 7 years, or a grand total 49 years, but it only lasts 14 years.

1560 – Fell in love with Princess Evangeline Aries

1734 – Princess Eva betrays Mordred, after almost 175 years together.
Mordred attempts to make Eva jealous by having his own affairs.
Princess Eva leaves the clan to seek out adventure.

1739 – Mordred convinces one of his mortal mistresses during his time with Eva to be turned.
Mordred renames the woman Indira, and marries her.

1805 – Indira is murdered by Mordred, after 66 years of marriage, in a sort of accident after arguing with him.

1817 – Marries Princess Helena

1823 – Murders Helena (married for 6 years) for cheating on him

1826 – Marries Lady Sarah and takes her cousin, Lady Constance, as a mistress. Both are still mortal.

1827 – Lady Sarah gives birth to a half-vampire daughter, Sophia.

1831 – Mordred grew tired of Lady Constance and killed her, serving her blood to Sophia and newly-turned vampiric wife, Sarah

1841 – Murdered Lady Sarah, of 15 years. To prevent Sophia from taking revenge on him, Mordred had her killed from sickness at the hands of a henchman because he couldn’t do it himself.

1941 – After 100 years’ worth several other flings, Mordred marries Asenath Rowle

1990 – Osiris Rice is turned, and becomes Mordred’s second-in-command

2000 – Asenath Rowle (59 years of marriage) is killed by vampire hunters

2015(ish) – Mordred meets and turns Osiris’s sister, Persephone Rice, and promptly marries her

2045(ish) – An alliance is forged between Clan Avitus and The Purist Society.


Magic Specialty Dark Arts
Favorite Spell: Imperio

-Other information-

Short temper with adults
Easily disgusted with mortals and their habits

Public speaking
Patience with children

Favorite Color: Dark blue-purple

Theme song: Davy Jones’s Theme from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

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