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 Berlynn Seraphina Stabler

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Name: Berlynn Stabler
Blood Rank: Pureblood
Career: Auror

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PostSubject: Berlynn Seraphina Stabler   Berlynn Seraphina Stabler EmptyThu May 12, 2011 6:53 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name:(what do you want us to call you?) KD
Age:(optional; but a just a rough Idea) Late teens
Gender: Female
Note: I've got a jar of dirt Wink

In Character

Name: Berlynn Seraphina Stabler
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Blood Rank: Pure
House: Slytherin (for one year and a half)
School: Beauxbatons (for three years until expelled), Hogwarts (year and a half before being informally asked to leave), and Durmstrang (graduated)
Career: Auror for Ministry of Magic, Minister's personal bodyguard



Hildegarde Viviane and Gustav Albrecht Stabler
Berlynn Seraphina Stabler Merylal

Grandparents: Claudia and Johan Corbinine; Liesel and Berthold Stabler

Anika Hildegarde
Berlynn Seraphina Stabler Kate_hudson

Liselle Sigelde
Berlynn Seraphina Stabler Tarja-turunen

Alfons Gustav
Berlynn Seraphina Stabler Cavill_s

Dagmar Mecthilde 
Berlynn Seraphina Stabler 806795102_l

Aunts & Uncles: Burkhard, Carston, Amelie (Father's side); Ada, Brigette (Mother's side)
Nieces & Nephews: TBA
Cousins: TBA
Children: TBA
Grandkids: TBA


Skin color: Pale, burns easily in the sunlight 
Hair Color: Naturally dark red, though is dyed often during missions 
Hair length: Midway to back, though is usually held up
Eye color: Blue
Size: Petite, Standing at about 5'5, 5'7 with work boots 
Build: Well built muscle-wise due to constant training from job
Picture: Berlynn Seraphina Stabler Simone_simons


Crushes: TBA
Mates/Spouse: TBA
Status: Available

-How I act-

Personality: Despite being in a profession that can often be gruesome and stressful, Berlynn remains a rather upbeat, carefree individual, often making jokes and smart alec remarks with a laugh. She is a firm believer in Carpe Diem, hence why she has it written in German amidst the tattooed symbol located slightly below her collarbone. She lives every day as though it were her last, as seen in her partying, and rarely, if ever, stresses over problems in life. She is also extremely competitive, a product of growing up in a large family, and will often go to extremes to prove herself. Despite all her sunniness though lies a capacity for secrecy. While to the world she seems utterly carefree, deep down she isn't wholly content in life. Yes, she seems to have it all: family, friends, a career many would die for, but there is still something missing in her life that she can't quite identify, but still yearns for. It is this yearning and void in her life that ultimately fuels her greatest secret: her seemingly immortal addiction to drugs. 


Born on February 22, 2022, Berlynn was the fourth child to be born to Gustav and Hildegarde Stabler, the Head of an international Mercenary Business that provided troops, weapons, and virtually any necessity for needs ranging from a small dark deed needed accomplished on the side, to a whole war. Unlike the couple's other children, Berlynn was born in Berlin, Germany rather than Heidelberg, where the Stabler Manor was, having arrived a bit earlier than the couple expected during a vacation to celebrate their 7th anniversary, hence why she was named after the capital city, though with a slight change in spelling to "add glamor", as Hildegarde explained.

Despite being within the younger quartile of her siblings, Berlynn never failed to make her presence known to ensure she was never forgotten. She quickly gained a reputation for mischief, sparked by her love for pranks ranging from a small switch of the salt and sugar at breakfast to perhaps a small firecracker in a victim's sock drawer.
As would be expected with a family consisting of four girls and one boy, conflict and sibling rivalry was a natural aspect of life in the Stabler household, often with the only son, Alfons (who also had the misfortune to be the middle child) left to fend for himself amidst four squabbling girls and, on occasion, play mediator. While Berlynn was on occasion one of the starter and participants in the conflicts, more often than not she was on the sidelines beside her brother, watching the drama and chaos ensue between their sisters, though instead of breaking up fights between the girls like her brother, she normally encouraged it with cheers and suggestions, finding amusement in it.

Her love for mischief carried her all the way into her school days, which was utter turmoil and chaos in itself. However, it wasn't her love of pranks that lead to her troubles in school, but rather her need to protect her loved ones. Like most children, she began school at the age of 11 at Beauxbatons, following in the footsteps of her mother and sisters. She did well in school, academically (she had been fortunate enough to have inherited the renowned Stabler memory that her forefathers possessed) though wasn't  a very motivated student, often opting to skip the classes she disliked such as Herbology and Divination. It was her social life that faced problems. 

While Berlynn was lucky and had made friends easily, her older sister, Liesel, did not share her luck. Yes, the older girl had friends, quite a few in fact, however, as typical of teenage girls, some of Liesel's friends were two faced, jealous of certain aspects of Liesel's life, and vented their anger openly, behind Liesel's back. This didn't sit well with Berlynn. At all. Every single moment she heard a word of slander against her older sister, whether it be a conversation in the library or a snippet in the hallways, Berlynn's wand was drawn and fists ready. By her third year and numerous hexed girls later, she was expelled from Beauxbatons, much to her mother, the eternally prim, proper, lady-like Hildegarde (or Hedda, as she was known in private)'s anger.

Because of her Mother's own opinions of Durmstrang being far too masculine and too unlady-like for a daughter of her's, Berlynn was then sent on to the next well-known magical school: Hogwarts, where Berlynn was soon sorted into Slytherin. However, this union too was ill-matched for in the whole time she was there, Berlynn was  unhappy. She couldn't quite fit in amongst her English peers, partly because at that point in her life she still had mild difficulties speaking English and her accent tended to be rather difficult to understand, and those who did seem to understand her were the "wrong crowd". If one were to ask Berlynn what she recalled of her life at Hogwarts it would be just about impossible, for this part of her life is highly clouded by alcohol, as she had gotten the habit in England of sneaking out of campus often to sneak into nightclubs and such. It was also this era of her life that she began experimenting with various drugs, all of which ultimately contributed to her dismissal from Hogwarts.

While it may seem quite Divination-esque, Berlynn had a feeling within her that although she had held no luck with the United Kingdom thus far, things would be different in a few years from now. Upon her later years Berlynn would reflect that while she had been misplaced in Britain at that time, she truly was meant to be there later on in life.

Hedda was furious beyond words at her daughter having exhausted all other options school-wise, but Gustav was, at least when not in the company of his wife, thrilled. He and all his family members had attended Durmstrang and it brought him joy to see at least one of his daughters follow those footsteps. His daughter shared his feelings, though for different reasons. For years she had begged her Mother to allow her to attend Durmstrang, not only because her brother, the sibling she was closest to, attended there, but also because she had missed speaking in her Mother tongue, and it was refreshing to be able to converse freely without worrying if the correct expression was being used. 

At Durmstrang, Berlynn improved quite dramatically, making more of an effort in classes, though she still lacked direction in what she desired  to accomplish in life. Her love for partying still carried through, but was less of an issue at Durmstrang due to both the more accepting atmosphere and the fact that her family was well known. She eventually graduated from the school with honors.

After graduating, the future still lay ahead for the witch filled with a dark chest of wonders. She had interests, of course, but still no concrete idea of what she wanted. All of those around her did, though. Pressure crashed down around her everywhere from the Stabler clan. Hedda insisted she marry one of her socialite friend's sons and become a homemaker just like her Mother. Her father wanted her to work in the Family business just like Alfons had chosen to do, training the mercenaries. While Berlynn had a great respect for her Father's career and loved the family business, she wasn't interested in working there. Not to mention she would be damned before she started working under Hedda as the woman had a habit of thinking she, not her husband was the boss. 

Not finding answers from those around her, Berlynn did the first thing that came to her after drinking a round of Jaggermeister: leaving it all to chance. With a wave of her wand, the walls of her flat were covered with a list of all the occupations in the world ranging from Advertising to Zonko's worker. She spun around a few times with her eyes closed before uttering a stunning spell, aiming it towards the wall to see where it would land.

It had landed on Auror. Blue eyes glanced at the now smoked, burning words as the witch shrug with a small smile. "Auror it is." she had said, and that was that. She undertook the training, reached the top of her class, and became certified. In a similar manner to how she chose her profession, Berlynn chose her place of employment with the use of a dart and a globe. As luck would have it, the dart landed on London. 

The day after she ventured off to London and applied for a job in the Ministry, where she remained, rising in the ranks in the years she was there. After about eight years, she was offered a job as the Minister of Magic, Liara Lightle. She accepted and has been at that job since then. Nowadays you can find her by the Minister's side during the day, but still partying away at clubs by nightfall.


Magic Specialty: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Dark Arts, Transfiguration, and Potions. Also an Animagus (Form is a raven) 
Favorite Spell: Scourgify (While she doesn't stress about little things in life, she sees no reason to live messily. Not to mention she gets a kick out of watching bubbles fill her victim's mouth xD)

-Other information-

-Tends to not take things as seriously as she should
-Has a habit of making jokes at inappropriate times
-Is a drug addict with history of continuously relapsing (in secret)
-Manages to stay calm during highly pressured situations
-Infiltrates situations easily
-Has an excellent memory and flair for drawing perfect replications even if the image was only seen for a few seconds
Favorite Color: Purple and black
Theme song: Solitary Ground by Epica
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Berlynn Seraphina Stabler
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