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PostSubject: Lycurgus Blake   Lycurgus Blake EmptyThu Oct 20, 2011 5:31 pm


Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Name: Sub

In Character

Name: Lycurgus Blake
Nickname: Seth (occasionally calls himself Seth Dolohov)
Age: 33 (born December 21, 2012)
Gender: Male
Blood Rank: Pureblood
House: N/A
School: Durmstrang Institute
Career: Purist Society Inner Circle (“Executioner” Horseman)


(For family, just enter names and if there alive or dead please)

Parents: Evan and Zinoviya (nee Dolohov) Blake
Grandparents: Arthur and Prudence Blake; Nicholai and Natasha Dolohov
Siblings: Leonidas, Lysander
Sibling-In-Laws: April Blake (nee Carpenter)
Aunts & Uncles: Ekaterina, Boris, and Aleksei Dolohov; Constantine and Natalie Blake
Nieces & Nephews: Selene Blake, future: William Blake
Cousins: Too many to list
Children: considers Selene Blake to be the child he’s never had
Grandkids: None yet


Skin color: Pale/light tan
Hair Color: Seems able to magic it between blond and brown.
Hair length: Long and unkempt
Eye color: Brown
Size: 5’ 8”
Build: Thin
Lycurgus Blake Heath-ledger


Crushes: April Carpenter Blake; has a weird and twisted “thing” for Nurse September-Rose Williams
Mates/Spouse: None, officially speaking...
Status: Single

-How I act-

Personality: It does not take much to excite, amuse, or anger Lycurgus Blake. In fact, one would almost swear that a devious grin had been deliberately etched onto his face. He is an intelligent but dark personality. The wizard takes the phrase “rules were meant to be broken” to the extreme, constantly seeking to break every societal rule, law, and/or norm ever conceived. The adjective ‘unpredictable’ suits him just fine, and at times would best be described as a loose cannon or a wild dog. Many would not be wrong to think Lycurgus to be downright dangerous: this sadomasochist’s world is dominated by violence, mind games, and little to no remorse or empathy.

One rather mysterious part of Lycurgus is his occasional insistence to be addressed as ‘Seth’. When he speaks normally, one can easily assume it is just an easier-to-pronounce name of his choosing. More rarely, Lycurgus will adopt a thick Russian accent and insist that his name is Seth Dolohov – the surname being his mother’s maiden name. For all intents and purposes it would seem that Lycurgus and ‘Seth Dolohov’ are the same person. The only differences are the accent and that Seth has a more dramatically tragic personal history. Lycurgus has been tempted to legally change his surname from Blake to Dolohov on more than one occasion since the age of nine.


Your Story Please? Lycurgus is the eldest-born of three sons into a pureblood household. He easily took to the teachings of his parents regarding pureblood supremacy, and did his best to maintain this attitude throughout much of his young life. However, Lycurgus often finds reasons and excuses aplenty to deviate as he sees fit.

In a word, Lycurgus’s childhood was unpleasant. Despite the family wealth, status, and plethora of servants it was not at all an ideal existence. Zinoviya Blake was an abusive woman toward her child (and subsequent children). As a first-time father Evan Blake was equally strict with his firstborn son. If Lycurgus absolutely had to see a parent about something his best bet was his father. When Leonidas was born, Lycurgus had just settled himself into the age of four and was witness to a drastic change in his father’s temperament. This preferential treatment of his younger sibling did not set well with Lycurgus, nor did it encourage him to set a good example for the other child or even make him want to be close to the new boy in the house.

Ever since the age of nine, Lycurgus Blake held the desire of changing his surname to his mother’s maiden name: Dolohov. This is not because he loved the woman but because of her words as she would beat and hex him. He felt that were he a true Dolohov then Zinoviya would show lenience. Unlike his eventual baby brother, Lycurgus tended to embrace the darkness rather than fear it. It was also due to his mother that Lycurgus developed the mentality of striking first, striking hard, and striking fast. The notion got him into several fights prior to his school days. By the age of ten, young Lycurgus had done the unthinkable: he had killed a fellow pre-Hogwarts-age wizard in a fight with a cutting spell gone seriously awry. It had been done in a burst of uncontrolled magic. Evan and Zinoviya sent Lycurgus away for five years, hiring a professor of Durmstrang to educate their son during his time of institutionalization.

When Lycurgus was finally allowed to return home at the age of fifteen, he found out that his family had largely moved on without him. They even went and had another child, named Lysander, in the last year. It was an awkward moment, to say the least. In no time however Lycurgus was back to being beaten by his mother. At least Evan was a more pleasant man to deal with now. When asked to tend to his (literally) baby brother Lycurgus often scowled down into the crib, fratricidal thoughts running amok at the forefront of his mind. The wizard never acted on them lest he be sent away a second time, or even beaten to death by his mother for such a thing.

That autumn Lycurgus was promptly sent to Durmstrang proper to finish the rest of his schooling. He was teased when he would not say why he was being integrated into the school so late. This spurred more fights and earned him the most detentions amongst all the others in his year. Lycurgus killed again in his final year, but the courts ruled that the action was out of self-defense. The truth of the case, however, is largely debatable.

Things were as uneventful as can be with Lycurgus around for a few years. He stayed at the family home independently from his parents and siblings, watching the triumphs and plights of his younger brothers. Leonidas and he had grown a little closer. It was during the autumn of the year Leo turned 16 that a letter was sent to Lycurgus (who was 21) detailing the love for a young witch a couple of years older than Leonidas. By the end of this letter it was revealed that the witch, April Carpenter, was pregnant by Leonidas, and Leo was asking for advice. Lycurgus had no advice for him, nor was he motivated to accommodate. The fact of the matter was that Lycurgus had had a crush on Carpenter as well. Severely jealous of his younger brother, Lycurgus turned the matter over to their father out of spite.

It was too late to terminate the pregnancy, so by early spring Lycurgus and Lysander (at the respective ages of 21 and 7) became uncles to a little girl: Selene. That summer, Leonidas married April once he had turned 17. Lycurgus had been invited to the wedding, but left long before the pastor asked if anyone disagreed to speak up now. He would have done a lot more than speak...

Precisely one year to the day, Lycurgus was in a foul mood. He was obsessively keeping a stalker-level eye on Leonidas and April. Their marriage and the little girl born out of wedlock couldn’t have been happier. Lycurgus, on the other hand, was utterly miserable. The woman he dared to believe he loved was well out of his reach, stolen from him by his brother. Some part of Lycurgus felt more like April Carpenter was his wife, and that Leonidas was interfering. That was how it should have been... On an evening out Lycurgus accidentally ran into the couple, who had gone out to celebrate, which only worsened his mood. The wizard was angry enough to kill...

That was when he ran into the Rider family. They bore an exceedingly vague resemblance to Leo and April, and were very much in the wrong place at the wrong time. Lycurgus stalked them home. He didn’t realize that another young wizard was likewise stalking him. Lycurgus’ first order of business was to incapacitate the man... a threat if left unattended to. He then rounded upon the woman... her death was delivered with a slow brutality as her husband was forced to watch the violence. Lycurgus only cast a Killing Curse well after the woman was dead, for good measure. The torture of watching a loved one killed and a Cruciatus Curse aside, the bound man was spared Lycurgus’ wrath and was dealt a simple ‘avada kedavra’. The ruckus had apparently gotten the attention of the last resident: a young boy... approximately the same age as Selene.

Lycurgus had nearly killed the child, but instead was stopped by his own stalker, Corvus Darrow. In all honesty the wizard wanted to off this new person and then dispose of the kid, but something made him reconsider. Perhaps it was the similar coldness in the other wizard’s eyes, or the compliments to his handiwork and assurances that Corvus would not out him. Instead of killing the child they dropped it off at the local orphanage. Chatting with Corvus after the murders, Lycurgus found a degree of commonality with the other wizard. It was an almost brotherly understanding...

The following year, Lycurgus finally acted out his fantasy for real. He slaughtered Leonidas – there is no other word for the bloody cruelties exacted upon the wizard – and then abducted April and Selene. Lycurgus kept April alive for a month, plying her with love potions and the Imperius Curse in an attempt to make her love him like she loved Leonidas. He even tried brainwashing her into believing that she was his wife, and was in fact having a prolonged love affair with his brother. April eventually started believing the lies, but repeatedly screamed of her hate for him rather than her love. Lycurgus’s limited patience wore out and, in the end, he killed her, too.

Little Selene was Lycurgus’ pride and joy. She was the daughter he’d never had, and in his eyes the child could do no wrong. The wizard legally adopted her, and spoiled her, and treated her with an ambivalent hand. At times he was the most caring stepfather a young witch could have, a hopeful break in the vicious cycle that Lycurgus had been through. However, there were times when he was not so pleasant... but he was never as abusive with her as Zinoviya had been with him.

It didn’t take long after that for Law Enforcement Wizards to arrest him for a string of murders as early as four years prior. There was: Mr. and Mrs. Rider, Leonidas Blake, April Blake, and a few others. Lycurgus was sent to Azkaban until his trial, with little Selene coincidentally placed in the same orphanage as Richard Rider, the young child Lycurgus had orphaned no more than a year ago. The trial seemed like a long and drawn out process to Lycurgus. He had initially pleaded not guilty, and had tried to hire the renowned Bastian Kaiser to defend his case. However, the prosecution managed to snag the lawyer first. Lycurgus was floored when little Selene’s testimony cropped up, declaring that she had witnessed the brutal death of her mother. Although this statement from his niece was likely the final nail in his coffin Lycurgus admired the girl’s guts to actually come forward at the risk of having no other family member to take her in.

The court ruled that Lycurgus was criminally insane, and the tests performed on him proved it. Instead of being sentenced back to Azkaban for life, Lycurgus was instead committed involuntarily to St. Mungo’s Hospital’s psychiatric ward for institutionalized treatment. For the past five years, Lycurgus has remained at the hospital without a single outside visitor save for his Healer, Darcy Addison, and the rare treat of a visit from one Corvus Darrow.


Magic Specialty Dark Arts
Favorite Spells: Sectumsempra (or similar cutting spell), Confringo

-Other information-

- Inability to feel certain emotions (remorse, guilt, etc.)
- Easily angered; explosive, unpredictable temper
- Has a hard time sitting still for prolonged periods
- Enjoys bloodshed and violence
- Disorganized; chaotic
- Questionable sanity
- Sadistic

+ Daredevil/unnecessary risk-taker (could double as a weakness)
+ Able and willing to improvise on a whim; quick thinker
+ Bilingual: English and Russian
+ Aggressive spellwork
+ Sense of humor
+ Sleight of hand
+ Unpredictable

Favorite Color: Gray

Theme song: an interesting combination of Twisted Mind (Avantasia), They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha Ha (Neuroticfish/Napoleon XIV), and Oogie Boogie’s Song from The Nightmare Before Christmas

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