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 Evangeline Aries

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PostSubject: Evangeline Aries   Evangeline Aries EmptyFri Jan 18, 2013 3:46 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Note: Vampire!

In Character

Name:Evangeline Aries
Age: 555 (Was a human until she was 20)
Gender: Female
Blood Rank: Vampire
School: TBA
Career: Formerly; Nobility (aka, Princess), Violinist, assassin, Teacher, Auror, Currently; Pirate xD  


(For family, just enter names and if there alive or dead please)

Parents: King Shephen and Queen Marry
Grandparents: (Dead)
Siblings: none
Aunts & Uncles: ((All dead))
Nieces & Nephews: none
Cousins: ((Had many, all Dead))
Children: none
Grandkids: None


Skin color: White
Hair Color: Black
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Green
Size: 5,9
Build: Slim
Picture:Evangeline Aries Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT1QCivOgK8QOkIBHY2huGr0eAyJzV-p1Rmll9UeLrgoc8xeYu7


Crushes: TBA
Mates/Spouse: Mordred Selwyn (long since seperated)
Status: Single

-How I act-

Personality: Evangeline is a rebellious spirit, She does what she wants and doesn't really care about the rules. There are times she goes out of her way just to make thing interesting for herself. Eva never used to be like this, before she was a vampire she was a proper Princess, always did what was right and what was expected. When she fell in love with the Vampire Mordred, she fell hard and fast and was talked into being turned very easy, and was at Mordred's side for sometime. However years after being turned into an immortal Vampire, Evangeline began to change, she became bored with her life and started seeking out new pleasures, from new lovers, professions, and identities. And Breaking alot of rules of Vampire code there was, both in general and in personal.


Your Story Please? Evangeline Aries was born hundreds of years ago to a royal couple sometime in the 1500s, she was their only daughter and crowned princess of the kingdom. She was what everyone thought a princess should be, polite, kind, caring and beautiful. She was also rather innocent and naive, especially in the affairs of love. As her birthday where she was to turn of age and start looking for a suitor approached Eva started dreaming of there things. Adventures and dashing young men who could make her laugh and sweep her off her feet. Certainly not any of these fumbling Noblemen and Prince's.

To seek out her dreams Eva left the safety of her castle one night and took off to the capital city for some adventure and possibly find the man of her Dreams. One the evening of exploring the capital city and avoiding the palace guards Eva encountered an attractive and mysterious man in the imperial Library, totally going against her upbringing Eva gladly talked to him and allowed him to show her around the city. Things turned interesting when Eva Discovered the her attractive guide was really a Vampire. This intrigued her however, and she felt a uncanny pull toward the immortal Vampire named Mordred. She felt no fear in his presence just the intense attraction, and soon she believed she had fallen in love with him. 

However her dream would have to come to an end soon as her father announced she was to marry a prince in a smaller country to the north. She would never see her beloved Vampire again, she delayed the wedding for as long as she could until there no excuse left for her to make for another extension. She would have to marry a man she didn't care about and who didn't care about her, only the political power there marriage would bring. A week before she was to wed she ran from the castle once again and met with Mordred with one request. To turn her into a immortal Vampire such as himself and the two of them be married, a man she loved and a man she know loved her. It would be her dream come true.. For a time.
So it was that she was successfully turned into a vampire and under Mordred's guidance she became a rather skilled one. The two lived as husband an wife happily for many mortal years.. But you all know what they say about good things... They must come to an end.  

They had been married for well over a century when things start to chance, perhaps it wasn't things but she started to change she knew that. She was growing bored with her life. She craved more excitement and change and much like she used to when she was a princess she start sneaking out of the manner when she could in search of new things to explore, she even went so far as sneak out into daylight with protections when Mordred slept. I merely innocent exploring at first, she would play with the stray animals of the city if they let her, she played games with the children of the street to, playing with the children made her wish she could have a child, but of course she couldn't. Through the children she met a young man, he was a widower with a beautiful little girl that his wife had passed away while giving life to their daughter. His name was Benjamin Brown and he was a teacher who taught all the young children of the city. It just so happened that Ben was looking for a mother figure for his young Daughter,  whose name was Amy. Eva's laid back yet kind and caring attitude made her the object of his affections.

Eva could not help but feel sorry for the young father, raising a child on his own, she wanted to help, yet along the way she found herself really starting to care for Ben and Returned his affections. Soon an affair between the two started, even though Ben didn't know Eva married. He took the news of her being a Vampire rather well, he did question if she planned on feeding on him and if he would turn. She assured him she wouldn't harm him or his daughter, ever. for she cared about him too much. However disaster struck when Mordred discovered her affair and brutal murdered Ben before her very eyes. Whatever amount of love or want of forgiveness she would have  wanted from Mordred Vanished when he killed the innocent man. After hitting Mordred with enough force to break a man's nose. She left abruptly before Mordred locker her away or worse. She went back to Ben's little girl and took her in, For Money she started playing violin shows in human city's and became well known. Some part of her hoped this got back to Mordred and caused him anguish, for she used to only play for him. 

She raised Amy to adulthood and never turned her into a vampire, the girl continued her fathers work to be a teacher and eventually married and had a family of her own.  Eva eventually faded out of the mortal girls life content that she had kept her promise to Ben to look after her. She then went on to other things enjoying single life for a while, went into using her natural instinct as a Vampire to be an assassin For a lord, only to be paid more by another to kill him instead. Eva lived her life however she saw fit and loved it..

One night she came across a newborn Vampire, just about starving and tortured, Adrien Delacroix. She again felt mercy for him and helped him her old home, Mordred's Manor where he could get the help he needed, She stayed at the Manor until Adrien had recovered before she left. She did however every so often stop by to see how the young Vampire was doing under Mordred's rule. She did stop and talk to him soon after an attempt to turn his wife failed and it resulted in her death. Quite a sad day that was, she felt so bad for the man, as all he wanted was a life with his wife and her loss devastated him. She stayed with him till she was convinced he wouldn't walked into the sunset out of guilt.

A century passed, that was relatively uneventful, Eva took a job as an Assassin, had a few flings the didn't lead anywhere, she even took a job as a teacher for a bit in memory of her late love Ben. She returned to Mordreds manor from time to time whether he liked it or not. Most of the time it was to make sure things were well. On one visit she learned something interesting, Adrien has successfully turned a child named Cerise. Turning a child was against the by-law of all Vampires, the child turned would be stuck as a child for hundreds or a thousand years, a tortuous fate some would say. Adrien was punished by Mordred for the action, left in a cell with little shelter from the burning rays of the sun, no greater torture was there to a Vampire. Eva took Cerise under her wing while Adrien fulfilled his punishment, there was nothing she could do for him other than care for the little one he had turned. However tragedy soon stuck again when little Cerise was struck down by Vampire hunters. She once again played the older sister to Adrien in sadly grave time and again she left when things looked up and moved on.

Vampire hunters were on the move as time went on for a while there were merely wizards with some measure of skill to be lucky enough for fatally kill a Vampire. But they were getting more clever, taking potions and enchantments to make them able to keep up with their "prey" other wise they were just amusing to an older Vampire.

Eva has such an encounter with a Vampire, and the hunters. And they were good, quick and persistent. She was almost convinced they were vampires chasing them if she couldn't hear the blood pumping through them. She ran into another Vampire also being chased by the group of hunters, she was a good fighter despite being wounded by multiple arrow shots. She still managed to take down the hunters with little help from her. Eva found herself impressed with her tactical ability, after the fight was over they helped each other with their injuries. Ever since that day Eva and The girl whose name she found out to be Phoenix became friends, even though her new friend was never afraid to tell her when she was wrong about something. But Eva is a laid back sort, could fight one day and the next all is well again.

Years passed again and Eva drifted to one adventure to another, she met and had an affair with the department of magical law and became an Auror for a time. Toughest thing she ever did especially with the job requiring she work out in the sun, she got her self burned and ill from time to time, but a little charm and she hid it from those on looking. But she did get a little to toasty one day and on a visit to mordred's manor she collapsed while chatting with Adrien. Her old friend helped her out until her burns and fever were gone.

The Decades passed quickly again, she stayed out of the wizarding wars was they didn't concern her and finally we come to the present day, Eva has a new mortal lover, a young pirate by the name of Iggy, who she sometimes spends days with on his new airship that he sails through the clouds. She does however come to land often to visit her former clan still in lead by her Ex-husband Mordred.


Magic Specialty: Vampric
Favorite Spell: TBA

-Other information-

-Gets bored easily
-Quick learner
-Great Self control
-Mild Temper
Favorite Color: Purple
Theme song:  Sweet Dreams
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Evangeline Aries
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