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In Character

Name: Alan Montgomery Reed
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Blood Rank: Muggleborn
House: Hufflepuff
School: Hogwarts
Career: Owner of a 2ndhand bookstore/library type establishment; writer and freelance reporter for the Daily Prophet; makes and sells his own stationery. The shop is a new-ish establishment in Hogsmeade known as the Imaginarium. Alan lives in the apartment above the shop.


Parents: Montgomery Reed and Janine (nee Teach) Reed
Grandparents: Morgan and Annette (nee Beaumont) Reed; Jarrett and Selby (nee Forester) Teach
Siblings: Emily Janette and Christopher Jordan Reed; sister-in-law Delores Duke
Aunts & Uncles: Amelia (nee Reed) Segal, Roselle (nee Teach) Archer, Daniel Teach; Brendan Segal, Thomas Archer, and Natalie (nee Bates) Teach
Nieces & Nephews: Patricia and Jessica Reed
Cousins: Mikayla Segal, Leigh & Paige Archer, and Elliot Teach
Children: TBA
Grandkids: TBA


Skin color: Tan
Hair Color: Dark dirty blond
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Hazel
Size: 5' 9"
Build: Average, with muscle
Alan Montgomery Reed Season8brian_01


Crushes: Not since his school days
Mates/Spouse: N/A
Status: Single & Available

-How I act-

Personality: Perhaps one of the first things people notice about Alan is that he is quiet. Very quiet. While it may sound to some like a paradox, Alan is in fact a rather personable loner. Despite keeping to himself there is a highly social aspect within him that wants to come out. Talking about one of his passions - namely books - tends to break the cocoon of this social butterfly wannabe. If you see him working alone, go talk to him. He will be glad for the respite in most cases!

There are many good adjectives to describe Alan. As a writer and a stationery maker, the wizard is quite artistic and more than willing to think imaginatively outside the box. Indeed, creativity is his most prized talent. One will see a great deal of enthusiasm in him when he finds someone that shares his passion, though watch out: sometimes that enthusiasm causes him to jump to hasty decisions, and by association jump to conclusions rather quickly as well. Alan gets along with almost everybody, and has a gift of keen insight when it comes to certain matters. Compared to others his age Alan is very mature, although he does not hesitate to engage in the entirely whimsical when the opportunity presents itself.

Typically a good-hearted individual, one will find that Alan is cooperative, trusting, easygoing, warm, and much of the time very casual and compassionate in his dealings with people. He has no trouble with going out of his way to help someone, even if that means going above and beyond the call of duty, and is highly sensitive to the needs of others. It will not take a person long before they know they have Alan's trust and loyalty. The wizard will work hard to make sure he pleases as many people as possible in one fell swoop, although he is not willing to sacrifice his own morals to do so if it must be one way or the other. Rarely does Alan ever express anger. But when he does... stay clear of any breakable objects!

One of Alan's most crippling flaws is that he is overly harsh on himself. Almost every move is critiqued upon by his internal dialogue. This is not at all helped by his tendency to be a bit accident-prone. Alan embarrasses rather easily when he goofs up, and the first place one can spot anger or embarrassment is in the man's ears. His trusting nature can sometimes lead Alan to be gullible. Also, after any embarrassment or hurt, one can often find Alan busy with some sort of task to the point of becoming a workaholic. Despite already being a workaholic and tending to skip meals, it is even worse after a perceived failure.


Your Story Please?
Alan was born to muggle parents in Lancaster, England, on August 6, 2017. He was the oldest of three children and got along fairly well with both siblings. While Chris was the only brother that Alan could relate to, it was Emily to which he was closest. Emily was the youngest-born, and a very sickly child. During their childhood, it was often Alan that was able to coax Emily to eat more than just a bite or two of food at a time.

Before he even knew he was a wizard, Alan was performing magic. He would often shrink items that would either cause embarrassment or were to be used for an unpleasant event. One of the most common of those was when he would shrink his parents' car keys in order to attempt to get out of going to the doctor. While the child often got off the hook with some things, it did not work so well if it was known he was the last person to see that item.

A Muggle-relations liaison had to be sent when Alan reached seven years of age. He had caught one of his cousins, Mikayla Segal, bullying his sister Emily for one of her toys. Angered, he "accidentally-on-purpose" transfigured her hair into snakes similar to that of Medusa as he was well aware of her fear of snakes. To Alan's credit, Mikayla lost her bullying streak straight after that. His parents weren't quite sure how to take the news of their eldest son being a wizard. It wasn't that they were overly religious and refused to accept anything being magical, it was just that it was different. Eventually they came to see Alan's talent for magic as a gift.

Upon being advised of the magical schools available, Alan's grandparents immediately demonstrated a preference for Beauxbatons. At least one each of his grandparents were of French descent, which was the prime reasoning behind their opinions. In the end, Alan's parents decided to send their son to Hogwarts as there would not be that large of a language barrier. He would also be closer to home at Hogwarts rather than Beauxbatons. Therefore, at the age of eleven, Alan received his Hogwarts letter, and upon arriving for the Sorting Ceremony was declared a member of Hufflepuff House. One thing that would remain constant in all of Alan's school years was his worry for Emily's welfare. He would not be there often enough to look after her like he had before...

Disaster struck in the summer of 2031, when Alan was 14. Some older students that had strong opinions on blood status and the exposure Muggles were quickly becoming privy to in regards to the magical world had found out where the Reed family lived. While Alan was on an errand to the store not far from home, the elder classmates abducted Emily. In an attempt to scare him in the hopes he'd never go back to Hogwarts again they all but tortured the poor girl with fist and hex alike, then shoved her into a ravine and conjured a hoard of rats to join her. Emily had been deathly afraid of rats. Alan managed to find where they were via a note left behind where Emily had been. How he so wanted to pound and hex the snot out of the wizards responsible, though had only gotten off a punch and hex or two before officials got there.

Emily was rushed to the hospital to be treated for the wounds inflicted by the older boys that had assailed her as well as the rat bites. She would require rabies vaccinations, but the clinics and hospitals had run out of the vaccine to her family's horror. In a panic, Alan researched some medical magic and with some help from his muggle parents managed to riddle out how to make a concoction that did the same as the vaccine. To their immense relief it must have done the trick, for Emily regained her health shortly thereafter. She would need some psychological help to deal with having been flooded by exposure to rats, but that was altogether different.

With assurances that an incident like what happened would never occur again, Alan returned to Hogwarts the next year. Upon learning he was to be counseled on a career decision, he wrote to his parents asking their opinions. They told him that he should be a doctor or a paramedic because of the love and care he always held when tending to Emily and anyone or anything that had taken ill. They also suggested that maybe teaching would be good as well. Taking the suggestions seriously, Alan did his best to achieve the necessary requirements for either profession. To earn money for his future trainings, Alan took up summer jobs at Scrivenshaft's Stationery in Hogsmeade and at Flourish and Blotts in Diagon Alley, which expanded upon his other interests.

The rest of Alan's schooling at Hogwarts remained uneventful, and in the fall of the same year he had finished he began his medi-magic training. It was around this time, when Alan was 18, that his 13-year-old sister had begun to act a bit stranger than usual... the family couldn't place what exactly wasn't quite right, but every one of them sensed it.

During a rather important class, Alan got the terrible feeling in the pit of his stomach that something was desperately wrong at home. It was such a strong feeling that he was compelled to leave despite his instructors' disapproval. When he got there, Alan learned the awful truth: Emily had broken into his bedroom (which he kept locked due to the potions he brewed possibly being harmful to the untrained consumer) and drank several potions that were not meant to be consumed together, or for treating any of her conditions. It was assumed she was looking for her medicine that Alan had been brewing himself, although no one will ever really know. Emily did not leave a traditional suicide note. Instead, a hand-drawn collage of pictures featuring herself and Alan was the only item on her.

All throughout the Reed family's time of grief, Alan blamed himself repeatedly for his sister's death: he should have had extra security measures in place, should not have left potions lying around despite the room being locked, and the list went on. He got into such an argument with his parents over the responsibility for Emily's death that it caused him to quit his extra schooling and move out on his own.

Relocating was difficult for Alan, particularly because he had never done it before. But he found a flat in Wizarding London and began a full-time job at Flourish and Blotts. He was particularly notable for assisting new students and seekers of knowledge find just the right books for their style of learning. He was also known to impart nuggets of personal wisdom when polled for it during his stint with the bookstore.

The novelty of this job made Alan happy for a while, but by 2038 the twenty-one-year-old was getting bored with the task. He quit this job and began a column writing career with the Daily Prophet. Alan wrote mostly feature articles, though also did assigned reporting when he needed to.

After those five years, Alan moved to Hogsmeade. He moved to the entirely wizarding village in an attempt to locate a quiet little place where he could work more on an idea for a book. He still worked with the Daily Prophet, although it was on more of a freelance basis. To support himself further, Alan also re-acquired his job at Scrivenshaft's. At the age of twenty six, Alan had two solid dreams he wanted to turn into goals: publish his own book, and start up a bookstore where kids or avid readers could purchase books for school or leisure easily and at an affordable price. He also wanted to collect rare books and sell them as well.

The next year, one of Alan's dreams came true. He had finished his book, and editors and agents found it fit for publication. With permission from the owner of Scrivenshaft's, Alan offered copies of his book at the store and even to sign them if the customer so desired. Within a few months after the sale of his book, Alan resigned from Scrivenshaft's and put all of his savings into the purchase, fixing, and furnishing of Imaginarium, his desired bookstore. The attic-y type top level of the building made the perfect little apartment while the first and second stories comprised the shop. Imaginarium's basement was a combination reading lounge (complete with refreshments) and rare book restoration area. The latter was blocked off from wanderers.

At present, Alan is twenty-eight years old and loving his work in all realms thus far. He visits Emily's grave a few times a year, and writes to his parents but doesn't visit them very often. Occasionally one will find an animal of some sort on display at Imaginarium: whatever it may be, Alan will gladly tell anyone who asks rather truthfully that the creature was rescued and will be returned to the wild once it is well enough to do so. Some people have commented that perhaps he should be a Healer or a Care of Magical Creatures professor... Such remarks earn a shrug from him and a comment that keeping a bookstore is where his current passion is. However, what he doesn't say is that of late it seems like there is something missing from his life. Something he has perhaps overlooked, yet still can't quite put his finger on it.


Magic Specialty: Medical Magic and Care of Magical Creatures
Favorite Spell: Episkey

-Other information-
- Has a hard time saying 'no'
- Likes being liked
- Harsh on himself
- Accident prone (particularly when watched)
- Workaholic
- Sometimes too trusting
- His loved ones

+ Approachable
+ Compassionate
+ Moral Compass (when not influenced externally)
+ Creative
+ Slow to anger
+ Reliable

Favorite Color: Blue
Theme song: Hero by Nickelback (though also partially inspired by Forever Young by Rod Stewart)

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Alan Montgomery Reed
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