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 Urien Summanus

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PostSubject: Urien Summanus   Urien Summanus EmptyMon Jun 17, 2013 6:17 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: Sub

In Character

Current Full Name: Urien Summanus
Full Given Name: Summanus Lutatius Appius Britannicus Maximus
Birth Name: Urien of Wales
Age: 1,982 (born in 62 AD)
Gender: Male
Blood Rank: Pure/Vampiric
House: N/A
School: N/A
Career: Elder Vampire Councilman


Parents: Deceased
Grandparents: Deceased
Siblings: Unknown
Aunts & Uncles: Deceased
Nieces & Nephews: Deceased
Cousins: Deceased
Children: Many, in both the senses of biological and people he’s turned into vampires. Tends to address most vampires with the phrase, “My child”.
Grandkids: Unknown


Skin color: Pale
Hair Color: Light-Medium brown
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Blue
Size: 6’ 2”
Build: Angular
Urien Summanus Bill-Nighy-as-Viktor
[Bill Nighy]


Crushes: None
Mates/Spouse: Several who are deceased; None at present
Status: Single

-How I act

Personality: Urien is a vampire who clings to tradition and universal bylaws of all vampires. He is quick to point out if something differs from the “Old Ways”. This adherence, Urien often claims, is to protect the vampire species as a whole. It is uncertain if he would give his immortal life to ensure the traditions stay in place. Urien knows well that empires can be torn down and rebuilt...

An advanced age has greatly impacted Urien’s interactions and lifestyle. He spends much of his days thirsting for knowledge and power, hunched over a large book with a goblet of fresh blood not far away. When haste is not necessary Urien can be observed as having a lazy gait... But when it is necessary the vampire moves with great strength and speed. His levels of patience are erratic, having a short duration for some expectations and a seemingly limitless patience for other things. Time references are also to be taken with a grain of salt. Although Urien adheres to time-tagged references such as “soon,” “in a few days’ time,” and so on, time is a relative thing with him. For example: “soon” could be within the next five minutes, five days, five years, or even longer. Precision of timing is rare for him, but nor is it unheard of.

Urien may come across as cold and aloof, even to other vampires. He has the potential to be skeptical and critical, knowing well the sometimes misplaced confidence of youth. It is his habit to treat all vampires like a watchful father keeping an eye out for his children. Earning his praise can be difficult. While he may be impressed with a precursory glance, Urien is a thorough man and will continue to observe until satisfied that no further evaluation is needed. He is far more lenient to those who show him respect than those who interact with impudence.


Your Story Please? Urien of Wales was born the son of a tribal leader in Wales approximately in the year 62, A.D. At the first sign of magic Urien was shuffled off to the tribe’s druids to receive the secret trainings. He was apprenticed to them for fifteen years. When the Romans began invading Wales, young Urien was sent to the front lines to prove himself able to magically hold back their foes. During the night a Roman spy and vampire crept into Urien’s tent, stealing him away from his Welsh kinsman and turning the youth upon returning to friendly territory. Appius, the Roman Vampire who sired Urien, took away the boy’s Welsh name and gave him a Roman one: Summanus Lutatius Appius. Summanus was then set upon the Welsh forces amidst the peak throes of bloodlust. His father’s tribe fell swiftly with the aid he uncontrollably and unwillingly provided. Summanus emerged from the chaos well after the Roman victory and was instantly saddened at the death and destruction of his tribe. Appius added the victory title “Britannicus Maximus” to the end of his fledgling’s name.

Upon arriving into Roman territory, particularly the fortress designated for vampires, Summanus and several other young ones were expected to drop their mortal religions and conform to the religion of their respective sires. Summanus refused, initially, but then appeared to relent. Instead, he continued to practice his own ways in secret, mocking the forced beliefs of Appius in the process. Summanus learned even more about magic from the wizards in his sire’s clan, and mastered the careful climb of politics through much trial and error.

Over the course of a few centuries, Summanus learned that there were several others who had been forced to recant, but actually practice some aspects of their old lives in secret. An impressive band of them formed, and together they stormed the elders vampires who called Lutatius Manor home. The force was 300 strong, but only 5 emerged victorious. Urien was 499 years old at the time and the oldest of those who remained. Out of the ashes of Manor Lutatius, a Great House was built. Each slain vampire’s ashes were split into groups of seven grains, which then became the core of each brick to become the foundation of the new mansion (referred to as the Foundation of Bones) and the fortified walls protecting the estate (known as the Ash Fence). The five surviving vampires decided to operate a clan together out of their new House. Summanus decided that with this new age should also be a new name for himself. They held a Naming Ceremony in which new means of address were forged, and the old names cast off. Summanus cast off his Roman name in a blatant show of disrespect, going back to his birth name: Urien. However, he decided to adopt his Roman praenomen in the form of a surname. He was now Urien Summanus.

In less than a century, the Five learned they each had completely opposite ideas on how to run a clan. They decided to fortify their Great House with all manner of magical protections and protectors. The Great House would only be used for gatherings and councils, which would take place every century or so. Each of the five elders took up their fledglings and scoured the land for a new place to call home.

Urien traveled the world extensively, but chose England as the place for his clan. It was also in this age that he took a wife: a fledgling vampire who, in life, had been the concubine of a king Urien had saved from ruin. Urien quickly learned that a vampiric bride would not bear children, and cast a powerful memory charm on her to make her forget she was married to him. In the many years that past after that, Urien took only mortal women as his wives and begot many children. Wives who refused to bear more children or were otherwise of no use to him in that capacity were turned and had their memories of the marriage erased as Urien went on in search of his next wife. Because of the many biological children he created and the sheer amount of fledglings he Turned, Urien slipped into the tendency of referring to every vampire with the phrase, “my child”.

Upon reaching the age of 1,000 years, Urien was officially declared an elder of the species. To commemorate the occasion, Urien invited all vampires of the world to a birthday party of sorts at the Great House he and his four companions built long ago. Servants, music, fresh blood, and entertainment were in abundance. Urien intended to throw yet another party of the same magnitude, or greater, upon his second millennium to walk this earth.

After seeing the world several times over, Urien decided to withdraw from the monotonous drone of the living world and focus more upon his children and the species in general. A war of mortals amongst mortals was coming to the magical world, with great potential to spill into the muggle realms. If the coming battle proves to be anything like the last Wizarding War, Urien, his children, and his people would need all the fortifications possible in order to weather the storm.


Magic Specialty Dark Arts, Legilimency, Dream magic, Blood magic, Wandlore
Favorite Spell: Legilimens

-Other information-

Craves power
Overheats easily in direct sunlight and on summer days

Music appreciation; can play several instruments
Proficient in many of the old and much-forgotten magicks of the world
May walk in the sun with few enchanted aides without burning to a crisp

Favorite Color: Silver

Theme song: Pax Deorum by Enya

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Urien Summanus
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