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Name: Vinzent Zolnerowich
Blood Rank: Pureblood
Career: Politician

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Out of Character (tell us just just a bit about you outside RP)

Note: I also play Professor Gage Hall.

In Character

Name: Vinzent Stepan Zolnerowich
Age: 45 (Born October 31, 2000, at 9pm)
Ethnicity: 1/8 Russian, 1/8 German, 1/4 American (father), and 1/2 Romani (mother)
Gender: Male
Blood Rank: Declares pure, but is really half-blood.
House: Slytherin (transferred in for last 3 years; formerly Durmstrang)
School: Durmstrang; Hogwarts later
Career: England Ministry for Magic ~ Interrogator on the Wizengamot. However, he is also campaigning for Minister in direct competition with Liara.


Parents: Stepan & Mirela Zolnerowich
Grandparents: Paternal: Vladimir & Ottilia (nee Grunewald) Zolnerowich; Maternal: Ciprian & Adela (nee Funar) Vaduva
Siblings: Roland, Simon, Tatiana, and Veronica
Aunts & Uncles: Johann, Hedda, and Adelaide Zolnerowich; Silvia, Dragomir, and Cristi Vaduva
Nieces & Nephews: Michael (Roland’s); Lena (Simon’s); Isabelle and Bogdan (Tatiana’s); Charles, Serena, and Kevin (Veronica’s)
Cousins: Cyprian (Vaduva), Ely (Zolnerowich), Maria (Zoldnerowich), Lucian (Vaduva), Marcus (Zolnerowich), and Sonia (Vaduva)
Children: Charisma (17; pic), Symphony Rose (7), and Jonathan Nikita (3)
Grandkids: TBA


Skin color: Very pale
Hair Color: Jet black
Hair length: Shoulder
Eye color: Blue
Size: 5’ 10”
Build: Average
Picture: Vinzent Zolnerowich Alicecooper Vinzent Zolnerowich Suck


Crushes: None at this time
Mates/Spouse: Diana Kathleen (nee Bennett) Zolnerowich, divorced (pic); Veronica Lillian (nee Durant) Zolnerowich (pic)
Status: If you want him... come get him. xD

-How I act-

Personality: Vinzent attempts to tailor his attitude to match how he is treated or how he feels the other person should be treated. However he does have some very strong feelings about certain issues to the point of dogmatism, and will stubbornly refuse to change his ways. Coming from a family with some pureblood mania and magnifying these ideas for his own, Vinzent tends to treat purebloods the best, half-bloods fair, and muggles and muggle-borns with complete and utter disdain. If he is aware a particular individual in a set bloodstatus favors the “tainted filth” of those on the lowest wrungs of his pyramid, they immediately receive the same mode of personality as those whom they support would receive. There may be a slight twist in his behaviors so as not to lose voters, but this is Vinzent’s general rule of thumb. It is also interesting to note on this level that Vinzent does not acknowledge the portions of his family tree that are less than pure.

Confidence and control are two staples of Vinzent’s personality, and he does not tolerate frustration or being thwarted very well at all. It is either his way or the highway for lack of a better expression. Lack of desire to compromise makes a personal relationship difficult, as his ex-wife will gladly inform. He has no problems with lying or deceiving someone intentionally, and has a track record of making promises to his children that he does not consistently keep. Vinzent is in his simplest form as stubborn as a mule in his mindsets and ideals, and cunning as a snake. It also takes a great amount of bribery or time to convince him otherwise if it is not something that fits into his envisioned mold for the world. To Vinzent, people are more the puppets to manipulate in his own twisted play than living, breathing human beings. There are some exceptions, but not many. Also very competitive, one can bet that he will rise to a challenge at the drop of a hat.

Kindness and compassion are received warily by Vinzent, particularly if it is given unto him by someone he does not know. The tang of distrust in the aftertaste of such an instance is from Vinzent’s suspicion that there is an ulterior motive to their intentions. Why wouldn’t there be? In debates he is a bit of a heckler, having no regard for the feelings of the person he is in debate with. The wizard is, however, very sensitive to comments and/or attacks made against him and gives him a rationalize-able excuse to fight back without ramifications.

Vinzent is highly motivated by money and a need for power. In his youth he was extremely aggressive and reckless, although he still can be a bit violent when thwarted. Despite trying to appear slow to anger the wizard fails rather miserably at it. Vengeance is often executed via a hired hand or his own. Vinzent is not afraid to get his hands dirty if he has to, although he will take the sneaky route by default. His reason for going into the realm of politics is because as a young adult he did not appreciate being under another’s authority. In his mind, where he currently is occupationally he is practically above the law.

Overall Vinzent can be a charmer with a shrewd head for business and politics, but he also has some ideas bordering on the negatively radical. If you have what trust he does extend, you have it for life or until it is broken. Once it’s broken, don’t count on it ever being repaired. Unless, of course, you’re one of his daughters. Vinzent loves his daughters with all his heart and Merlin forbid anyone dare try to take them away from him without his blessing.


Your Story Please? On the approaching late hours of Halloween Eve in the year 2000, Vinzent Stepan Zolnerowich was born. He is the eldest child born to half-blood German-Russo-American father Stepan and full-blooded Romanian witch mother, Mirela, in London, England. The pair had relocated to England prior to their son’s birth due to job opportunities in the British Ministry of Magic. Vinzent has four siblings: Roland, Simon, Tatiana, and Veronica. He was 2, 4, 7, and 9 when each new arrival respectively came along.

There was no time for play once Vinzent came into his powers at age 3. To make a long story short, he had hexed Roland for stealing one of his toys. Of the five siblings Vinzent was always the boss and prime example, whether he wanted to be (or even noticed) or not. By watching Vinzent’s interactions with their parents, the other children realized as they grew that a lot of difficult yet really cool-looking magic would be in store for them once they showed so much as a single odd spark of magic. It was hard work, evidenced by Vinzent’s tired crankiness after long learning sessions, but he did well which seemed to make their parents’ yelling possibly worth the rigorous pace. To put it bluntly, Mirella and Stepan treated their children like objects. It wasn’t just in the magical realms they pushed for perfection, either: Vinzent and his siblings were also expected to do well in muggle arts and sciences, and take up prowess in at least one instrument. If they achieved top grades or performed exceptionally well, they were given high praise. When they did not do so well, at least in Vinzent’s case, the resulting punishment was beyond harsh. Despite all that he learned from his parents, Vinzent grew to resent the authority his parents held over him, and any other figure that attempted to force him to act or think a certain way.

Vinzent quickly became the family manipulator, often pitting his siblings against each other and then denying any involvement whatsoever when questioned. He learned just what to say to each one of his brothers and sisters to get them to do things or avoid particular food items. As material possessions and foods went to the background emotional concerns bubbled to the surface. Words were the balloons into which he twisted various shapes for his own personal gains. It was all fun and power to Vinzent, and as a child he craved both of those things.

Despite Hogwarts being the nearest magical school, Stepan and Mirella came to an agreement to send their children to Durmstrang long before their children reached the appropriate age. Mirella wasn’t so fond of the Dark Arts aspect of the school, but on the other hand knew if her children were made aware of it that it would be better than not knowing about it at all. So, when Vinzent turned twelve (using Hogwarts age standards, as Vinzent’s birthdate is after September 1) he officially received his letter to attend Durmstrang Institute. Thanks to his parents’ lessons in the near-dozen years before, Vinzent excelled in his classes. His favorite subject was the Dark Arts. His parents had hoped their son’s specialty would be in Transfiguration, as was common in Mirella’s family, or Herbology as was typical of Stepan’s. As it turned out Vinzent performed at an average in both of these disciplines, which was poorly in his parents’ eyes. Without his brothers and sisters to manipulate, Vinzent shifted his word-twisting playing field onto his fellow students. Oftentimes one could find him sitting back, far from the danger zone, watching a scenario he facilitated explode with an almost sadistic glee. The wizard was not fond of parental arguments at home, but this... Vinzent considered his fellow students at each other’s throats to be a form of entertainment.

The fun and games ended in the spring of 2016. By this time many of the students were aware of Vinzent’s warmongering, for lack of a better word, and Vinzent had gotten bored with merely watching. He had gone from simply facilitating the duel to jumping into the fray himself. Prior to this year he had done little worse than give nasty but non-lethal cuts, remove bones, or conjure someone’s kneecaps on backwards. A week after Valentine’s Day, Vinzent involved himself in a duel that ultimately led to the death of a student from his dorm. For this, Vinzent was expelled despite an official hearing in which he had claimed the measures he had taken were purely in self-defense. What truly had been the case was that the young man he had killed was less than pure of blood, and was attempting to “infringe” upon Vinzent’s opportunities with a young witch he fancied.

His parents were irate when they came to Durmstrang to collect him. Although classmates witnessed some rough handling of Vinzent from both parents, the young man knew he would be in for much worse when he got home. After a very long lecture in varying languages and a few magical curses hurled at him, Vinzent was ordered to self-learn the remaining portion of the year’s curriculum. He would be repeatedly tested by his parents until they deemed him knowledgeable enough in the subjects before his arranged transfer to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry took effect that fall.

The train ride to Hogwarts was certainly different than the seafaring trek to Durmstrang. Vinzent talked with many of the boys his age and glared at any and all of those at least two years his junior. Unlike his contacts among the student body at Durmstrang, he did not immediately pit any of these young lads against each other. Instead, he formed a clique of sorts. Some found it funny Vinzent did not belong to any House until they were told his story. The Slytherins in particular hoped he would be in their House. Sure enough: at the Sorting Ceremony Vinzent was promptly sorted into Slytherin. Little did he realize until reading about the school’s history later in the term that he fit perfectly into the mold of Salazar’s most prized, with exception to the slight impurities in his father’s lineage. And, he also learned, it was perfectly normal for a Slytherin to pick fights with the Gryffindorian students clad robes bearing red trim and a lion crest.

During the summer of 2017, Vinzent acquired his first job within the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures department. He served on the Pest Advisory Board for that year. Because most of his ideas involved exterminating the pests rather than finding a peaceful solution to coexistence Vinzent did not last long in this field. Summer of the next year found him eligible to try out for a Hit-Wizard position in Magical Law Enforcement. While he was in school the job was purely profiling a culprit. It was also during this final year at Hogwarts that he received a letter from his parents notifying him that they were going to go back to the Old Ways a little and arrange for him to be married to a witch named Diana Bennett. As it turned out, Vinzent had Diana for a classmate and she happened to be a Ravenclaw know-it-all from his point of view and not at all appealing to the eye, mind, or heart.

Vinzent finished out his schooling at Hogwarts as a potential up-and-coming Hit-Wizard, although he personally found it too straightforward for his taste. He kept the position while he underwent training to become an Obliviator, which was the next career to catch his eye. Between work and training were “dates” with Diana, despite both feeling mutually irritated by the other. Both families hoped their children involved in the arranged marriage would eventually see things their way. In 2025 Vinzent began to establish himself as an Obliviator, which his future in-laws saw as a far more secure occupation for him that would not leave their daughter a premature widow. It was in the spring of the following year that Vinzent and Diana were coerced into marrying despite having only gone from almost pure hatred to a casual liking. Mirella managed to sweeten the deal for Vinzent to make him a bit more pliable to the role of husband: she willed her family’s manor in Transylvania to him upon her death. The spiny thistle that was Vinzent opened up a bit more to the delicate rose that was his wife, and Diana slowly came around to love him in return. Two years into their tentative wedded bliss did the couple conceive a child. In May the newest addition to the Zolnerowich clan arrived: a baby girl named Charisma.

For the first couple of years of Charisma’s life, Vinzent was a very attentive father. He craved the attention he received from his wife and daughter almost as much as the baby girl needed and relied upon it. However, once the novelty of being a father wore off he was right back to devoting long hours to his career. Many nights found Diana and Charisma at home alone while Vinzent was off doing only Merlin knew what. It was a rare treat for Charisma to go off on an outing with her father that did not require her absolute best behavior or did not involve a mission on his part.

It was also during this time that Vinzent became well-acquainted with the Invictus clan. They were a wealthy family, and naturally made time to get to know and befriend the family. In the event they ever needed a memory erased, or any other favor they might require, all they needed to do was call him and Vinzent would see what he could do. He found it a point of interest that one of the Invictus sons was born a couple of years before his daughter...

In 2033 Diana demanded a divorce in a rather huge argument with Vinzent that ranged in topic from his ignoring his family (her exact words being that he was “not even there anymore, even when you were home!”) to Charisma to finances. Charisma, then seven years old, witnessed the entire thing with horror. Vinzent venomously agreed to the divorce, but when Diana attempted to gain sole custody of Charisma he put a stop to that. His need for power and control caused him to contest the sole-custody claim, and he won after some rather underhanded tricks. Although Charisma wanted to be with her father, this hadn’t been what she had planned on.

Three years later, Vinzent met and quickly fell for a different woman. Her name was Veronica Durant. They met at a nightclub. Vinzent was enjoying himself by way of a drinking contest with a friend, and on a mutual break noticed a rather unhappy witch perched at a table nearest the wall. While he had not been the most articulate that evening, Vinzent did ask the woman to dance and managed to make a slight improvement to the woman’s evening. Veronica had been dragged there by a pair of friends and she did not enjoy the noise. It took a year of effort, and complete avoidance of nightclubs as dating spots (although Vinzent never truly avoided such establishments when going solo), but in the fall of 2037 he tied the knot. Charisma was not a happy little girl. Her step-mom took up much of her daddy’s already limited family time, and there was something the child did not like about her.

The year 2038 saw a couple of new changes for Vinzent. Firstly, he applied for and gained the position of Interrogator status on the Wizengamot. Deciding it was probably best for him to have a bodyguard after the enemies he may have made before and will no doubt continue to make, Vinzent hired the first pureblood he interviewed that came to mind: Berlynn Stabler. Their relationship quickly became one of mock/playful animosity due to their differences, and when Vinzent’s workday ended they would occasionally meet at a nightclub for various competitions. He had to be goaded into dancing competitions, but the “drink-off” was still one of his favorite pastimes. Vinzent took a chance in letting Berlynn escort Charisma to Diagon Alley when he himself could not do so as had been promised. To his delight, Charisma so enjoyed the time with the auror that she requested outings with Berlynn moreso than him. When Berlynn offered to possibly allow Charisma to explore Germany with Berlynn as her guide, the young lady excitedly accepted. Vinzent, too, approved of the suggestion. Veronica, however, was not pleased even though she did not verbally express such a thing.

It was also in this year that Mirella passed, and therefore left Vinzent with her family’s family manor in Transylvania. Vinzent declared it a summer/vacation home, and fortified it so as to prevent his siblings from entering unannounced. There had been a huge legal battle over the mansion, but the contents of Mirella’s will won out. Vinzent hasn’t heard from many in his family since then, and other than his pureblooded relations he really doesn’t care to hear from any of them.

During Charisma’s Christmas holiday home, Vinzent had asked Berlynn to take Charisma on her Christmas shopping errands. As it turned out, Vinzent ended up leaving work very early that day to rush his expectant wife to the hospital. Three days before Christmas, Vinzent and Veronica were the proud parents of a baby girl. The new child’s name became Symphony Rose. Once more, Vinzent became a very attentive father. Although he admittedly gave more attention to the new baby he still made time for Charisma. Veronica was partially left in the dust after Symphony was born. Veronica had Vinzent’s nights, while Charisma and Symphony as well as the office claimed Vinzent’s days. Veronica began to complain none too subtly about even the slightest deviation in his assumed schedule, and particularly when he would go out to drink after work. During one nasty argument, Veronica accused Vinzent of having an affair with his bodyguard. The moment the words were out of his wife’s mouth he lashed out at her with curse and fist.

Upon the approaching New Year of 2038 going into 2039, Vinzent invited friends and their families to his manor in Transylvania to celebrate. This included the Invictus clan. In the years he had become friends with this family, Vinzent did his homework behind the scenes and had taken a paternal liking to young Edward. There was indeed an Invictus line of wizards that spanned back many generations, which pleased Vinzent. Blood purity was key in his ideals for the perfect world. However, he had no idea about the lineage of Mrs. Invictus and due to a couple of feature variations concluded that she was not likely as pure of blood as her husband. This did not set well. He also learned through observation as well as some digging that there was something... unique... about this family. They all seemed to prefer strictly red wine. When no one was looking, Vinzent took a sip from an unattended glass left by one of the Invictus family members. He had been startled initially when he realized it was blood, almost spitting it back out, but did not confront the family right away. Instead, he waited before confronting them. It gave him enough time to research wizard-vampire relations and the possibilities of what would happen in such a union from both sides of the blood purity fence.

Vinzent was conflicted for some time regarding what to do about the knowledge he had acquired. He valued the friendship of the clan because their wealth and potential influence could supplement his own, Edward was practically the son he had yet to have (whether the lad felt the same, Vinzent couldn’t be sure), and his ideals on blood purity conflicted with a new idea that perhaps wizards infected with whatever made vampires what they were might actually give way to a power boost. Vinzent felt he was more than able to set aside his ideals to become a part-vampire if it meant pushing his potential yet another notch further. Feeling well-informed and well prepared, Vinzent approached the Invictus Manor with the intention to confront them about their vampiric genes, and ask to be granted similar abilities. Although they admitted to being vampires, they denied Vinzent the alleged power boost he sought. The fickle threads holding Vinzent’s pureblood-manic ideals at bay snapped, and he began to plot...

It was well after dark when Vinzent struck. To keep his identity secret he clothed himself entirely in black so that not a single bit of distinguishing features could be seen other than his cold blue eyes. The killings were particularly brutal and multifaceted with both wandwork and blade wounds marring the corpses. Three had been spared such a fate, killed instead by a poisoned projectile. Vinzent fought lastly and most furiously with Edward’s father. Without bothering to take a head count, Vinzent looted what he could reasonably carry with him in terms of valuables – he left the “wine” there knowing it was most probably blood – and attempted to cast a spell to engulf the entire manor in flames. Vinzent is not sure how much damage the cursed fire caused because he left shortly after setting it, just as dawn approached. He had no idea the fourteen-year-old Edward Invictus had not been a part of the slaughter.

Little did Vinzent realize that, in some shape or form, at least a part of his wish was granted...

When Vinzent returned home, Veronica had a fit that he returned covered in blood and wounded. Symphony too had spotted the state in which her father had arrived home, for he had promised to tell her a story before bedtime had had neglected to come through on it. Vinzent had to come up with an ironclad alibi in front of both wife and child, and remember the exact details so he could “report” the incident that supposedly happened to him to Berlynn. If nothing else, Berlynn’s un-involvement with what had happened to Vinzent managed to earn him some slack from being accused of cheating during his long nights out. However by that time the marriage was already well on its way to failure. In an official report that would soon grace the Prophet, the Black Reaper was claimed responsible for the deaths.

Vinzent’s marriage to Veronica did not officially crumble to ruin until two years later. By the spring of 2042, Vinzent began to slow his occupational working pace. To be honest he was getting tired of petty case after petty case to be heard in courts, and he was really getting agitated and distracted in the more interesting divorce cases. The wizard found it suspicious that just as he started slowing down his career, Veronica was suddenly away from home for the night. At first Vinzent merely shrugged it off. When his wife did come home and they were able to spend time alone, the wizard was frustrated beyond words. She was largely uninterested in any of his affection or attention, overall giving him a rather icy cold shoulder. Not for the first time did Vinzent begin to suspect his wife was in an affair, though he attempted to look the other way. A member of the Wizengamot's wife... in an affair? It seemed almost a scandal! He could tolerate a lot of things, including being called a monster with his condition of semi-vampirism, but that? No...

He had further reason for suspicion when some few months down the line, Veronica finally came back around. She was being exceedingly pleasant and almost too loving for someone that barely even acknowledged her husband's more prominent presence. When told Veronica was expecting, Vinzent was torn how to feel. If this was indeed his kid, he was elated. But if this was the child of whatever she had slept with... the mere thought made Vinzent's blood boil. Without evidence except his own conjecture he had to at least put on a good show of it. Especially since she had announced it in front of all of their friends. Considering the scowl on one of his best friends' faces during the announcement... that was all Vinzent really needed to start digging.

The wizard couldn't find anything out in the open to suggest an affair, and thus laced his friend's wine with veritaserum. He also laced Veronica's wine with it, and requested the three of them play a game of cards that evening. Vinzent made sure to have a House Elf put both of his daughters to bed, and ensure they stay there. Within minutes the two were sharing every encounter between them that Vinzent demanded to know about, the wizard getting angrier by the second. What pushed Vinzent over the edge was that neither showed a single ounce of regret for their actions like he had seen on different cases for the Wizengamot. In fact, the so-called best friend of Vinzent's was only barely restraining himself to not laugh in the wizard's face. Enraged, Vinzent made Victoria watch him give their friend a very slow and painful death. Then, he turned on her as well.

Realizing a double murder could land him off the Wizengamot and ruin his chances to eventually become England's next possible Minister for Magic, Vinzent moved the friend's body to a separate location. He kept the body levitated, and hit it with a killing curse so that the appropriate spell residue was left behind. He also took the time to conjure a disguise for the corpse, so that he could claim assumption of an intruder. He then cleaned up the out-of-place portion of the crime scene involving his wife. It was while doing so, and checking the body for life signs so that first he could assure himself she was dead and secondly provide proof that he did try and "save" her, that he learned that Veronica's unborn child was still very much alive.

Needing to know if this child was indeed his or the other wizard's, Vinzent summoned both Berlynn and staff from St. Mungo's and created an elaborate story for them both: He had come home from a bar (one he hoped Berlynn hadn't been at yet this evening) and was attacked by an unknown assailant. Or, rather, the assailant was unknown until he pulled off the disguise. Alarmed, Vinzent claimed to have then tried to locate his wife, and found her dead in the game room. Apparently, she had invited him to play a game of cards while she waited for Vinzent to return. It probably would have been foolproof if Berlynn hadn't had her family's mercenary business in her background, and if Vinzent had shown at least a fraction more emotion.

At Saint Mungo's that morning, a baby boy awaited the arrival of who was for all intents and purposes his father. The Healers had extracted the child from its deceased mother, and seemed fine despite a minor head injury suffered in the scuffle his mother had been in. Vinzent stared for a long time into the nursery where the baby laid, not quite sure what to do with the kid. He wasn't even sure if it was his, and he was not stooping to the muggle paternity test to riddle out the puzzle. 'There has to be a potion out there somewhere that does the same thing,' he mused darkly. In the end he decided to take the kid. Vinzent named his son Jonathan. However, if this child was indeed his... Vinzent assigned the name 'Nikita' to the middle name section of Jonathan's birth certificate. 'Nikita' being a masculine, Russian variant of the name 'Veronica'.

Not long after, there was a hearing that accused Vinzent of murdering his wife and friend. The tip of sorts had come from yet another acquaintance, although this individual was not someone Vinzent had been fond of. He hired the lawyer Bastian Kaiser to handle the case, and to Vinzent's glee they won the case. It was not long after that that Berlynn resigned as Vinzent's body guard. He wasn't quite sure why that was, although Berlynn had made a smart aleck remark about him not giving her enough vacations. While he would never admit it, Vinzent was almost sad to see her go despite their combined antics.

At present Vinzent is a single dad taking care of three children (with the aid of house elves) and still a full-time member of the Wizengamot. His new bodyguard is a rather inept halfblood rookie that has no idea what he's doing, much to Vinzent's annoyance. Campaigning in direct opposition for Minister Liara's position, Vinzent has much to do before the next election...


Magic Specialty Dark Arts (though tells press his specialty is Charms)
Favorite Spell: Truthfully, he really likes the Imperius Curse even though it's Unforgivable. He also is fond of Fiendfyre. Although, again, to the press he would likely say his favorite spell is something different, such as the Patronus Charm.

-Other information-
- Terrible temper
- Personal gain (financial and status)
- Dishonest
- Close-minded
- Bribery
- his daughters
- Academic weaknesses: Herbology, and Transfiguration. Tried to become an animagus many times and kept failing, so just stuck with partially-transfiguring wings onto his back to facilitate transportation in the event he is without a broom.

+ Multi-lingual
+ Dedicated (so long as it’s on his terms)
+ Outwardly appears charming
+ Shrewd
+ Does have a sense of humor, which surfaces under the right conditions
+ Unafraid to jump into the fray if he has to and stays collected under fire
+ Academic strengths: The Dark Arts, Divination, Arithmancy, and Ancient Runes

Favorite Color: Black and/or red
Theme song: I’ve used several songs to develop Vinzent. “Another Way to Die” (Disturbed), “The Toy Master” (Avantasia feat. Alice Cooper), “Nothing’s Free” (Alice Cooper), "I Am The Spider" (Alice Cooper), and “Gimme” (Alice Cooper) are just a few.
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