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 Bastian Kaiser

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In Character

Name:Bastian Sven Kaiser
Gender: Male
Blood Rank:Half-blood
House:(if in Hogwarts)
School: Drumstrang
Career: Ministry of Magic, Lawyer


Parents: Emmerich and Amelia Kaiser (Nee' Bennet)
Hugo and Alexandra Kaiser
Martin and Katelyn Bennet
Siblings: Julian Kaiser (younger brother 4 years)
Aunts & Uncles: None
Nieces & Nephews: Violet Kaiser
Cousins: None
Children: Annika Kaiser Bastian Kaiser Anna-paquin
Grandkids: None


Skin color: Tanned
Hair Color: Black
Hair length:Short
Eye color: Hazel
Size: 6,0
Build: Muscular
Picture: Bastian Kaiser Hugh_jackman_parade1


Mates/Spouse: Calixta Harper
Status: Divorced - Ex Wife Holly Troy Bastian Kaiser Halle_Berry(2)
Currently in a relationship

-How I act-


Bastian is a harder worker, though he needs to feel that what he is doing is worth it in the end. If the goal is lost he will give up on it and leave it at that. He has a hot temper when mad, he hates to lose especially at things he is good at. Depending on who he lost to may range from almost violently angry to simply walking away. He doesn't take being taunted well, if one pushes his buttons just right. He is however patient with others in any other situation, he is understanding with clients weather he agrees with them or not, he understands people mess up, if they didn't he'd be out of the job. Is usually will to help another if they want it, depending on the situation of course. He is loyal to those he trusts, and would back them up no matter what.


Your Story Please? Bastian was born to Oliver and Amelie Kiaser, was there first son, born in Germany. His family was rather poor as he grew up. He was to young to understand why at the time, but his mother was always away and his father was always working, he was often babysat by a naigbors teenage daughter while his parents were out. At the rare moments they were at home together all they did was fight violently.

By the time Bastian was 4 his mother told him he was to be a older brother, it would be his job to protect his baby sibling from harm. He promised his mother he would. While the baby in his mother grew noticed a chance his mother never went out any more and was told her going out was harmful for the little baby. Another thing he noticed was his father never said a word to his mother about there new child, infact he seemed to ignore it completely.. Bastian never understood it completely, but there was a strange tention in the air that made merely staying in the same room as his parents uncomfortable.

When the moment arrived his mother delivered a baby boy, who she named Juilian. On the same night his father simply vanished, leaving him, his baby brother and mother alone. Little Bastian tried his best to help his mother look after his brother as much as possible and for a while things seemed to be fine.. until another man came into the house and had them move away. Saying they could no longer live in the house. They ended up moving to a small flat, where he and his brother were watched by a older lady he never met while his mother was out..

As the years went by Bastain became reserntful to his father for leaving, he was told his father took there home from them and that was why they had to live in a rundown shake while his mother worked long hours and came home sick and hurt.

On his 11th birthday he received notice from Drumstrang Institute of Magical Learning and he was to start in September, at first he didn't think he could go, he didn't want to leave his little brother or his mother who was in poor health. But his mother insisted he go and learn.. and so he did. Sponsered by a unknown person Bastian was able to by all the nesesary supplies and books for school, with a unsure heart he started his first school year. Bastian however floudered in his first year at Drumstrang, he struggled in classes due to his poor skills in reading and writing, he Did do well in dueling and flying though and that earned him firends with the jocks around the school. Unfortunately it also started to turn him into a bully, he threatened other kids doing well in class to do his homework for him, the tactic even worked for a time until a girl cursed him unconcious for picking on a firend of hers. Holly was her name and she packed quite a punch.. not that he would ever admit it.

As summer break neared he was told he had been sponsered to take a tutoring course, if did well in it he would be allowed to pass on to his second year. So his summer was filled with lessons teahing him how to write properly and read. then on to the theory of all the work he ignored in the year at school. Bastian hated every moment of it, but his tutor refused to leave him be until he did the work and passed the course and this made him curious, why? Who has sponsored him, why go through all the trouble.. he asked his tutor this once, only to have his question avoided. Finally by the end of the summer be has finished the work and able to advance with his firends and classmates. His secomd yesr was a little better able to hold his own now in classes, Though he still seemed to get a kick out of picking on those meeker then him. But yet again his rival in the school Holly away seemed to make it her business if he ever picked on anyone. often getting into duals with eachother and also landing detention together. They often argued and shot glares at eachother through out detentions..

Bastain managed to pass his second year and went to home that summer to spend with his brother and mother, only to find the place less then welcoming, his mother was taken to the hospital and bring charged by the police for illegal drug possesion and overdose. His younger brother and soon he were taken into foster care by the Governmen. Bastian being old twelve could little to change it, he even offered to work help take care of Juilan his brother until his mother got well. However not long later his mother was delcared brain Dead after haing slipped into a coma.

Having his mother dead he wasn't sure what to do, with his little brother crying for his mother while they slept in the white colourless room of the orphanedge.. Bastian almost lost all hope.. But then something happened that even he had never dreamed of, his father showed up.. At first he refused to see the man, he abandond them after all.. but the courts demanded they meet and talk.

He soon learned his little brother was his half brother, that his mother had had him with another man and that was why he left. He had been to young to understand he been told. Bastian was still angry at his father, confused on why he hadn't kept in touch, to let him now why he has vanished and abandond him. His father had said nothing.. however he was told he and julian would be livng with him from now on. It turned out he had no choice in the matter, so along with his 8 year old brother he moved in with his father who he had not seen since he was 4 years old.

As it turned out his father was a wealthy wizard on the Russian Wizengamot, he asked why they hadn't lived in a better house if he had been so filty rich? His father answered.. though he hadn't expected it.. "I was not allowed, marrying your mother went against my families wishes.. the took and money from me" it was slowly starting to make sence to him.. thought that didn't mean he had to like it.. He also found out while looking through papers in his Fathers office that it had been his father that had sponsored him through his first year of school and the summer following

He started his third year and forth year at Drumstrang went by uneventfully other then his little brother joining him at the school that was. He was glad his brother was finally in school. While his father didn't harm or mistreat his half brother, he certainly didn't favor love to boy any, Bastian got all the attention, even though half the time Bastian didn't want it. He felt bad for Juilan really living and being rasied by a guy who didn't really care about him and was only kept around for his brothers sake.

Another thing in Bastians life was that he started dating and much to his surprise so was Holly his long time rival in just about everything. However one there graduation party there dates had to leave them for some reason or another and they soon found them selves stuck alone together. After making half hearted snarky comments Bastian did what he never thought he would do. He asked Holly to dance, since neither of then had there dates anymore and they knew eachother pretty well. Holly even more shocked said yes and the danced together the whole party. Since they weren't shooting insults or glares the found they actually share much common interests, by the end of the night they couyld have even been considered firends.

After Graduation from Drumstrang Bastain went on to other wizarding universities and took courses in Law and even tried taking job as an auror which was a job he loved. He also kept in touch with Holly, ever since there graduation night dance he started to think about her differently and she was no longer the freckled face little girl who stood up to him when he was a bully. She was beautiful, and still as fiesty as ever, soon they started Dating eachother. There match his father approved of, his father hadn't any off muggle blood idea's saying that was what ruined his relationship with his last wife. After 3 years of dating he and Holly finally tied the not and got married.

His married life was good for many years, they were trilled when Holly anounced she was pregnant and they were having a child. Afew months later they had a baby girl, who they named Annika.

Years went by, Annika grew in to a smart girl, and his brother Julian even married and he was best man at his wedding. Thing seemed good, however things with him and Holly were not, he hated to admit it but he has thought his wife was cheating on him. He didn't say anything for a long while, cause he didn't want to break up there family. So he suffered through the knowledge Holly no longer loved him, why he had no idea. he working long hours traveling for work yes, but always made time for his family. His efforts to keep the family together were in vain, when Holly came to him one night and asked for a divorce so she could marry the man she had been having an affair with. It hurt him more then anything that she would do that, but if she no longer wanted to be with him then so be it, but Annika stayed with him. It cost him an arm and a leg, figurutviely speaking to convince Holly to give him full costody. Though Holly had visitation rights of course.

He and Annika moved out of Germany and into England where they could start a new life. Annika took the divorce rather badly and suffered terrible headaches and nightmares on a consent basis. As Annika started Hogwarts she learned how to make a potion that would help with her headaches and nightmares, it was named the relief potion and rightfully so.. However the ingrdiants for the potion were expensive as was the equipment. Having lost alot of his money in the divorce Bastian could only afford they second hand equipment, It was the desiion to buy second hand eqipment that he would always regret.

One afternoon Annika was brewing her potion for the night so she could sleep peacefully, however the heating Elemant under the cauldron broke and over heated the potion to quickly, causing it to explode in a spatter if hot potion and posionous fumes. Annika was caught in the center of the explosion and was unconcious by the time Bastian was able to get to her. He got her to St.Mungo's so the could hopefully fix her up and they could laugh it off later. However after days of being treated in the hospital Annika only got worse. Bastian even demanded to see the poison specialest in the hospital to figure out how to help his very ill daughter. Gabrial Hall was the head of said department, he begged the man to save his daughter, to do something even though he knew they were doing all they could. After being bluntly told he should be there for his daughter at her side, rather then pestering the healers did he finally sit at his little girls side and pray for her recovery.

However after 2 weeks in the hospital and many failed attempts to cure her of the poison ailling her, that Annika Kiaser died of massive organ failure. Crushed beyond words Bastian didn't know what to do with himself, he ended up moving in with Julian for a bit, but he didn't want to flunder there to long Julian and his young wife were expecting there first child, and it was to painful for him to think about children at that point. He moved out and decided to find a different job.. life as an auror no long gave him the joy it used to. So he want to become a lawyer, and he became a brutal one at that. he took any case offered, weather to defend or accuse, anywhere his client needed him to be. It allowed him to hide behind his lawer persona, tough and uncaring.. no feeling only the law and what it said what was right and wrong. It was simple on his mind and that was what kept him sane.

3 years after Annika's death Bastian was a lawyer counsel member on Vinzent Zolnerowich's team, and the man made sure their job were not boreing. One such case, apperently the man came home and found his pregant wife dead but their unborn child still alive. It was there job first to cover there clients back and quickly gave him an alliby aorund the time his wife died.. although some believed that was rubish..But it was there job and what they were payed to do. However Bastian couldn't handle working for a man who always got away with something because of them and he soon left his serice to take on other cases. Though he did leave the man his calling card, incase his group of lawyer were no long enough...

3 more years later Bastian still lived the life of a Lawyer, Little to no real personal life, doing court cases in the Wizengamot and spending evening in local clubs or bars, to celebrate his Success or Failure...


Magic Specialty Defence
Favorite Spell: TBA

-Other information-

Weakness: Allergies to; dog and cat fur, dust and Peanuts. Sore loser, Bad Temper, his daughters Death.
Strengths: Hard working, Patient, Loyal, Sympathitic, multi-lingual
Favorite Color: Silver
Theme song: Hallelujah Rufus Wainwright

Bastian Kaiser Liarabanner

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Bastian Kaiser
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